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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Good-bye!" he said finally, and went out.
2.  Hurstwood was a man of authority and some fine feeling, and itirritated him excessively to find himself surrounded more andmore by a world upon which he had no hold, and of which he had alessening understanding.
3.  Out came the sun by noon, and poured a golden flood through theiropen windows. Sparrows were twittering. There were laughter andsong in the air. Hurstwood could not keep his eyes from Carrie.She seemed the one ray of sunshine in all his trouble. Oh, ifshe would only love him wholly--only throw her arms around him inthe blissful spirit in which he had seen her in the little parkin Chicago--how happy he would be! It would repay him; it wouldshow him that he had not lost all. He would not care.
4.  "Don't you think," said Carrie weakly, noticing that it had notbeen proved yet whether the members of the company knew theirlines, let alone the details of expression, "that it would bebetter if we just went through our lines once to see if we knowthem? We might pick up some points."
5.  Hurstwood heard it, but tried to make no comment, even tohimself. He knew he would get that, and much more of the samesort, probably.
6.  "Well," he said, "I had a great trip."


1.  "Has Mr. Drouet gone out?" he asked of the clerk.
2.  Lord! what was that? For the first time he was tense, as if astern hand had been laid upon his shoulder. He looked fearfullyaround. Not a soul was present. Not a sound. Some one wasshuffling by on the sidewalk. He took the box and the money andput it back in the safe. Then he partly closed the door again.
3.  "The stage," he went on, "is all right if you can be one of thebig guns, but there's nothing to the rest of it. It takes a longwhile to get up."
4.  It was after the business meeting and things were going sociallywith a hum. Drouet was bobbing around chatting and joking with ascore of individuals whom he knew.
5.  When the time came, he buoyed Carrie up most effectually. Hebegan to make her feel as if she had done very well. The oldmelancholy of desire began to come back as he talked at her, andby the time the situation rolled around she was running high infeeling.
6.  "Well, now, Miss Madenda," he said, very affably, as Carriethought, "you go over there."


1.  "Yes, in a way," said the other, sore to think the game had beenlost. "She'd never make an actress, though. Just another chorusgirl--that's all."
2.  "All right," he said, brightening.
3.  Minnie, under the warming influence of Carrie's good spirits andher husband's somewhat conversational mood, began to tell Carrieof some of the well-known things to see--things the enjoyment ofwhich cost nothing.
4.  Caroline, or Sister Carrie, as she had been half affectionatelytermed by the family, was possessed of a mind rudimentary in itspower of observation and analysis. Self-interest with her washigh, but not strong. It was, nevertheless, her guidingcharacteristic. Warm with the fancies of youth, pretty with theinsipid prettiness of the formative period, possessed of a figurepromising eventual shapeliness and an eye alight with certainnative intelligence, she was a fair example of the middleAmerican class--two generations removed from the emigrant. Bookswere beyond her interest--knowledge a sealed book. In theintuitive graces she was still crude. She could scarcely tossher head gracefully. Her hands were almost ineffectual. Thefeet, though small, were set flatly. And yet she was interestedin her charms, quick to understand the keener pleasures of life,ambitious to gain in material things. A half-equipped littleknight she was, venturing to reconnoitre the mysterious city anddreaming wild dreams of some vague, far-off supremacy, whichshould make it prey and subject--the proper penitent, grovellingat a woman's slipper.
5.   "Hurt you?" asked one of the policemen.
6.  "Well, who are you?"


1.  "We'll have an argument, maybe," said the other.
2.  Amid the babel of voices, Hurstwood heard one close beside him.
3.  "Yassah," assented the negro, nodding his head.
4、  The wavering of a mind under such circumstances is an almostinexplicable thing, and yet it is absolutely true. Hurstwoodcould not bring himself to act definitely. He wanted to thinkabout it--to ponder over it, to decide whether it were best. Hewas drawn by such a keen desire for Carrie, driven by such astate of turmoil in his own affairs that he thought constantly itwould be best, and yet he wavered. He did not know what evilmight result from it to him--how soon he might come to grief.The true ethics of the situation never once occurred to him, andnever would have, under any circumstances.
5、  Drouet had ability in this line himself when the game was worththe candle, but he was too much the egotist to reach the polishwhich Hurstwood possessed. He was too buoyant, too full of ruddylife, too assured. He succeeded with many who were not quiteschooled in the art of love. He failed dismally where the womanwas slightly experienced and possessed innate refinement. In thecase of Carrie he found a woman who was all of the latter, butnone of the former. He was lucky in the fact that opportunitytumbled into his lap, as it were. A few years later, with alittle more experience, the slightest tide of success, and he hadnot been able to approach Carrie at all.




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      Carrie began to move quickly to the door.

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      "The man was here for the rent to-day."

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       They passed the young Irishman, who looked after them withenvious eyes.

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      "Very good," observed the director, now hopelessly idle.

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    {  The clock outside registered four. It was a little early, but hethought he would go back to the flat.

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      relaxed and heard with open ears. She was again the victim ofthe city's hypnotic influence.}

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      "Now, let me see," said Hurstwood, looking over Carrie's shouldervery deferentially. "What have you?" He studied for a moment."That's rather good," he said.

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      It was this way through many shifts of the tired brain, thosecurious phantoms of the spirit slipping in, blurring strangescenes, one with the other. The last one made her cry out, forCarrie was slipping away somewhere over a rock, and her fingershad let loose and she had seen her falling.

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       "Do you think," he said, after a few moments' silence, "thatyou'll try and get on the stage?"

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    {  "I never tried," said Carrie.

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      "No," said Carrie.