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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Get back into your chair!" said Holmes sternly. "It is verywell to cringe and crawl now, but you thought little enough ofthis poor Horner in the dock for a crime of which he knewnothing."
2.  "I need not say that I have confirmed it, Watson," said Holmes asI returned the paper. "Do you know anything of this man Damery?""Only that this name is a household word in society."
3.  "This gentleman, Mr. Staunton's friend, was referred to me byScotland Yard."
4.  "Were?"
5.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "'Tut, my boy, you know about figures.'


1.  "Well, he must take it as it is and chance it. There's not amoment to lose." Again, with the sense of danger which becomes aninstinct with the sportsman, he paused and looked hard at thewindow. Yes, it was surely from the street that the faint sound hadcome.
2.  Lestrade looked at his watch. "I'll give you half an hour," said he."I must explain first," said McFarlane, "that I knew nothing ofMr. Jonas Oldacre. His name was familiar to me, for many years agomy parents were acquainted with him, but they drifted apart. I wasvery much surprised therefore, when yesterday, about three o'clockin the afternoon, he walked into my office in the city. But I wasstill more astonished when he told me the object of his visit. Hehad in his hand several sheets of a notebook, covered with scribbledwriting- here they are- and he laid them on my table.
3.  "Ha! our party is complete," said Holmes, buttoning up hispea-jacket and taking his heavy hunting crop from the rack."Watson, I think you know Mr. Jones, of Scotland Yard? Let meintroduce you to Mr. Merryweather, who is to be our companion into-night's adventure."
4.  "I understand that you have something to report, Mr. Holmes?""Purely negative as yet," my friend answered. "I have inquired atevery point where it might be, and I am sure that there is no dangerto be apprehended."
5.  "Quite so," said Holmes. "Well, now, Miss Winter, if you wouldcall here to-morrow evening at five, I would consider in the meanwhilewhether your suggestion of seeing this lady personally may not bearranged. I am exceedingly obliged to you for your cooperation. I neednot say that my clients will consider liberally-"
6.  "How's that, then?"


1.  We were fortunate enough to catch an early train at Waterloo, and ina little under an hour we found ourselves among the fir-woods andthe heather of Woking. Briarbrae proved to be a large detached housestanding in extensive grounds within a few minutes' walk of thestation. On sending in our cards we were shown into an elegantlyappointed drawing-room, where we were joined in a few minutes by arather stout man who received us with much hospitality. His age mayhave been nearer forty than thirty, but his cheeks were so ruddy andhis eyes so merry that he still conveyed the impression of a plump andmischievous boy.
2.  "But at least it covers all the facts. After new facts come to ourknowledge which cannot be covered by it, it will be time enough toreconsider it. We can do nothing more until we have a message from ourfriend at Norbury."
3.  "Where does he sleep?"
4.  "Who did know of the existence of that letter?"
5.   "And it is my duty to warn Mr. Scott Eccles that it may be usedagainst him."
6.  "Our French friends seem to have touched the spot this time. Nodoubt it's just as they say. She knocked at the door- surprisevisit, I guess, for he kept his life in water-tight compartments- helet her in, couldn't keep her in the street. She told him how shehad traced him, reproached him. One thing led to another, and thenwith that dagger so handy the end soon came. It wasn't all done inan instant, though, for these chairs were all swept over yonder, andhe had one in his hand as if he had tried to hold her off with it.We've got it all clear as if we had seen it."


1.  "Oh, yes, I did. You remember in her statement she said that hersister could smell Dr. Roylott's cigar. Now, of course thatsuggested at once that there must be a communication between the tworooms. It could only be a small one, or would have been remarkedupon at the coroner's inquiry. I deduced a ventilator.""But what harm can there be in that?"
2.  "No, no, I had everything out."
3.  "I went down as I had promised. When I reached the bridge she waswaiting for me. Never did I realize till that moment how this poorcreature hated me. She was like a mad woman- indeed, I think she was amad woman, subtly mad with the deep power of deception which insanepeople may have. How else could she have met me with unconcern everyday and yet had so raging a hatred of me in her heart? I will notsay what she said. She poured her whole wild fury out in burning andhorrible words. I did not even answer- I could not. It was dreadful tosee her. I put my hands to my ears and rushed away. When I left hershe was standing, still shrieking out her curses at me, in the mouthof the bridge."
4、  "Which means, I suppose, that you are not quite clear about yourcase?"
5、  "'You don't know me?' he asked.




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      "The King of Scandinavia."

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      "He was. But now he must get off by the next boat. One or other ofus must slip round with the stone to Lime Street and tell him.""But the false bottom ain't ready."

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       "About the same."

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      "He looked very hard at me as I spoke, and it seemed to me that Ihad never seen so suspicious and questioning an eye.

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    {  1923

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      "That's it!" cried Hatherley, in intense excitement. "There is thegravel-drive, and there are the rose-bushes where I lay. That secondwindow is the one that I jumped from."}

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      "Wait a moment," said he. "Are you sure that you are really fit todiscuss things? I have given you a serious shock by my unnecessarilydramatic reappearance."

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      "Yes, sir, I do, and I am ready enough to tell what I know.""Then, pray, sit down, and let us hear it, for there are severalpoints on which I must confess that I am still in the dark.""I will soon make it clear to you," said she; "and I'd have doneso before now if I could ha' got out from the cellar. If there'spolice-court business over this, you'll remember that I was the onethat stood your friend, and that I was Miss Alice's friend too."She was never happy at home, Miss Alice wasn't, from the timethat her father married again. She was slighted like and had no say inanything, but it never really became bad for her until after she metMr. Fowler at a friend's house. As well as I could learn, Miss Alicehad rights of her own by will, but she was so quiet and patient, shewas, that she never said a word about them, but just left everythingin Mr. Rucastle's hands. He knew he was safe with her; but whenthere was a chance of a husband coming forward, who would ask forall that the law would give him, then her father thought it time toput a stop on it. He wanted her to sign a paper, so that whether shemarried or not, he could use her money. When she wouldn't do it, hekept on worrying her until she got brain-fever, and for six weekswas at death's door. Then she got better at last, all worn to ashadow, and with her beautiful hair cut off; but that didn't make nochange in her young man, and he stuck to her as true as man could be.""Ah," said Holmes, "I think that what you have been good enough totell us makes the matter fairly clear, and that I can deduce allthat remains. Mr. Rucastle then, I presume, took to this system ofimprisonment?"

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       "I can only repeat that I am sorry that we have made a needlessintrusion."

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    {  The train had already begun to move as Holmes spoke. Glancingback, I saw a tall man pushing his way furiously through the crowd,and waving his hand as if he desired to have the train stopped. It wastoo late, however, for we were rapidly gathering momentum, and aninstant later had shot clear of the station.

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      It was a long and melancholy vigil, and yet brought with itsomething of the thrill which the bunter feels when he lies beside thewater-pool, and waits for the coming of the thirsty beast of prey.What savage creature was it which might steal upon us out of thedarkness? Was it a fierce tiger of crime, which could only be takenfighting hard with flashing fang and claw, or would it prove to besome skulking jackal, dangerous only to the weak and unguarded?In absolute silence we crouched amongst the bushes, waiting forwhatever might come. At first the steps of a few belated villagers, orthe sound of voices from the village, lightened our vigil, but oneby one these interruptions died away, and an absolute stillness fellupon us, save for the chimes of the distant church, which told us ofthe progress of the night, and for the rustle and whisper of a finerain falling amid the foliage which roofed us in.