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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Bah," said Andrea, a little overcome, by the solemnity ofBertuccio's manner, "why not?"
2.  "Diamond!" exclaimed La Carconte, rising and descending tothe chamber with a tolerably firm step; "what diamond areyou talking about?"
3.  "Yes, sir, five or six months ago -- last February."
4.  "I never once doubted your doing so." Monte Cristo chosethis moment for re-entering the drawing-room. On hearing thesound of his footsteps, the two men threw themselves in eachother's arms, and while they were in the midst of thisembrace, the count entered. "Well, marquis," said MonteCristo, "you appear to be in no way disappointed in the sonwhom your good fortune has restored to you."
5.  "Good," said Monte Cristo, smiling; "in these promptarrangements we recognize the order of a well-disciplinedsoldier."
6.  "Then you accept his offer?" said the host.


1.  "Could you ever have credited such a thing, my dearDanglars?" asked M. Morrel, as, on his return to the portfor the purpose of gleaning fresh tidings of Dantes, from M.de Villefort, the assistant procureur, he overtook hissupercargo and Caderousse. "Could you have believed such athing possible?"
2.  "Reverend sir, I am impelled" --
3.  "Yes, you will receive it from your father personally, butLord Wilmore will be the security for the money. He has, atthe request of your father, opened an account of 6,000francs a month at M. Danglars', which is one of the safestbanks in Paris."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Her hand!" exclaimed every one.
6.  "God has supported me through all; and then, my dearmarquis, he would certainly have done everything for me thatI performed for him. It is true that since I left him, Iseem to have lost my senses. I cannot cry; at my age theysay that we have no more tears, -- still I think that whenone is in trouble one should have the power of weeping.Where is Valentine. sir? It is on her account I am here; Iwish to see Valentine." Villefort thought it would beterrible to reply that Valentine was at a ball; so he onlysaid that she had gone out with her step-mother, and thatshe should be fetched. "This instant, sir -- this instant, Ibeseech you!" said the old lady. Villefort placed the arm ofMadame de Saint-Meran within his own, and conducted her tohis apartment. "Rest yourself, mother," he said.


1.  "Oh, as for parricides, and such dreadful people as that,"interposed Renee, "it matters very little what is done tothem; but as regards poor unfortunate creatures whose onlycrime consists in having mixed themselves up in politicalintrigues" --
2.  "If they were not, the countess has only to wish it, andthey would become so."
3.  "He is accused," said the commissary with his inflexiblevoice, "of having assassinated the man named Caderousse, hisformer companion in prison, at the moment he was making hisescape from the house of the Count of Monte Cristo." MonteCristo cast a rapid glance around him. Andrea was gone.
4.  "Which box do you mean?" asked the countess.
5.   "Your daughter?" cried d'Avrigny with grief and surprise.
6.  "I do."


1.  "You are fastidious, Chateau-Renaud," replied Debray; "thoseclothes are well cut and quite new."
2.  "Listen to me, Franz," said Albert; "I am glad that theoccasion has presented itself for saying this to you, for Ihave noticed how cold you are in your bearing towards thecount, while he, on the other hand, has always been courtesyitself to us. Have you anything particular against him?"
3.  "What rank did he hold on board?"
4、  "A sort of book, written upon strips of cloth."
5、  Monte Cristo sprang lightly from the carriage, and offeredhis hand to assist Emmanuel and Maximilian. The latterretained the count's hand between his. "I like," said he,"to feel a hand like this, when its owner relies on thegoodness of his cause."




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      "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"

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      "Yes," said Dantes; "do you know him?"

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       Maximilian cast a look of disdain, almost of anger, on thecount.

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      "His coat looks almost new, and his boots shine like anigger's face. It's pleasant to have such well-dressedcomrades; but didn't those gendarmes behave shameful? --must 'a been jealous, to tear such clothes!"

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    {  Monte Cristo heard and saw nothing, or rather he only sawMorrel, whose calmness had a frightful effect on those whoknew what was passing in his heart. "See," said Beauchamp,pointing out Morrel to Debray. "What is he doing up there?"And they called Chateau-Renaud's attention to him.

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      "Yes." Valentine raised herself in bed, and drew over herchest, which appeared whiter than snow, the embroideredcambric, still moist with the cold dews of delirium, towhich were now added those of terror. "You saw the person?"repeated the young girl. "Yes," repeated the count.}

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      "By me? Not at all, prince," said Monte Cristo laying amarked stress on the title, "what have I done for you? Arenot your name, your social position, and your meritsufficient?"

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      "You hear, M. de Morcerf, I am referred to you," said thecountess.

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       "Are you alone, reverend sir, or have you there soldiersready to seize me?"

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    {  "The minister's wife, pardieu!"

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      "I am afraid if we offer them double that we shall notprocure a carriage."