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1.   Exhausted though she was, the princess at once ordered the little slave, who alone was uninjured, to bring her a cup of water, which she took in her hand. First repeating some magic words over it, she dashed it into my face saying, "If you are only a monkey by enchantment, resume the form of the man you were before." In an instant I stood before her the same man I had formerly been, though having lost the sight of one eye.
2.   "Now, if I could have done this without the knowledge of ProfessorMoriarty, all would have been well. But he was too wily for that. Hesaw every step which I took to draw my toils round him. Again andagain he strove to break away, but I as often headed him off. I tellyou, my friend, that if a detailed account of that silent contestcould be written, it would take its place as the most brilliant bit ofthrust-and-parry work in the history of detection. Never have Irisen to such a height, and never have I been so hard pressed by anopponent. He cut deep, and yet I just undercut him. This morning thelast steps were taken, and three days only were wanted to complete thebusiness. I was sitting in my room thinking the matter over when thedoor opened and Professor Moriarty stood before me.
3. 苹果股价创下历史新高285.20美元苹果(AAPL.O)公司创下历史新高285.20美元,较前收盘价上涨0.2%。
4.   The Lord Abbot recreated himselfe a while with his owne people, towhom he recounted, the course of his life since hee saw them; and theylikewise told him, how kindly they had bin initeated by Ghinotto.But when dinner time was come, the Lord Abbot and all his company,were served with costly viands and excellent Wines, without Ghinottoesmaking himselfe knowne to the Abbot: till after he had beeneentertained some few dayes in this order: into the great Hall of theCastle, Ghinotto caused all the Abbots goods and furniture to beebrought, and likewise into a spacious Court, wheron the windowes ofthe said Court gazed, all his mules and horses, with their sumpters,even to the very silliest of them, which being done, Ghinotto wentto the Abbot, and demaunded of him, how he felt his stomacke now,and whether it would serve him to venter on horsebacke as yet, orno? The Lord Abbot answered, that he found his stomacke perfectlyrecovered, his body strong enough to endure travell, and all thingswell, so hee were delivered from Ghinotto.
5. 打人女生正取保候审记者随后赶到闽侯县祥谦派出所了解情况。
6.   She said good-bye with feigned indifference. What matter couldit make? Still, the coach seemed lorn.


1.   The honest man of the Guard, without seeking after any furtherinformation; so soone as he could compasse any leysure, reported allto Messer Conrado, who having heard these newes (albeit he made noshew thereof to the revealer) went to Madam Beritola, graciouslydemaunding of her, if she had any sonne by her husband, who was calledGeoffrey. The Lady replyed in teares, that if her eldest sonne were asyet living, he was so named, and now aged about two and twenty yeeres.Conrado hearing this, imagined this same to be the man; consideringfurther withall, that if it fell out to prove so, hee might have thebetter meanes of mercie, and closely concealing his daughters shame,joyfully joyne them in marriage together.
2. 2015年,本田将开始销售用于民航业的首款飞机——HA-420本田喷气机,以及一款全新的氢燃料电池汽车FCV。该公司还将携一款全新的赛车重返F1方程式赛道。真正的重磅力作可能是讴歌NSX,这是一款将少量投产并销售的油电混合超级汽车。
3. 为什么?因为亚马逊庞大的销售团队可以为Nexla带来更多受众。
4.   "Yes, sir."
5. 1月27日,最高检察院发出通知,其中明确提及,严惩患有新型冠状病毒感染肺炎以及疑似病症故意传播病毒、拒绝接受检疫、强制隔离治疗造成严重后果的犯罪。
6.   Holmes had swiftly changed his position and was between the peer andthe door.


1.   Clifford stopped the chair, once through the gate, and the man came quickly, courteously, to close it.
2.   'Oh!' said Miss Dartle. 'Now I am glad to know that! I ask for information, and I am glad to know it. He thinks you young and innocent; and so you are his friend. Well, that's quite delightful!'
3.   Faust
4. 原标题:杞维康枸杞原浆,开辟液化枸杞新时代2019年1月,第一财经商业数据中心发布的大数据统计报告显示,95后在电商平台对枸杞的搜索量占比自2017年以来呈现显著的提升趋势。
5. 1997年11月,张定宇曾响应国家号召,随中国医疗队出征,援助阿尔及利亚。
6.   "'My friends,' said he, 'I have had a dream from heaven in my sleep.We are a long way from the ships; I wish some one would go down andtell Agamemnon to send us up more men at once.'


