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1.王冬雷与吴长江之斗近尘埃落定 雷士损失或过千万
2.贝壳研究院:北京节后返城租房升温 租金环比下跌
3.北京优化住房政策 符合条件人才可申请共有产权房
4.房价月供排行榜:深圳超2万 贵阳2400元
6.整合大幕开启 厨卫电器行业洗牌渐行渐近


1. 单词association 联想记忆:
2. 《无为大师》
3. “尽管我本质上是一名工程师和分析人员,但迄今为止我所做过的最重要的决定都与此无关,它们永远是基于直觉,”他去年在曾就读MBA的杜克大学(Duke University)对一名采访者表示。
4. Financial advisors and asset allocators who had been hoping to see some benefit this year from tactical strategies were also not spared the punishment of a capricious market. Of the top three tactical strategies in the country (Mainstay Marketfield, Good Harbor U.S. Tactical Core, F-Squared Premium AlphaSector Index), two had nearly imploded with double-digit losses while the third found itself under SEC investigation for misleading the public about its historical returns. The other giant tactical manager, Schwab’s $9 billion Windhaven Diversified Growth product, looks to end 2014 with a return close to zero. So much for tactics.
5. 煽动家越是热情洋溢和野心勃勃,民主体制就越有可能沦为专制统治。
6. Apple Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs is shown in this combination photo of file photographs dating (top row L to R) July 2000, November 2003, September 2005, (bottom L to R) September 2006, January 2007 and September 2008. Jobs will take a medical leave of absence until the end of June because his health problems are "more complex" than he had thought, shocking investors and sending the company's shares down as much as 10 percent on January 14, 2009.


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1、调查:室内环境污染严重 装饰材料企业找出路
3、传统照明产销萎缩 LED增长显著
5、住建部公布取缔5个违规高尔夫球场 贵阳保利公园等项目在列
6、家居行业“明码实价”推行难? 专家:社会各方须共同发力....