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1. 百度地图迁徙大数据成为用户、媒体、公众热切关注的焦点,同时也为政府和研究机构提供了疫情防控的关键数据支持……我们的AI算法使新冠病毒RNA分析时间从55分钟缩短到27秒。
2. 新世纪的慈善事业
3.   Mr. Micawber took an early opportunity, after that, of hinting, with the utmost delicacy and ceremony, at the state of MY affections. Nothing but the serious assurance of his friend Copperfield to the contrary, he observed, could deprive him of the impression that his friend Copperfield loved and was beloved. After feeling very hot and uncomfortable for some time, and after a good deal of blushing, stammering, and denying, I said, having my glass in my hand, 'Well! I would give them D.!' which so excited and gratified Mr. Micawber, that he ran with a glass of punch into my bedroom, in order that Mrs. Micawber might drink D., who drank it with enthusiasm, crying from within, in a shrill voice, 'Hear, hear! My dear Mr. Copperfield, I am delighted. Hear!' and tapping at the wall, by way of applause.
4. 让我们期待当地警方的调查。
5. 经过先期培训后,这批特殊的工人将穿上防护服、戴上帽子、换上鞋套、塞上耳塞,经过消毒后到一线上岗,为口罩的生产和搬运提供人力保障。
6. 《睡虎地秦墓竹简?封诊式?封守》曾介绍了一个被查封财产的士伍的房屋,其文曰:一字二内,各有户,内室皆瓦盖,木大具。所谓一字,即有堂屋一间;二内,即有卧室二间。房屋上都覆有瓦,木构齐备。《封诊式?穴盗》又记有一被盗人的房屋,同样是一堂二内。所不同的是二内中之一为正房,正房东有侧室,有门相通,而堂系小堂,在侧房之后。这样其平面图呈曲尺形。房周围当有院墙,其北墙距小堂北缘为一丈,东墙距侧房五步。《汉书?晁错传》说:自高后以来,陇西三困于匈奴,然后营邑立城,制里割宅,通田作之道,正阡陌之界。先为筑室,家有一堂二内,门户之闭,置器物焉。当然一堂二内也因贫富而有不同。王充《论衡?别通篇》说:富人之宅,以一丈之地为内,内中所有柙匮所赢,缣布丝帛也;贫人之宅,亦以一丈为内,内中空虚,徒四壁立,故名曰贫。富人家所住的房屋,不但是一堂二内,而且是如《淮南子》所说的高台层榭,接屋连阁了。


1. 由于警方还没有确定歹徒的身份,所以现在还没有逮捕行动。
2. I reminded him that we had still a long way to go before getting to the place where we'd left our machine, and no probability of finding it there; but he only kicked me, mildly, for a croaker.
3. 三角形
4. 2、四川南充侦破李某森等制售假劣饮料案2019年9月,南充市公安局破获一起制售伪劣产品案,捣毁窝点4个,现场查获假冒某功能饮料16.8万罐、用于制造假冒饮料的罐体200万个、盖体400万个。
5.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6.   "Come, come!" said I, "surely it is not so bad as all that. I trust that you may be spared to me for many years."


1. ‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)
2.   Calandrino stampt and fretted exceedingly, saying: As I am a trueman to God, my Prince, and Countrey, I tell thee truly, that my Brawneis stolne. Say so still I bid thee (answered Bruno) and let all theworld beleeve thee, if they list to do so, for I will not. Wouldstthou (quoth Calandrino) have me damne my selfe to the divell? I seethou dost not credit what I say: but would I were hanged by the necke,if it be not true, that my Brawne is stolne. How can it possible be,replyed Bruno? Did not I see it in thy house yesternight? Wouldst thouhave me beleeve, that it is flowne away? Although it is not flowneaway (quoth Calandrino) yet I am certain, that it is stolne away:for which I am weary of my life, because I dare not go home to mineowne house, in regard my wife will never beleeve it; and yet if sheshould credite it, we are sure to have no peace for a twelve monthsspace.
3.   As she was, as they saiden, ev'ry one That her behelden in her blacke weed;* *garment And yet she stood, full low and still, alone, Behind all other folk, *in little brede,* *inconspicuously* And nigh the door, ay *under shame's drede;* *for dread of shame* Simple of bearing, debonair* of cheer, *gracious With a full sure* looking and mannere. *assured
4.   "Who are you, my lord?" she replied trembling all over. "I have never seen you before."
6.   This day, however, Clifford wanted to send a message to the keeper, and as the boy was laid up with influenza, somebody always seemed to have influenza at Wragby, Connie said she would call at the cottage.


