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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Stop there!" cried the Jesuit, "for that thesis touches closelyupon heresy. There is a proposition almost like it in theAUGUSTINUS of the heresiarch Jansenius, whose book will sooner orlater be burned by the hands of the executioner. Take care, myyoung friend. You are inclining toward false doctrines, my youngfriend; you will be lost."
2.  "You have deceived me!" said the cardinal, sternly."I," cried Bonacieux, "I deceive your Eminence!"
3.  "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."
4.  "Then, gentlemen, you will not oppose our executing the orders wehave received?" asked one who appeared to be the leader of theparty.
5.  "This doctor has a niece," continued Aramis.
6.  "By US, you mean!" cried D'Artagnan.


1.  "D'Artagnan," said Athos, taking his hand, "you know I loveyou; if I had a son I could not love him better. Take myadvice, renounce this woman. I do not know her, but a sortof intuition tells me she is a lost creature, and that thereis something fatal about her."
2.  "I recollect you were saying," said D'Artagnan, "that afterhaving demanded my head of the cardinal, Milady had quit theshores of France. Whither goes she?" added he, stronglyinterested in the route Milady followed.
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Will that be the answer," replied the secretary, smiling, "whichhe must transmit to his Majesty if, by chance, his Majesty shouldhave the curiosity to know why no vessel is to leave any of theports of Great Britain?"
5.  "How, you will go!" said Mme. Bonacieux; "and your regiment, yourcaptain?"
6.  "It is he," said she. And she began the same religious chantwhich had so strongly excited Felton the evening before.But although her voice--sweet, full, and sonorous--vibrated asharmoniously and as affectingly as ever, the door remained shut.It appeared however to Milady that in one of the furtive glancesshe darted from time to time at the grating of the door shethought she saw the ardent eyes of the young man through thenarrow opening. But whether this was reality or vision, he hadthis time sufficient self-command not to enter.


1.  "So it was with Monsieur D'Artagnan this stranger meant toquarrel?"
2.  "Within two leagues of this place, at the inn of the RedDovecot."
3.  But Athos only replied to this proposal by shrugging hisshoulders.
4.  "I saw her."
5.   "I?" said she, with an accent of disdain in unison with thatwhich she had remarked in the voice of the young officer, "I,sir? MY MASS? Lord de Winter, the corrupted Catholic, knowsvery well that I am not of his religion, and this is a snare hewishes to lay for me!"
6.  "I have just been with him."


1.  "Behind the Luxembourg; that's a charming spot for suchamusements as the one I propose to you."
2.  "You know the only reply that I desire," said D'Artagnan,"the only one worthy of you and of me!"
3.  At four o'clock the four friends were all assembled withAthos. Their anxiety about their outfits had alldisappeared, and each countenance only preserved theexpression of its own secret disquiet--for behind all presenthappiness is concealed a fear for the future.
4、  "Willingly," said Aramis.
5、  "Is mine."




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      "Don't dream it, Athos. I don't need the quarter of such asum--I who am still only in the Guards--and by selling mysaddles, I shall procure it. What do I want? A horse forPlanchet, that's all. Besides, you forget that I have aring likewise."

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      But this time she had to contend with an unpolished nature,concentrated and insensible by force of austerity. Religion andits observances had made Felton a man inaccessible to ordinaryseductions. There fermented in that sublimated brain plans sovast, projects so tumultuous, that there remained no room for anycapricious or material love--that sentiment which is fed byleisure and grows with corruption. Milady had, then, made abreach by her false virtue in the opinion of a man horriblyprejudiced against her, and by her beauty in the heart of a manhitherto hitherto chaste and pure. In short, she had taken themeasure of motives hitherto unknown to herself, through thisexperiment, made upon the most rebellious subject that nature andreligion could submit to her study.

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       The two Musketeers were already there, and were playing together.Athos, who was very expert in all bodily exercises, passed withD'Artagnan to the opposite side and challenged them; but at thefirst effort he made, although he played with his left hand, hefound that his wound was yet too recent to allow of suchexertion. D'Artagnan remained, therefore, alone; and as hedeclared he was too ignorant of the game to play it regularlythey only continued giving balls to one another without counting.But one of these balls, launched by Porthos' herculean hand,passed so close to D'Artagnan's face that he thought that if,instead of passing near, it had hit him, his audience would havebeen probably lost, as it would have been impossible for him topresent himself before the king. Now, as upon this audience, inhis Gascon imagination, depended his future life, he salutedAramis and Porthos politely, declaring that he would not resumethe game until he should be prepared to play with them on moreequal terms, and went and took his place near the cord and in thegallery.

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      "The great cardinal!"

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    {  "Have me arrested on the part of the queen," said he, "and I--Iwill appeal to his Eminence.

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      "What?" cried Felton, "he--again he--always he? What--the trulyguilty?"}

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      "Milady will tell you."

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      "Can we have destroyed them all, from the first to thelast?" said Athos.

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       "Yes, fair lady!" replied Lord de Winter, making a bow, halfcourteous, half ironical; "it is I, myself."

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    {  "Pah! Where are you going?" cried the two Musketeers in a breath."The man of Meung!" replied D'Artagnan, and disappeared.D'Artagnan had more than once related to his friends hisadventure with the stranger, as well as the apparition of thebeautiful foreigner, to whom this man had confided some importantmissive.

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      "It is feared that it may be the smallpox, sir," replied Porthos,desirous of taking his turn in the conversation; "and what isserious is that it will certainly spoil his face.""The smallpox! That's a great story to tell me, Porthos! Sickof the smallpox at his age! No, no; but wounded without doubt,killed, perhaps. Ah, if I knew! S'blood! Messieurs Musketeers,I will not have this haunting of bad places, this quarreling inthe streets, this swordplay at the crossways; and above all, Iwill not have occasion given for the cardinal's Guards, who arebrave, quiet, skillful men who never put themselves in aposition to be arrested, and who, besides, never allow themselvesto be arrested, to laugh at you! I am sure of it--they wouldprefer dying on the spot to being arrested or taking back a step.To save yourselves, to scamper away, to flee--that is good forthe king's Musketeers!"