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1. 很多小企业已经拿不到地,没有冲规模的后劲,但大房企还在不断拿地。
2.   `T'nuisance on me!' he said briefly, but significantly. She flushed. `Very well!' she said finally. `I won't trouble you. But I don't think I should have minded at all sitting and seeing you look after the birds. I should have liked it. But since you think it interferes with you, I won't disturb you, don't be afraid. You are Sir Clifford's keeper, not mine.'
3. [.k?lkju'lein]
4. 违反工作纪律,违规干预司法活动。
5.   'Did SHE make 'em, now?' said Mr. Barkis, always leaning forward, in his slouching way, on the footboard of the cart with an arm on each knee.
6. 骨肉分离有比例这里要解释的其实就是那句美人在骨不在皮,因为自然感的脸型,几乎不可能100%流畅,而明星的高级感好看恰恰就是这种神斧天工的自然感,完全流畅的脸型反而会显得假。


1. 时过一年,同一个基地,同一个春天,猎鹰一号再次被装上发射架。
2.   `I think, Charles, poor Mr. Carton deserves more consideration and respect than you expressed for him to-night.'
3. 内容如下:新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情防控工作是当前一项重要的政治任务,中央和省市区委多次召开会议进行专题研究部署,全区各级各部门各单位和广大党员干部也迅速采取有力措施落实疫情联防联控工作。
4.   9. Noble: nobles were gold coins of especial purity and brightness; "Ex auro nobilissimi, unde nobilis vocatus," (made from the noblest (purest) gold, and therefore called nobles) says Vossius.
5. 天主国(上天之主的国家,
6. 宣布的


1. 所以一年左右,(单前置仓销售)到1000单之后,收入会比成本高。
2. 10磅茶叶=20码麻布,等等。
3. 此外,装修公司之间还会进行信息互换,导致多家装修公司不停地给这些业主打电话。
4. 我至今也不明白她此举为何。
5. 华为从2004年开始投资研发第一颗嵌入式处理芯片,历经15年,目前投入超过2万名工程师,形成了以‘鲲鹏+昇腾为核心的基础芯片族。
6.   'No- two miles off, at a large hall.'


1.   22. Vigilies: festival-eves; see note 33 to the Prologue to the Tales.
2. 来自市场占领者日本富士的抵制则更是可想而知了,柯达动议明显带有行业垄断的意味,一旦定案,便毋庸置疑地意味着富士从中国市场的出局。wWw.HaoShudU。com然而,让人感到意外的是,它在中国竟找不到同情者。究其原因,则是因为多年的骄横。当年,汕头公元厂以40亿元的巨资从富士引进设备,1993年前后,公元发生经营危机,时任广东省省长朱森林带着公元厂的管理层飞赴日本,希望获得帮助。但是他们要会面富士领导层的要求竟然遭到拒绝,日本人认为,公元危机是中国人的事,跟他们没有关系,朱森林一行在东京干等数日,结果是双手空空,悻悻而回。这个“拒见事件”很快在中国政界和企业界流传开来,让不少人咬牙切齿。因此,当富士试图抵制柯达案的时候,竟很难找到愿意为之出面的有力人士。①富士之后在中国的表现可以用一泻千里来形容,它在中国的市场份额被逐年蚕食。2002年,《中国经营报》披露,富士涉嫌大规模胶卷走私,有相当部分甚至与厦门“远华特大走私案”主犯赖昌星有关。富士对此沉默应对。同年11月,国家经贸委下发文件,认定由富士参股的珠海真科感光材料制作有限公司“未经审批和备案”,被勒令停产。至此,富士在中国的产销渠道均遭遏制。
3. Everyone has both, but people tend to be most attached to their “best” identity — the one that offers the most social status or privileges. Successful professionals, for example, often define their identities primarily through their careers.
4. 在微信读书这样的生态里起着活水的作用。
5.   "May I have the use of your skiff?"
6.   I soon forgot him in the contemplation of Steerforth, who, in an easy amateur way, and without any book (he seemed to me to know everything by heart), took some of his classes until a new master was found. The new master came from a grammar school; and before he entered on his duties, dined in the parlour one day, to be introduced to Steerforth. Steerforth approved of him highly, and told us he was a Brick. Without exactly understanding what learned distinction was meant by this, I respected him greatly for it, and had no doubt whatever of his superior knowledge: though he never took the pains with me - not that I was anybody - that Mr. Mell had taken.


1. 其实我一直都在等你提到篮网队的处境,既然你没说,那就我来说吧。林书豪已经因腿筋受伤缺阵几周了。他们是唯一有摆烂权利但是不摆烂的球队!
2. 创业之初北汽新能源就与宁德时代、孚能科技、国轩高科、中航锂电、西门子、博格华纳、英博尔、麦格米特等产业链伙伴密切合作,产业链不断成熟,电池、电机、充电桩、零部件等领域成长出一批优秀的公司。
3.   He had hardly done speaking when Amphinomus turned in his placeand saw the ship inside the harbour, with the crew lowering her sails,and putting by their oars; so he laughed, and said to the others,"We need not send them any message, for they are here. Some god musthave told them, or else they saw the ship go by, and could notovertake her.

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      We went home early in the evening. It was a very fine evening, and my mother and he had another stroll by the sweetbriar, while I was sent in to get my tea. When he was gone, my mother asked me all about the day I had had, and what they had said and done. I mentioned what they had said about her, and she laughed, and told me they were impudent fellows who talked nonsense - but I knew it pleased her. I knew it quite as well as I know it now. I took the opportunity of asking if she was at all acquainted with Mr. Brooks of Sheffield, but she answered No, only she supposed he must be a manufacturer in the knife and fork way.

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      Who bade the foure spirits of tempest,<11> That power have t' annoye land and sea, Both north and south, and also west and east, Annoye neither sea, nor land, nor tree? Soothly the commander of that was he That from the tempest aye this woman kept, As well when she awoke as when she slept.

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