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下半年国内消费市场将扩大家具建材等消费 说明


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1.法拉第未来:获美国政府审批 FF完成20亿美元首轮融资
2.细则来了 南京人才安居房“先租后售”
6.湖南长沙:多部门联合执法 上千家问题中介停业整顿


1. Shanghai, by comparison, trades on 12.6 times earnings. This reflects a wide (37 per cent) spread between the Shanghai’s A shares and the H-share equivalents. Before the ups and downs of 2015 it was more usually below 20 per cent, hinting at significant upside to the H-share index. True, it does not represent the best of China’s “new economy”, being heavily skewed towards banks in particular. Growth forecasts are moribund. Yet with expectations already so dire, it is hard to see how they can worsen. Even property — beset with overcapacity — has been pulling out of its slump.
2. East Asia's cinephiles won't have a local favorite to cheer during this year's foreign-language Academy Awards race after the Taiwan epic 'Warr
3. 2005年,戴维森发现自己总是得跟在一岁大的儿子杰克后面,收拾他随处乱扔的儿童吸管杯。于是,她从塔吉特(Target)上买了一台缝纫机,为儿童吸管杯设计出一个类似皮带的奇妙装置——SippiGrip。但她并没有很快实现自己的创业梦想——她加入了微软人力资源团队,与X-Box部门合作。2007年,她在全国性贸易展上推出了SippiGrip。幸运的是,塔吉特邀请她参加2008年父母发明产品计划。目前,戴维森的产品已经在沃尔玛(Walmart)、婴儿反斗城(Babies "R" Us)和亚马逊等零售商开卖。
4. unstable
5. As a result, his position on the Forbes' ranking dropped 220 spots, leaving him tied with 19 others as the 544th richest person in the world.
6. The 22-year-old Lawrence is the face of "The Hunger Games" franchise, and she may earn an Oscar nomination for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook."


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1、商品房销售额15月来首现正增长 企业“补库存”
2、买主购房签下合同交定金 卖家反悔要求加价
3、“包铺贴”服务施行 瓷砖品牌探索终端服务
4、新二线城市年轻人初尝高房价苦涩 坚守或逃离?
5、“金九银十”显冷清 大品牌业绩好于小品牌
6、供需活跃 50城土地储备连涨12个月....


      西西软件园 More than 350,000 gamers from across Europe (and some from North America and Asia) have made the annual pilgrimage to the quaint German city of Cologne, which has a population of just over 1 million. Activision used the convention to debut its multiplayer gameplay for Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, allowing attendees hands-on access to the November 3 release.
      British schools outperform the French on both new criteria. Warwick Business School, the top UK school for career progress, is second overall for the criterion, 30 places above the first French school, HEC Paris. Alumni from UK schools also see a higher increase between their first salary after graduation and now, at 62 per cent versus 45 per cent. However, UK school alumni still have a lower salary on average than their counterparts who studied in France, at $55,000 versus $64,000.