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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But how shall I address the minister?"
2.  "Why, yes," replied the count.
3.  "Him!"
4.  "When are you coming to the point?" cried the baroness,shivering with anger and impatience.
5.  The count had just opened a door. Immediately a brilliantlight from the next room, or rather from the palaceadjoining, shone upon the room in which he was gentlygliding into his last sleep. Then he saw a woman ofmarvellous beauty appear on the threshold of the doorseparating the two rooms. Pale, and sweetly smiling, shelooked like an angel of mercy conjuring the angel ofvengeance. "Is it heaven that opens before me?" thought thedying man; "that angel resembles the one I have lost." MonteCristo pointed out Morrel to the young woman, who advancedtowards him with clasped hands and a smile upon her lips.
6.  "Excessively; only imagine -- but do tell me, viscount,whether you really are acquainted with it or no?"


1.  "My father is king's attorney," replied Andrea calmly.
2.  "Do not let me interfere with you in anything, my friend,"said the count; "gather your strawberries, if, indeed, thereare any left."
3.  "Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo."
4.  "Yes," answered Monte Cristo "happily, yes, conscience doesremain; and if it did not, how wretched we should be! Afterevery action requiring exertion, it is conscience that savesus, for it supplies us with a thousand good excuses, ofwhich we alone are judges; and these reasons, howsoeverexcellent in producing sleep, would avail us but very littlebefore a tribunal, when we were tried for our lives. ThusRichard III., for instance, was marvellously served by hisconscience after the putting away of the two children ofEdward IV.; in fact, he could say, `These two children of acruel and persecuting king, who have inherited the vices oftheir father, which I alone could perceive in their juvenilepropensities -- these two children are impediments in my wayof promoting the happiness of the English people, whoseunhappiness they (the children) would infallibly havecaused.' Thus was Lady Macbeth served by her conscience,when she sought to give her son, and not her husband(whatever Shakspeare may say), a throne. Ah, maternal loveis a great virtue, a powerful motive -- so powerful that itexcuses a multitude of things, even if, after Duncan'sdeath, Lady Macbeth had been at all pricked by herconscience."
5.  "True remorse; and, besides, an idea had struck me." Andreashuddered; he always did so at Caderousse's ideas. "It ismiserable -- do you see? -- always to wait till the end ofthe month. -- "Oh," said Andrea philosophically, determinedto watch his companion narrowly, "does not life pass inwaiting? Do I, for instance, fare better? Well, I waitpatiently, do I not?"
6.  "Well, and what then?" said Fernand, lifting up his head,and looking at Caderousse like a man who looks for some oneon whom to vent his anger; "Mercedes is not accountable toany person, is she? Is she not free to love whomsoever shewill?"


1.  "With all my heart! You tell me he burned the letter?"
2.  "But it is not my fault, as I shall endeavor to prove."Every one listened eagerly; Monte Cristo who so rarelyopened his lips, was about to speak. "You remember," saidthe count, during the most profound silence, "that theunhappy wretch who came to rob me died at my house; thesupposition is that he was stabbed by his accomplice, onattempting to leave it."
3.  "The food is the same as in other prisons, -- that is, verybad; the lodging is very unhealthful, but, on the whole,passable for a dungeon; but it is not that which I wish tospeak of, but a secret I have to reveal of the greatestimportance."
4.  "You may make your mind easy," said the doctor; "he is dead.I will answer for that."
5.   "I think that if you would take the trouble of reflecting,you could find a way of simplifying the negotiation," saidFranz.
6.  "Pardieu!" exclaimed the man in the cloak, suddenlyexpressing himself in French.


1.  "Comrade," said he, "I adjure you, as a Christian and asoldier, to tell me where we are going. I am Captain Dantes,a loyal Frenchman, thought accused of treason; tell me whereyou are conducting me, and I promise you on my honor I willsubmit to my fate."
2.  "It is so good, that I have distanced M. de Chateau-Renaud,one of the best riders in France, and M. Debray, who bothmount the minister's Arabians; and close on their heels arethe horses of Madame Danglars, who always go at six leaguesan hour."
3.  "I am listening."
4、  "I do not know, sir; it was to fulfil the last instructionsof Captain Leclere, who, when dying, gave me a packet forMarshal Bertrand."
5、  "That's true," said Dantes; "but the corridor you speak ofonly bounds one side of my cell; there are three others --do you know anything of their situation?"




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      "You do not like M. Franz?" The eyes repeated several times,"No, no, no."

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      "You must have searched badly."

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       "Then," cried Franz, "it is hashish! I know that -- by nameat least."

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      "Are you sure of it?"

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    {  "The count is very temperate." Mercedes smiled sadly."Approach him," said she, "and when the next waiter passes,insist upon his taking something."

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      "You are right, father; I understand you." Then extendinghis hand towards one of the pistols, he said, "There is onefor you and one for me -- thanks!" Morrel caught his hand."Your mother -- your sister! Who will support them?" Ashudder ran through the young man's frame. "Father," hesaid, "do you reflect that you are bidding me to live?"}

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      "Did he send you?"

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      "No, I really cannot."

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       "Enough, viscount; you will remember those two vows, willyou not? But I know you to be a man of honor." The countagain struck the gong. Ali reappeared. "Tell Haidee," saidhe, "that I will take coffee with her, and give her tounderstand that I desire permission to present one of myfriends to her." Ali bowed and left the room. "Now,understand me," said the count, "no direct questions, mydear Morcerf; if you wish to know anything, tell me, and Iwill ask her."

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    {  * Guillotine.

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      "Monsieur, I implore you do not stay there!"