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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You think," he said, "I am happy; that I ought not to complain?If you were to meet all day with people who care absolutelynothing about you, if you went day after day to a place wherethere was nothing but show and indifference, if there was not oneperson in all those you knew to whom you could appeal forsympathy or talk to with pleasure, perhaps you would be unhappytoo.
2.  "Have you been in others?" asked Carrie, surprised at herexperience.
3.  "You mean eat?" he replied.
4.  Out came the sun by noon, and poured a golden flood through theiropen windows. Sparrows were twittering. There were laughter andsong in the air. Hurstwood could not keep his eyes from Carrie.She seemed the one ray of sunshine in all his trouble. Oh, ifshe would only love him wholly--only throw her arms around him inthe blissful spirit in which he had seen her in the little parkin Chicago--how happy he would be! It would repay him; it wouldshow him that he had not lost all. He would not care.
5.  Meanwhile, he took such time as he could to look about, butopportunities were not numerous. More, he had not the sameimpressive personality which he had when he first came to NewYork. Bad thoughts had put a shade into his eyes which did notimpress others favourably. Neither had he thirteen hundreddollars in hand to talk with. About a month later, finding thathe had not made any progress, Shaughnessy reported definitelythat Slawson would not extend the lease.
6.  Carrie had no warning of this halcyon intention. She practisedher part ruefully, feeling that she was effectually shelved. Atthe dress rehearsal she was disconsolate.


1.  "Suppose we have a little game of euchre?" suggested Hurstwood,after a light round of conversation. He was rather dexterous inavoiding everything that would suggest that he knew anything ofCarrie's past. He kept away from personalities altogether, andconfined himself to those things which did not concernindividuals at all. By his manner, he put Carrie at her ease,and by his deference and pleasantries he amused her. Hepretended to be seriously interested in all she said.
2.  "Ever had any experience?" he asked again, almost severely.
3.  "Tell her to dress and come to the door at once. Her husband isin the hospital, injured, and wants to see her."
4.  "Been home yet?" finally asked Hurstwood.
5.  Carrie was delighted. She began to feel that she had a place inthe world. People recognised ability.
6.  "You're a determined little miss, aren't you?" he said, after afew moments, looking up into her eyes.


1.  He now turned his attention to Mrs. Vance, and in a flash Carriesaw again what she for some time had subconsciously missed inHurstwood--the adroitness and flattery of which he was capable.She also saw that she was not well dressed--not nearly as welldressed--as Mrs. Vance. These were not vague ideas any longer.Her situation was cleared up for her. She felt that her life wasbecoming stale, and therein she felt cause for gloom. The oldhelpful, urging melancholy was restored. The desirous Carrie waswhispered to concerning her possibilities.
2.  "It is," said another. "I've been waiting nearly an hour."
3.  "What do you want to know?" asked Hurstwood.
4.  "Oh, you mustn't let him know I told you."
5.   "Don't you think," said Carrie weakly, noticing that it had notbeen proved yet whether the members of the company knew theirlines, let alone the details of expression, "that it would bebetter if we just went through our lines once to see if we knowthem? We might pick up some points."
6.  In the drive of the wind and sleet they pushed in on one another.There were wrists, unprotected by coat or pocket, which were redwith cold. There were ears, half covered by every conceivablesemblance of a hat, which still looked stiff and bitten. In thesnow they shifted, now one foot, now another, almost rocking inunison.


1.  "It's better than going hungry," said Carrie. "If you don't wantme to do that, why don't you get work yourself?"
2.  It was a funny English story he was telling to a company ofactors. Even as his voice recalled him, he was smiling. Acrusty old codger, sitting near by, seemed disturbed; at least,he stared in a most pointed way. Hurstwood straightened up. Thehumour of the memory fled in an instant and he felt ashamed. Forrelief, he left his chair and strolled out into the streets.
3.  "You're awfully queer," returned the little, blue-eyed soldier.
4、  That night he dined at Rector's and returned at once to hisoffice. In the bustle and show of the latter was his onlyrelief. He troubled over many little details and talkedperfunctorily to everybody. He stayed at his desk long after allothers had gone, and only quitted it when the night watchman onhis round pulled at the front door to see if it was safelylocked.
5、  In the second scene, where she was supposed to face the companyin the ball-room, she did even better, winning the smile of thedirector, who volunteered, because of her fascination for him, tocome over and speak with her.




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      "Yes," answered Carrie, mildly, overwhelmed by the man'sassurance.

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      She looked at him the same evening she had made up her mind togo, and now he seemed not so shiftless and worthless, but rundown and beaten upon by chance. His eyes were not keen, his facemarked, his hands flabby. She thought his hair had a touch ofgrey. All unconscious of his doom, he rocked and read his paper,while she glanced at him.

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       "Oh, I see," said the woman, interrupting her. "No, I don't knowof anything now."

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      She had heard so much of the canting philosophy of the grapelessfox.

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    {  He puzzled as he thought of these things, then pushed in thedrawers and closed the door, pausing with his hand upon the knob,which might so easily lock it all beyond temptation. Still hepaused. Finally he went to the windows and pulled down thecurtains. Then he tried the door, which he had previouslylocked. What was this thing, making him suspicious? Why did hewish to move about so quietly. He came back to the end of thecounter as if to rest his arm and think. Then he went andunlocked his little office door and turned on the light. He alsoopened his desk, sitting down before it, only to think strangethoughts.

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      "He says there's an answer expected," she explained.}

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      Drouet selected writing paper while Carrie went to change herdress. She hardly explained to herself why this latestinvitation appealed to her most

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      She had seen comparatively little of the manager during thewinter, but had been kept constantly in mind of him by one thingand another, principally by the strong impression he had made.She was quite disturbed for the moment as to her appearance, butsoon satisfied herself by the aid of the mirror, and went below.

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       Hurstwood laid down his fifteen cents and crept off with wearysteps to his allotted room. It was a dingy affair--wooden,dusty, hard. A small gas-jet furnished sufficient light for sorueful a corner.

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    {  "Well, you can suit yourself, Mr. Wheeler," said the proprietor.

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      The effect of the city and his own situation on Hurstwood wasparalleled in the case of Carrie, who accepted the things whichfortune provided with the most genial good-nature. New York,despite her first expression of disapproval, soon interested herexceedingly. Its clear atmosphere, more populous thoroughfares,and peculiar indifference struck her forcibly. She had neverseen such a little flat as hers, and yet it soon enlisted heraffection. The new furniture made an excellent showing, thesideboard which Hurstwood himself arranged gleamed brightly. Thefurniture for each room was appropriate, and in the so-calledparlour, or front room, was installed a piano, because Carriesaid she would like to learn to play. She kept a servant anddeveloped rapidly in household tactics and information. For thefirst time in her life she felt settled, and somewhat justifiedin the eyes of society as she conceived of it. Her thoughts weremerry and innocent enough. For a long while she concernedherself over the arrangement of New York flats, and wondered atten families living in one building and all remaining strange andindifferent to each other. She also marvelled at the whistles ofthe hundreds of vessels in the harbour--the long, low cries ofthe Sound steamers and ferry-boats when fog was on. The merefact that these things spoke from the sea made them wonderful.She looked much at what she could see of the Hudson from her westwindows and of the great city building up rapidly on either hand.It was much to ponder over, and sufficed to entertain her formore than a year without becoming stale.