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1.   Traddles looked at me, as if he wondered what I was talking about.
2. 一个被玩坏的小众行业这场危机从预调鸡尾酒被炒成“风口”的那一刻就开始了,而且愈演愈烈。
3. 对于老赖这个新标签,10月3日晚间,罗永浩在个人微博下发表长文《一个老赖CEO的自白》。
4.   Meanwhile Ulysses and the swineherd were eating their supper inthe hut, and the men supped with them. As soon as they had had toeat and drink, Ulysses began trying to prove the swineherd and seewhether he would continue to treat him kindly, and ask him to stayon at the station or pack him off to the city; so he said:
5. 支援联盟主要发起人、27岁的肖雅星告诉新京报记者,停止接待的原因是疫情不明朗之下,单体、小型酒店难以承受长期的风险与成本,(酒店)整体消杀和运营成本是两个最大的问题。
6. "I wish our grandfatherly minds had managed as well," said Jeff. "Do you really think it's to our credit that we have muddled along with all our poverty and disease and the like? They have peace and plenty, wealth and beauty, goodness and intellect. Pretty good people, I think!"


1. The dollar value of exports from emerging market countries will rise next year for the first time since 2014, helped by higher commodity prices and modestly stronger demand, it is predicted.
2.   "Well, I didn't think you'd be running around with him when I wasaway," insisted Drouet.
3.   The teachers looked at her with a sort of surprise.
4. 原单位的领导评价他工作表现不错。
5. 为此,美菜通过一整套的管理系统,做到了库存的准确性和商品的先进先出规则,从而最大程度上提高了效率,降低了损耗。
6.   I'm sorry I'm so blind But this I know - that you are very kind(They pass on.)


1. 我们只是向往和努力去做零失误率的精品VC,不求量,求成功率。
2.   'That head I see now on your shoulders?'
3.   "The one I have hired for you."
4.   Frog and cricket in the mosses, Confound your gasconading! Nose of fly andgnat's proboscis; Most tuneful serenading!
5. 法国跟着学了英国的榜样,据科尔伯特估计,当时全部海上运输贸易所使用的船舶的二万艘,而其中为荷兰人所有的达一万六千艘,这个数字同这样一个小国是完全不相称的。由于波旁皇室继承西班牙王位的结果,法国的贸易得以扩展到伊比利安半岛与地中海东部沿岸各国,这些都是对荷兰人极端不利的。同时法国对它本国工业、海运事业与渔业实行的保护措施,也使荷兰工商业受到了莫大的损害。
6.   I was never unmindful of Agnes, and she never left that sanctuary in my thoughts - if I may call it so - where I had placed her from the first. But when he entered, and stood before me with his hand out, the darkness that had fallen on him changed to light, and I felt confounded and ashamed of having doubted one I loved so heartily. I loved her none the less; I thought of her as the same benignant, gentle angel in my life; I reproached myself, not her, with having done him an injury; and I would have made him any atonement if I had known what to make, and how to make it.


