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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You would not call me a marrying man, Watson?"
2.  "He makes it up every evening and then leaves it."
3.  "But what possible connection?"
4.  "Now there is one thing that I want to impress upon you before Igo any further, Mr. Holmes. Effie loves me. Don't let there be anymistake about that. She loves me with her whole heart and soul, andnever more than now. I know it. I feel it. I don't want to argue aboutthat. A man can tell easily enough when a woman loves him. But there'sthis secret between us, and we can never be the same until it iscleared."
5.  It was not possible for me to follow the immediate steps taken by myfriend, for I had some pressing professional business of my own, but Imet him by appointment that evening at Simpson's, where, sitting ata small table in the front window and looking down at the rushingstream of life in the Strand, he told me something of what had passed."Johnson is on the prowl," said he. "He may pick up some garbagein the darker recesses of the underworld, for it is down there, amidthe black roots of crime, that we must hunt for this man's secrets.""But if the lady will not accept what is already known, why shouldany fresh discovery of yours turn her from her purpose?""Who knows, Watson? Woman's heart and mind are insoluble puzzlesto the male. Murder might be condoned or explained, and yet somesmaller offence might rankle. Baron Gruner remarked to me-""He remarked to you!"
6.  "I never said so. You were aware of it. You spoke with her. Yourecognized her. You aided her to escape."


2.  "The Vicarage.
3.  And Holmes's fears came to be realized, for from that day to this noword has ever been heard either of the beautiful woman, the sinisterGerman, or the morose Englishman. Early that morning a peasant had meta cart containing several people and some very bulky boxes drivingrapidly in the direction of Reading, but there all traces of thefugitives disappeared, and even Holmes's ingenuity failed ever todiscover the least clue as to their whereabouts.
4.  "Well, sir, I think it would hardly interest them. It was just thehead and a few bones of a mummy. It may have been a thousand yearsold. But it wasn't there before. That I'll swear, and so willStephens. It had been stowed away in a corner and covered over witha board, but that corner had always been empty before.""What did you do with it?"
5.  "'Oh, not very many minutes.'
6.  "A letter of yours was found in the dead man's pocket, and we knowby it that you had planned to pass last night at his house.""So I did."


1.  "The shoulder cut of your coat, the toes of your boots- could anyonedoubt it?"
2.  "You must have examined the house very carefully to find a singlepellet of paper."
3.  "And the ticket, too!" I cried.
4.  "Then I can wait in the next room."
5.   "Dear me! Well, it is certainly a most curious little problem. I maytake a glance at it in my leisure. By the way, it is curious thatyou should have come from Topeka. I used to have a correspondent- heis dead now- old Dr. Lysander Starr, who was mayor in 1890.""Good old Dr. Starr!" said our visitor. "His name is still honoured.Well, Mr. Holmes, I suppose all we can do is to report to you andlet you know how we progress. I reckon you will hear within a day ortwo." With this assurance our American bowed and departed.Holmes had lit his pipe, and he sat for some time with a curioussmile upon his face.
6.  "No, I expect not," said Holmes. "I think I can promise you that youwill feel even less humorous as the evening advances. Now, lookhere, Count Sylvius. I'm a busy man and I can't waste time. I'mgoing into that bedroom. Pray make yourselves quite at home in myabsence. You can explain to your friend how the matter lies withoutthe restraint of my presence. I shall try over the Hoffman 'Barcarole'upon my violin. In five minutes I shall return for your finalanswer. You quite grasp the alternative, do you not? Shall we takeyou, or shall we have the stone?"