1. 然而,人类世并不是最近这几个世纪才出现的新现象。早在几万年前,智人的石器时代祖先就从东非走向地球的四面八方,每到一个大陆和岛屿,就让当地的动植物发生了改变。他们灭掉了所有其他人类物种、澳大利亚90%的大型动物、美国75%的大型哺乳动物、全球大约50%的大型陆上哺乳动物;而且此时他们甚至还没开始种小麦,还没开始制作金属工具,还没写下任何文字,也还没铸出任何钱币。6
2.   Mme. Bonacieux looked earnestly at the young man."And if I give you this password," said she, "would you forget itas soon as you used it?"
3.   "Ladies," I replied, "what is the meaning of these strange words-- I pray you to tell me?"
4. 其实,这本被他称为"初步报告"的著作,篇幅虽小,学术含量却很高。全书从鸦片战争写到抗日战争前夕,近百年的史事写得深入浅出,好读耐看。内容上没有拘泥于事件过程和细节的铺陈;方法上从总体把握演变趋势,显示了作者沉潜思辨的写作风格。甫经出版即广为流传。1938年初版后,次年商务印书馆即印第二版;同年重庆青年书店又重印。40年代的版本我孤陋寡闻,不知其详。1949年,台湾启明书局以《中国近代史大纲》为书名,重排出版,蒋廷黻应约写了《小序》。海峡此岸在众所周知的长期沉默后,终于在十一届三中全会兴起的思想解放潮流推动下,湖南岳麓书社经陈师旭麓教授的推荐、介绍,于1987年将之辑入该社《旧籍新刊》重新出版,同时收入了《评清史稿?邦交志》、《琦善和鸦片战争》、《最近三百年东北外患史--从顺治到咸丰》三种论著,合成一册,以《中国近代史?外三种》书名面世。书首有该社《出版说明》和陈师旭麓教授写的《重印前言》[125],书后附有蒋廷黻的女公子蒋寿仁女士写的纪念性文章《欣慰与回忆》。这是改革开放以来第一个蒋氏《中国近代史》的重刊本,也是该书出版以来的第一个新版本(有所删节)。1990年,上海书店将此书按1939年商务版重印,收入《民国丛书》第二辑,编为第75种。现在,上海古籍出版社又把它作为《蓬莱阁丛书》之一,重排出版。个别地方作了技术性处理。一部学术著作,经历半个世纪以上时间的汰洗而仍备受后人垂青,足以说明它已为社会认同,成了代表一个时代的学术精品。
5. 白雨霏盯着屏幕,不吭声。
6. 铅笔道作客观真实记录,已备份速记录音。


1. 一直以来,关于饮酒存在很多争议,尤其是在冬季,由于酒就有很强的刺激性,对人体有麻痹作用,天寒地冻中很容易发生危险。
2.   If unprepar'd, however, this man drink, He hath not, as you know, an hour tolive.
3.   I see no reason to limit the process of modification, as now explained, to the formation of genera alone. If, in our diagram, we suppose the amount of change represented by each successive group of diverging dotted lines to be very great, the forms marked a214 to p14, those marked b14 and f14, and those marked o14 to m14, will form three very distinct genera. We shall also have two very distinct genera descended from (I) and as these latter two genera, both from continued divergence of character and from inheritance from a different parent, will differ widely from the three genera descended from (A), the two little groups of genera will form two distinct families, or even orders, according to the amount of divergent modification supposed to be represented in the diagram. And the two new families, or orders, will have descended from two species of the original genus; and these two species are supposed to have descended from one species of a still more ancient and unknown genus.

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      The chateau burned; the nearest trees, laid hold of by the fire, scorched and shrivelled; trees at a distance, fired by the four fierce figures, begirt the blazing edifice with a new forest of smoke. Molten lead and iron boiled in the marble basin of the fountain; the water ran dry; the extinguisher tops of the towers vanished like ice before the heat, and trickled down into four rugged wells of flame. Great rents and splits branched out in the solid walls, like crystallisation; stupefied birds wheeled about and dropped into the furnace; four fierce figures trudged away, East, West, North, and South, along the night-enshrouded roads, guided by the beacon they had lighted, towards their next destination. The illuminated village had seized hold of the tocsin, and, abolishing the lawful ringer, rang for joy.

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      Carrie's little soldier friend, Miss Osborne, seeing hersucceeding, had become a sort of satellite. Little Osborne couldnever of herself amount to anything. She seemed to realise it ina sort of pussy-like way and instinctively concluded to clingwith her soft little claws to Carrie.

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