1. 保罗·乔治,克里斯·保罗,卡梅罗·安东尼,戈登·海沃德,吉米·巴特勒,德里克·罗斯,保罗·米尔萨普,J·J·雷迪克,埃里克·布莱索,德怀特·霍华德……自去年以来,换了东家的球员名单还在不断增加。
2.   "Sire," replied the prince, "pray do not increase my distress in this matter, but rather make me happy by giving her to me in marriage. However much I may have objected to matrimony formerly, the sight of this lovely girl has overcome all my prejudices, and I will gratefully receive her from your hands."
3. 我们讲的这个故事确实有点极端化了。等我们数到朱可夫们的时候,一定有人没有注册,而且已经受到惩罚。于是朱可夫们就不必担心了。在人数众多的情况下,我们可以预计到会有一个很小数目的人群出差错。关键一点在于可以实施惩罚的数目,完全不必接近需要激励的人群的数目。将1000名示威者关进监狱的能力(和意愿)可以对数以百万计可能示威的人群产生阻吓作用。
4. 主流是指当时全社会比较认可的观点。大多数人认可当然有它的道理。可是有一批人居然敢反它,这批人显然是少数派。这样做必须得有勇气,从这一点来看,我是很佩服反主流派的。科学的进步证明反主流的重要性。没有反主流,老是主流统治着学术,怎么能够有进步。没有爱因斯坦的反主流,我们至今还被牛顿力学统治着。在社会科学中情况也是相同的。只有不断创新,对社会的认识才能够刷新。所以,我的基本立场是支持反主流派。
5.   'Well, you know, Missis always said they were poor and quitedespicable: and they may be poor; but I believe they are as muchgentry as the Reeds are; for one day, nearly seven years ago, a Mr.Eyre came to Gateshead and wanted to see you; Missis said you wereat school fifty miles off; he seemed so much disappointed, for hecould not stay: he was going on a voyage to a foreign country, and theship was to sail from London in a day or two. He looked quite agentleman, and I believe he was your father's brother.'
6. We stole near, cautiously.


1. 8月,为了捍卫中国在全球经济中的制造业中心的地位,央行引导人民币作出数十年来最大幅的贬值。稍后,在国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)把人民币纳入全球储备货币之后,人民币进一步贬值。这一现象可能反映了资本外流。
2. 罗森门店卖精品咖啡|一周消费新闻Vol.63新·战略《苹果Google亚马逊罕见联手,智能家居革命要来了?》科技界最大的几家公司宣布了一项新的合作,他们将共同成立一个名为「ConnectedHomeOverIP」的小组,旨在开发、制定一套基于IP协议的智能家居连接标准。
3. 封授诸王元末吐蕃萨迦派逐渐衰落,噶举派、格鲁派等教派相继兴起。明成祖即位后,不再沿袭元代独尊萨迦的旧制度,对各地宗教首领分别封王。僧王也各自向明朝进贡,接受封敕。帕木竹巴喇嘛章阳沙加监藏曾受元封灌顶国师。明初袭封。明太祖曾遣内地僧人智光(武定人)两次入藏区招谕。成祖即位后,再遣智光往帕木竹巴地招谕。一四○六年二月,帕木竹巴袭封灌顶国师的吉刺思巴监藏巴里藏卜遣使人贡。三月,明成祖遣使封授为灌顶国师阐化王,颁赐玉印并白金五百两及绮绢茶等。智光又到朵甘思地区的馆觉(贡觉)及灵藏招谕,命当地喇嘛为灌顶国师。两地分别遣使入贡,一四○七年三月,明廷封授馆觉灌顶国师宗巴斡即南哥巴藏卜为护教王,赐金印。封授灵藏灌顶国师着思巴儿坚藏为赞善王,亦赐金印。一四一三年五月,明廷又分别封授萨迦派思达藏的喇嘛南谒烈思巴为思达藏辅教王,噶举派必力工瓦喇嘛领真巴儿吉监藏为必力工阐教王。明成祖先后封授五王。帕木竹已一直受到明廷的优礼,最先封王。朵甘两王因地近陕蜀,特赐金印崇礼。后二王则明著地区性王号。五王为宗教领袖但各有分地,为一方之长,每三年向明廷朝贡一次。

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