1. 夷馆被围的次日,义律避开林则徐,递禀邓廷桢,要求三日内恢复英人、英船的自由,否则认为无端留难,将取适当行动,后果不负责任,并请委员面商。林派员赴洋行夷馆传话,义律及夷商不到。林责义律阻挠抗违,如将趸船鸦片全缴,不但一切即可正常,既往亦不追究。另张贴示谕,动以天理、国法、人情、事势,劝令缴烟具结。
2. WHEN we look to the individuals of the same variety or sub-variety of our older cultivated plants and animals, one of the first points which strikes us, is, that they generally differ much more from each other, than do the individuals of any one species or variety in a state of nature. When we reflect on the vast diversity of the plants and animals which have been cultivated, and which have varied during all ages under the most different climates and treatment, I think we are driven to conclude that this greater variability is simply due to our domestic productions having been raised under conditions of life not so uniform as, and somewhat different from, those to which the parent-species have been exposed under nature. There is, also, I think, some probability in the view propounded by Andrew Knight, that this variability may be partly connected with excess of food. It seems pretty clear that organic beings must be exposed during several generations to the new conditions of life to cause any appreciable amount of variation; and that when the organisation has once begun to vary, it generally continues to vary for many generations. No case is on record of a variable being ceasing to be variable under cultivation. Our oldest cultivated plants, such as wheat, still often yield new varieties: our oldest domesticated animals are still capable of rapid improvement or modification.It has been disputed at what period of time the causes of variability, whatever they may be, generally act; whether during the early or late period of development of the embryo, or at the instant of conception. Geoffroy St Hilaire's experiments show that unnatural treatment of the embryo causes monstrosities; and monstrosities cannot be separated by any clear line of distinction from mere variations. But I am strongly inclined to suspect that the most frequent cause of variability may be attributed to the male and female reproductive elements having been affected prior to the act of conception. Several reasons make me believe in this; but the chief one is the remarkable effect which confinement or cultivation has on the functions of the reproductive system; this system appearing to be far more susceptible than any other part of the organization, to the action of any change in the conditions of life. Nothing is more easy than to tame an animal, and few things more difficult than to get it to breed freely under confinement, even in the many cases when the male and female unite. How many animals there are which will not breed, though living long under not very close confinement in their native country! This is generally attributed to vitiated instincts; but how many cultivated plants display the utmost vigour, and yet rarely or never seed! In some few such cases it has been found out that very trifling changes, such as a little more or less water at some particular period of growth, will determine whether or not the plant sets a seed. I cannot here enter on the copious details which I have collected on this curious subject; but to show how singular the laws are which determine the reproduction of animals under confinement, I may just mention that carnivorous animals, even from the tropics, breed in this country pretty freely under confinement, with the exception of the plantigrades or bear family; whereas, carnivorous birds, with the rarest exceptions, hardly ever lay fertile eggs. Many exotic plants have pollen utterly worthless, in the same exact condition as in the most sterile hybrids. When, on the one hand, we see domesticated animals and plants, though often weak and sickly, yet breeding quite freely under confinement; and when, on the other hand, we see individuals, though taken young from a state of nature, perfectly tamed, long-lived, and healthy (of which I could give numerous instances), yet having their reproductive system so seriously affected by unperceived causes as to fail in acting, we need not be surprised at this system, when it does act under confinement, acting not quite regularly, and producing offspring not perfectly like their parents or variable.Sterility has been said to be the bane of horticulture; but on this view we owe variability to the same cause which produces sterility; and variability is the source of all the choicest productions of the garden. I may add, that as some organisms will breed most freely under the most unnatural conditions (for instance, the rabbit and ferret kept in hutches), showing that their reproductive system has not been thus affected; so will some animals and plants withstand domestication or cultivation, and vary very slightly perhaps hardly more than in a state of nature.
3. 而金台路站站务员则称,地铁口的餐车与地铁方面没有什么关系。
4. 他打破了公司原有的组织结构,把公司内部体系精简为顾问、合伙人、协调人、伙伴四个圈层,构成具有高度流动性的组织,使得员工从科层体系中解脱出来,高效率地发挥协同作用。
5. 图5-6民主党和共和党的结果排序
6. 此时,另一名男性员工也赶来帮忙,最终让男子两手空空地离开商店。


1.   'Never in my life.'
2.   'If I had anywhere else to go, I should be glad to leave it; butI can never get away from Gateshead till I am a woman.'
3.   Eliza and Georgiana, evidently acting according to orders, spoke tome as little as possible: John thrust his tongue in his cheek wheneverhe saw me, and once attempted chastisement; but as I instantlyturned against him, roused by the same sentiment of deep ire anddesperate revolt which had stirred my corruption before, he thought itbetter to desist, and ran from me uttering execrations, and vowing Ihad burst his nose. I had indeed levelled at that prominent feature ashard a blow as my knuckles could inflict; and when I saw that eitherthat or my look daunted him, I had the greatest inclination tofollow up my advantage to purpose; but he was already with his mama. Iheard him in a blubbering tone commence the tale of how 'that nastyJane Eyre' had flown at him like a mad cat: he was stopped ratherharshly-

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      It has often been assumed that man has chosen for domestication animals and plants having an extraordinary inherent tendency to vary, and likewise to withstand diverse climates. I do not dispute that these capacities have added largely to the value of most of our domesticated productions; but how could a savage possibly know, when he first tamed an animal, whether it would vary in succeeding generations, and whether it would endure other climates? Has the little variability of the ass or guinea-fowl, or the small power of endurance of warmth by the reindeer, or of cold by the common camel, prevented their domestication? I cannot doubt that if other animals and plants, equal in number to our domesticated productions, and belonging to equally diverse classes and countries, were taken from a state of nature, and could be made to breed for an equal number of generations under domestication, they would vary on an average as largely as the parent species of our existing domesticated productions have varied.

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