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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Holmes, the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office!"
2.  "I could hardly imagine a more damning case," I remarked. "If evercircumstantial evidence pointed to a criminal it does so here.""Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing," answered Holmesthoughtfully. "It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but ifyou shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing inan equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different. Itmust be confessed, however, that the case looks exceedingly graveagainst the young man, and it is very possible that he is indeed theculprit. There are several people in the neighbourhood, however, andamong them Miss Turner, the daughter of the neighbouring land-owner,who believe in his innocence, and who have retained Lestrade, whom youmay recollect in connection with 'A Study in Scarlet', to work out thecase in his interest. Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred thecase to me, and hence it is that two middleaged gentlemen are flyingwestward at fifty miles an hour instead of quietly digesting theirbreakfasts at home."
3.  "If you use the code which I have explained," said Holmes, "you willfind that it simply means `Come here at once.' I was convinced that itwas an invitation which he would not refuse, since he could neverimagine that it could come from anyone but the lady. And so, my dearWatson, we have ended by turning the dancing men to good when theyhave so often been the agents of evil, and I think that I havefulfilled my promise of giving you something unusual for yournotebook. Three-forty is our train, and I fancy we should be back inBaker Street for dinner."
4.  "No, no, my dear sir; such a course is utterly impossible. When oncethe law is evoked it cannot be stayed again, and this is just one ofthose cases where, for the credit of the college, it is most essentialto avoid scandal. Your discretion is as well known as your powers, andyou are the one man in the world who can help me. I beg you, Mr.Holmes, to do what you can."
5.  "'"We will see what the doctor says," I answered. "You must stopwork now, and when you go downstairs just say that I wish to seeBrunton."
6.  "For twenty minutes I had sat motionless, thinking the matter out.Musgrave still stood with a very pale face, swinging his lantern andpeering down into the hole.


1.  "You look wretchedly ill," said Holmes. "Perhaps you are hardlyequal to telling me what occurred."
2.  It was obvious to me that my companion's mind was now made upabout the case, although what his conclusions were was more than Icould even dimly imagine. Several times during our homeward journeyI endeavoured to sound him upon the point, but he always glided awayto some other topic, until at last I gave it over in despair. It wasnot yet three when we found ourselves in our room once more. Hehurried to his chamber, and was down again in a few minutes dressed asa common loafer. With his collar turned up, his shiny, seedy coat, hisred cravat, and his worn boots, he was a perfect sample of the class."I think that this should do," said he, glancing into the glassabove the fireplace. "I only wish that you could come with me, Watson,but I fear that it won't do. I may be on the trail in this matter,or I may be following a will-o'-the-wisp, but I shall soon knowwhich it is. I hope that I may be back in a few hours." He cut a sliceof beef from the joint upon the sideboard, sandwiched it between tworounds of bread, and thrusting this rude meal into his pocket hestarted off upon his expedition.
3.  "But we have a long way still to go. Kindly walk clear of thepath. Now let us follow the trail. I fear that it will not lead veryfar."
4.  It was in vain that I asked Holmes to remain for the evening. It wasevident to me that he thought he might bring trouble to the roof hewas under, and that that was the motive which impelled him to go. Witha few hurried words as to our plans for the morrow he rose and cameout with me into the garden, clambering over the wall which leads intoMortimer Street, and immediately whistling for a hansom, in which Iheard him drive away.
5.  "'The matter will not bear discussion,' said he abruptly. 'Youhave made a most damnable intrusion into the privacy of our family.You were here as a guest and you have become a spy. I have nothingmore to say, sir, save that I have no wish ever to see you again.'"At this I lost my temper, Mr. Holmes, and I spoke with some warmth."'I have seen your son, and I am convinced that for some reason ofyour own you are concealing him from the world. I have no idea whatyour motives are in cutting him off in this fashion, but I am surethat he is no longer a free agent. I warn you, Colonel Emsworth,that until I am assured as to the safety and well-being of my friend Ishall never desist in my efforts to get to the bottom of themystery, and I shall certainly not allow myself to be intimidated byanything which you may say or do.'
6.  "Very murderous indeed."


