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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Any silver?"
2.  Lestrade looked startled. "I do not quite follow," he said."How is the glass? Twenty-nine, I see. No wind, and not a cloud inthe sky. I have a caseful of cigarettes here which need smoking, andthe sofa is very much superior to the usual country hotel abomination.I do not think that it is probable that I shall use the carriageto-night."
3.  "Dr. Watson has already heard of it."
4.  "What could he have wanted there?"
5.  "Not yet."
6.  "I was sleepy before you came. I am quite wakeful now.""I will compress the story as far as may be done without omittinganything vital to the case. It is conceivable that you may even haveread some account of the matter. It is the supposed murder ofColonel Barclay, of the Royal Munsters, at Aldershot, which I aminvestigating."


1.  "Bluff, Watson, bluff! When I considered the passionate,unconventional, unbusinesslike tone of his letter and contrasted itwith his self-contained manner and appearance, it was pretty clearthat there was some deep emotion which centred upon the accusedwoman rather than upon the victim. We've got to understand the exactrelations of those three people if we are to reach the truth. Yousaw the frontal attack which I made upon him, and how imperturbably hereceived it. Then I bluffed him by giving him the impression that Iwas absolutely certain, when in reality I was only extremelysuspicious."
2.  "That, also, is still obscure. But we have learned a good deal,you perceive. We know that a man stood in the road looking at thequarrel between the Barclays-the blinds were up and the roomlighted. We know, also, that he ran across the lawn, entered the room,accompanied by a strange animal, and that he either struck the colonelor, as is equally possible, that the colonel fell down from sheerfright at the sight of him, and cut his head on the corner of thefender. Finally we have the curious fact that the intruder carriedaway the key with him when he left."
3.  "That won't help us much. We've got to make up our minds what todo."
4.  "Look in here!" said Mr. Rucastle, showing me a slit between twoplanks. "Is he not a beauty?"
5.  "My dear Holmes!"
6.  "'His who is gone.'


1.  "It's nothing of the kind."
2.  "It is not cold which makes me shiver," said the woman in a lowvoice, changing her seat as requested.
3.  The two statesmen bowed and walked gravely from the room.When our illustrious visitors had departed Holmes lit his pipe insilence and sat for some time lost in the deepest thought. I hadopened the morning paper and was immersed in a sensational crime whichhad occurred in London the night before, when my friend gave anexclamation, sprang to his feet, and laid his pipe down upon themantelpiece.
4.  It is generally known now that this singular episode ended upon ahappier note than Sir Robert's actions deserved. Shoscombe Princedid win the Derby, the sporting owner did net eighty thousand poundsin bets, and the creditors did hold their hand until the race wasover, when they were paid in full, and enough was left toreestablish Sir Robert in a fair position in life. Both police andcoroner took a lenient view, of the transaction, and beyond a mildcensure for the delay in registering the lady's decease, the luckyowner got away scatheless from this strange incident in a career whichhas now outlived its shadows and promises to end in an honoured oldage.
5.   "What can it mean?" I gasped.
6.  "By supposing that your hired bullies could frighten me from mywork. Surely no man would take up my profession if it were not thatdanger attracts him. It was you, then, who forced me to examine thecase of young Maberley."


1.  "Certainly, Mr. Pycroft, certainly," the other resumed in a calmertone. "You may wait here a moment and there is no reason why yourfriends should not wait with you. I will be entirely at your servicein three minutes, if I might trespass upon your patience so far." Herose with a very courteous air, and, bowing to us, he passed outthrough a door at the farther end of the room, which he closedbehind him.
2.  "No, but this horrible man confessed to having been there, and thelascar was at the foot of the stairs."
3.  "Never better."
4、  "Ain't I a proof myself? If I stood before her and told her how heused me-"




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      "Well, sir?" asked Holmes sternly.

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      "Remarkable, is it not? But consider the facts. Is it acoincidence that it is found at the very point where the train pitchesand sways as it comes round on the points? Is not that the place wherean object upon the roof might be expected to fall off? The pointswould affect no object inside the train. Either the body fell from theroof, or a very curious coincidence has occurred. But now consider thequestion of the blood. Of course, there was no bleeding on the line ifthe body had bled elsewhere. Each fact is suggestive in itself.Together they have a cumulative force."

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       "You left your door open?"

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      "How do you know?"

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    {  "I should be delighted."

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      "Your cipher was not difficult, madam. Your presence here wasdesirable. I knew that I had only to flash "Vieni" and you wouldsurely come."}

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      I bathed his face in oil, put cotton wadding on the raw surfaces,and administered a hypodermic of morphia. All suspicion of me hadpassed from his mind in the presence of this shock, and he clung to myhands as if I might have the power even yet to clear those dead-fisheyes which gazed up at me. I could have wept over the ruin had I notremembered very clearly the vile life which had led up to so hideous achange. It was loathsome to feel the pawing of his burning hands,and I was relieved when his family surgeon, closely followed by aspecialist, came to relieve me of my charge. An inspector of policehad also arrived, and to him I handed my real card. It would have beenuseless as well as foolish to do otherwise, for I was nearly as wellknown by sight at the Yard as Holmes himself. Then I left that houseof gloom and terror. Within an hour I was at Baker Street.Holmes was seated in his familiar chair, looking very pale andexhausted. Apart from his injuries, even his iron nerves had beenshocked by the events of the evening, and he listened with horror tomy account of the Baron's transformation.

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      Mr. Bennett spoke in a tone of reproach, for it was very clearthat Holmes was not listening. His face was rigid and his eyes gazedabstractedly at the ceiling. With an effort he recovered himself."Singular! Most singular!" he murmured. "These details were new tome, Mr. Bennett. I think we have now fairly gone over the oldground, have we not? But you spoke of some fresh developments."The pleasant, open face of our visitor clouded over, shadowed bysome grim remembrance. "What I speak of occurred the night beforelast," said he. "I was lying awake about two in the morning, when Iwas aware of a dull muffled sound coming from the passage. I opened mydoor and peeped out. I should explain that the professor sleeps at theend of the passage-"

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       "Well, I think that you are in the right. Any truth is better thanindefinite doubt. We had better go up at once. Of course, legally,we are putting ourselves hopelessly in the wrong; but I think thatit is worth it."

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    {  "Here?"

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      "It is an amazing coincidence."