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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Didn't he come here a dozen times while I was away?"
2.  In the same house with her lived an official of one of thetheatres, Mr. Frank A. Hale, manager of the Standard, and hiswife, a pleasing-looking brunette of thirty-five. They werepeople of a sort very common in America today, who liverespectably from hand to mouth. Hale received a salary of forty-five dollars a week. His wife, quite attractive, affected thefeeling of youth, and objected to that sort of home life whichmeans the care of a house and the raising of a family. LikeDrouet and Carrie, they also occupied three rooms on the floorabove.
3.  "How are you?" he said, easily. "I could not resist thetemptation to come out this afternoon, it was so pleasant."
4.  The latter made progress along Thirteenth and across FourteenthStreet to Union Square.
5.  There were some words which passed too low to hear. Then theconversation became strong again.
6.  She went hunting aimlessly through the crowded columns. Her mindwas distracted by this man's indifference. The difficulty of thesituation she was facing was only added to by all he did. Self-commiseration brewed in her heart. Tears trembled along hereyelids but did not fall. Hurstwood noticed something.


1.  "Oh, isn't that too bad?" said Carrie.
2.  Drouet hung on, thinking he was all in all. The dinner wasspoiled by his enthusiasm. Hurstwood went home feeling as if heshould die if he did not find affectionate relief. He whispered"to-morrow" passionately to Carrie, and she understood. Hewalked away from the drummer and his prize at parting feeling asif he could slay him and not regret. Carrie also felt the miseryof it.
3.  Her words were not convincing at all. They were the result of afeeble thought that something ought to be said. He paid noattention to them whatever.
4.  She remembered that she was hungry and went to the littlecupboard in the rear room where were the remains of one of theirbreakfasts. She looked at these things with certain misgivings.The contemplation of food had more significance than usual.
5.  "That's right," said the drummer.
6.  "Rubber!" he called back as she looked after him. There wasnothing of the gallant in him.


2.  "To make it good, of course," she answered.
3.  Amid the tinsel and shine of her state walked Carrie, unhappy.As when Drouet took her, she had thought: "Now I am lifted intothat which is best"; as when Hurstwood seemingly offered her thebetter way: "Now am I happy." But since the world goes its waypast all who will not partake of its folly, she now found herselfalone. Her purse was open to him whose need was greatest. Inher walks on Broadway, she no longer thought of the elegance ofthe creatures who passed her. Had they more of that peace andbeauty which glimmered afar off, then were they to be envied.
4.  Hurstwood felt the long-range examination and recognised thetype. Instinctively he felt that the man was a detective--thathe was being watched. He hurried across, pretending not tonotice, but in his mind was a world of thoughts. What wouldhappen now? What could these people do? He began to troubleconcerning the extradition laws. He did not understand themabsolutely. Perhaps he could be arrested. Oh, if Carrie shouldfind out! Montreal was too warm for him. He began to long to beout of it.
5.   It was not long before the imbibing began to tell. Stories beganto crop up--those ever-enduring, droll stories which form themajor portion of the conversation among American men under suchcircumstances.
6.  Idleness, however, and the sight of the company, backed by thepolice, triumphing, angered the men. They saw that each day morecars were going on, each day more declarations were being made bythe company officials that the effective opposition of thestrikers was broken. This put desperate thoughts in the minds ofthe men. Peaceful methods meant, they saw, that the companieswould soon run all their cars and those who had complained wouldbe forgotten. There was nothing so helpful to the companies aspeaceful methods.All at once they blazed forth, and for a week there was storm andstress. Cars were assailed, men attacked, policemen struggledwith, tracks torn up, and shots fired, until at last streetfights and mob movements became frequent, and the city wasinvested with militia.


1.  "What is it they're going to play?"
2.  Two of the men got around quite near him, but behind his back.They were rather social, and he listened to what they said.
3.  "I don't know any one," he replied.
4、  "To Ogden Place," he said sharply. "I'll give you a dollar moreif you make good time."
5、  He took her hand, feeling in his good-natured egotism that it wasprobably lack of his presence which had made her lonely.




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      Carrie saw a light.

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      "Good," said Drouet; "fine, out o' sight! You're all rightCaddie, I tell you."

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       "I don't know. He's got a high fever."

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      "Well, we had it all right," he answered. Then he went to thedoor. "I can't pay you anything on that to-day," he said,mildly.

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    {  If anything, her efforts were more poorly rewarded on this trialthan the last. Her clothes were nothing suitable for fallwearing. Her last money she had spent for a hat. For three daysshe wandered about, utterly dispirited. The attitude of the flatwas fast becoming unbearable. She hated to think of going backthere each evening. Hanson was so cold. She knew it could notlast much longer. Shortly she would have to give up and go home.

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      The pieces of leather came from the girl at the machine to herright, and were passed on to the girl at her left. Carrie saw atonce that an average speed was necessary or the work would pileup on her and all those below would be delayed. She had no timeto look about, and bent anxiously to her task. The girls at herleft and right realised her predicament and feelings, and, in away, tried to aid her, as much as they dared, by working slower.}

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      "Aren't you afraid?" she asked.

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      "They were getting ready to print the programmes," he said, "andI gave them the name of Carrie Madenda. Was that all right?"

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       "I know her name," said the director, "but what does she do?"

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    {  "Wha--what's the matter?" said Minnie, drowsily.

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      "I thought I did," he said.