1.  "That's just about all that passed between us, as near as I canremember. You can imagine, Dr. Watson, how pleased I was at such anextraordinary bit of good fortune. I sat up half the night huggingmyself over it, and next day I was off to B in a train that would takeme in plenty time for my appointment. I took my things to a hotel inNew Street, and then I made my way to the address which had been givenme.
2.  "Well, well!" said Holmes, impatiently. "A good cyclist does notneed a high road. The moor is intersected with paths, and the moon wasat the full. Halloa! what is this?"
3.  "Can you tell me where?" asked Mycroft Holmes.
4.  "She verra ill," cried the girl, looking with indignant eyes ather master. "She no ask for food. She verra ill. She need doctor. Ifrightened stay alone with her without doctor."
5.   "The paper!" croaked a voice behind us. The man was sitting up,blanched and ghastly, with returning reason in his eyes, and handswhich rubbed nervously at the broad red band which still encircled histhroat.
6.  "'Until you tell me who it is that has been living in thatcottage, and who it is to whom you have given that photograph, therecan never be any confidence between us,' said I, and breaking awayfrom her I left the house. That was yesterday, Mr. Holmes, and Ihave not seen her since, nor do I know anything more about thisstrange business. It is the first shadow that has come between us, andit has so shaken me that I do not know what I should do for thebest. Suddenly this morning it occurred to me that you were the man toadvise me, so I have hurried to you now, and I place myselfunreservedly in your hands. If there is any point which I have notmade clear, pray question me about it. But, above all, tell me quicklywhat I am to do, for this misery is more than I can bear."Holmes and I had listened with the utmost interest to thisextraordinary statement, which had been delivered in the jerky, brokenfashion of a man who is under the influence of extreme emotion. Mycompanion sat silent now for some time, with his chin upon his hand,lost in thought.


1.  Holmes laughed softly to himself and stretched himself out uponthe cushioned seat. "Both you and the coroner have been at somepains," said he, "to single out the very strongest points in the youngman's favour. Don't you see that you alternately give him credit forhaving too much imagination and too little? Too little, if he couldnot invent a cause of quarrel which would give him the sympathy of thejury; too much, if he evolved from his own inner consciousnessanything so outre as a dying reference to a rat, and the incident ofthe vanishing cloth. No, sir, I shall approach this case from thepoint of view that what this young man says is true, and we shallsee whither that hypothesis will lead us. And now here is my pocketPetrarch, and not another word shall I say of this case until we areon the scene of action. We lunch at Swindon, and I see that we shallbe there in twenty minutes."
2.  "You have observed, of course," said he at last, "that the earsare not a pair."
3.  "Yes. He waved his hands."
4、  Holmes glanced over some notes which he had scribbled upon theback of an envelope.
5、  "I am endeavouring to tell you everything, Mr. Holmes, which mayhave any bearing upon the case, but I beg that you will question meupon any point which I do not make clear."




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      "Is such as we might expect. It ran, if I remember right,`sent the pips to A, B, and C'--that is, sent the society'swarning to them. Then there are successive entries that A and Bcleared, or left the country, and finally that C was visited,with, I fear, a sinister result for C. Well, I think, Doctor,that we may let some light into this dark place, and I believethat the only chance young Openshaw has in the meantime is to dowhat I have told him. There is nothing more to be said or to bedone to-night, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forgetfor half an hour the miserable weather and the still moremiserable ways of our fellowmen."

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      "To-night. Same hour. Same place. Two taps. Most vitallyimportant. Your own safety at stake.

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      "But if the document is found?"

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    {  "I learned it when I had recovered my health and was examined by Mr.Edmunds, the county detective. I fear I lied to him. Perhaps itwould have been wiser had I told the truth."

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      Sherlock Holmes rose with a smile.}

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      "This instant."

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      "Dear me!" said Holmes, and he smiled in a singular way as heglanced at our companion. "Well, if there is nothing to be learnedhere, we had best go inside."

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    {  "So I am. Very much so."

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      "'Ah, smart, smart!' he cried in a kind of ecstasy of delight.'You are the very man for us. You are not to be talked over, and quiteright, too. Now, here's a note for a hundred pounds, and if youthink that we can do business you may just slip it into your pocket asan advance upon your salary.'