1.  Sam Merton's slow intellect had only gradually appreciated thesituation. Now, as the sound of heavy steps came from the stairsoutside, he broke silence at last.
2.  "Tell me," I asked, as we rattled up Gray's Inn Road, "have youany suspicion yet as to the cause of the disappearance? I don'tthink that among all our cases I have known one where the motivesare more obscure. Surely you don't really imagine that he may bekidnapped in order to give information against his wealthy uncle?""I confess, my dear Watson, that that does not appeal to me as avery probable explanation. It struck me, however, as being the onewhich was most likely to interest that exceedingly unpleasant oldperson."
3.  Holmes inspected the sheet of paper.
4、  A small side door led into the whitewashed corridor from which thethree bedrooms opened. Holmes refused to examine the third chamber, sowe passed at once to the second, that in which Miss Stoner was nowsleeping, and in which her sister had met with her fate. It was ahomely little room, with a low ceiling and a gaping fireplace, afterthe fashion of old country-houses. A brown chest of drawers stood inone corner, a narrow white-counterpaned bed in another, and adressing table on the left-hand side of the window. These articles,with two small wickerwork chairs, made up all the furniture in theroom save for a square of Wilton carpet in the centre. The boardsround and the panelling of the walls were of brown, worm-eaten oak, soold and discoloured that it may have dated from the originalbuilding of the house. Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner andsat silent, while his eyes travelled round and round and up anddown, taking in every detail of the apartment.
5、  "Well" said the inspector with a grave and thoughtful face, "whoeverhe may have been, and whatever he may have wanted, he's gone for thepresent and we have more immediate things to attend to. Now, Mr.Holmes, with your permission, I will show you round the house."The various bedrooms and sitting-rooms had yielded nothing to acareful search. Apparently the tenants had brought little or nothingwith them, and all the furniture down to the smallest detail hadbeen taken over with the house. A good deal of clothing with the stampof Marx and Co., High Holborn, had been left behind. Telegraphicinquiries had been already made which showed that Marx knew nothing ofhis customer save that he was a good payer. Odds and ends, some pipes,a few novels, two of them in Spanish, an old-fashioned pinfirerevolver, and a guitar were among the personal property."Nothing in all this" said Baynes, stalking, candle in hand, fromroom to room. "But now, Mr. Holmes, I invite your attention to thekitchen."




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      "'"The butler is gone," said she.

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      The telegram which we eventually received came late one night justas I was thinking of turning in and Holmes was settling down to one ofthose all-night chemical researches which he frequently indulged in,when I would leave him stooping over a retort and a test-tube at nightand find him in the same position when I came down to breakfast in themorning. He opened the yellow envelope, and then, glancing at themessage, threw it across to me.

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       "What else should it be?"

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      "Well, we had no particular reason to make a careful examinationof the hall. Besides, it's not in a very prominent place, as you see.""No, no- of course not. I suppose there is no doubt that the markwas there yesterday?"

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    {  A moment later he was in the room. Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellorat Law, was a short, powerful man with the round, fresh,clean-shaven face characteristic of so many American men of affairs.The general effect was chubby and rather childlike, so that onereceived the impression of quite a young man with a broad set smileupon his face. His eyes, however, were arresting. Seldom in anyhuman head have I seen a pair which bespoke a more intense inwardlife, so bright were they, so alert, so responsive to every changeof thought. His accent was American, but was not accompanied by anyeccentricity of speech.

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      "Hardly on the evidence."}

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      It was a bitter night, so we drew on our ulsters and wrappedcravats about our throats. Outside, the stars were shining coldlyin a cloudless sky, and the breath of the passers-by blew out intosmoke like so many pistol shots. Our footfalls rang out crisplyand loudly as we swung through the doctors' quarter, WimpoleStreet, Harley Street, and so through Wigmore Street into OxfordStreet. In a quarter of an hour we were in Bloomsbury at theAlpha Inn, which is a small public-house at the corner of one ofthe streets which runs down into Holborn. Holmes pushed open thedoor of the private bar and ordered two glasses of beer from theruddy-faced, white-aproned landlord.

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      It was soon apparent to me that my companion's reputation as a miserwas not undeserved. he had grumbled at the expense of the journey, hadinsisted upon travelling third-class, and was now clamorous in hisobjections to the hotel bill. Next morning, when we did at last arrivein London, it was hard to say which of us was in the worse humour."You had best take Baker Street as we pass," said I. "Mr. Holmes mayhave some fresh instructions."

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       "Nothing of the sort," I said, putting my back to the door. "Anypolice interference would bring about the very catastrophe which youdread." I took out my notebook and scribbled one word upon a loosesheet. "That," said I as I handed it to Colonel Emsworth, "is what hasbrought us here."

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    {  "I fancy that he had taken steps to make that draught efficacious,and that he quite relied upon your being unconscious. Of course, Iunderstood that he would repeat the attempt whenever it could bedone with safety. Your leaving the room gave him the chance he wanted.I kept Miss Harrison in it all day so that he might not anticipate us.Then, having given him the idea that the coast was clear, I kept guardas I have described. I already knew that the papers were probably inthe room, but I had no desire to rip up all the planking andskirting in search of them. I let him take them, therefore, from thehiding-place, and so saved myself an infinity of trouble. Is there anyother point which I can make clear?"

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      "Hum! It may prove the simplest matter in the world, but all thesame at first glance this is just a little curious, is it not? Agang of burglar acting in the country might be expected to vary thescene of their operations, and not to crack two cribs in the samedistrict within a few days. When you spoke last night of takingprecautions I remember that it passed through my mind that this wasprobably the last parish in England to which the thief or thieveswould be likely to turn their attention-which shows that I havestill much to learn."