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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, I will tell you a secret."
2.  "Tired? oh, yes, tired enough -- he has done nothing thewhole of this blessed day! Four wretched fares, and twentysous over, making in all seven francs, are all that I haveearned, and I ought to take ten to the owner."
3.  "M. de Villefort," replied the doctor, with increasedvehemence, "there are occasions when I dispense with allfoolish human circumspection. If your daughter had committedonly one crime, and I saw her meditating another, I wouldsay `Warn her, punish her, let her pass the remainder of herlife in a convent, weeping and praying.' If she hadcommitted two crimes, I would say, `Here, M. de Villefort,is a poison that the prisoner is not acquainted with, -- onethat has no known antidote, quick as thought, rapid aslightning, mortal as the thunderbolt; give her that poison,recommending her soul to God, and save your honor and yourlife, for it is yours she aims at; and I can picture herapproaching your pillow with her hypocritical smiles and hersweet exhortations. Woe to you, M. de Villefort, if you donot strike first!' This is what I would say had she onlykilled two persons but she has seen three deaths, -- hascontemplated three murdered persons, -- has knelt by threecorpses! To the scaffold with the poisoner -- to thescaffold! Do you talk of your honor? Do what I tell you, andimmortality awaits you!"
4.  "Nothing is more simple. You know poisons become remedies incertain diseases, of which paralysis is one. For instance,having tried every other remedy to restore movement andspeech to M. Noirtier, I resolved to try one last means, andfor three months I have been giving him brucine; so that inthe last dose I ordered for him there were six grains. Thisquantity, which is perfectly safe to administer to theparalyzed frame of M. Noirtier, which has become graduallyaccustomed to it, would be sufficient to kill anotherperson."
5.  "And with what did you contrive to make that?" inquiredDantes.
6.  "He gave me one great proof of his sympathy, at any rate."


1.  "The symptoms are marked, do you see? -- sleep broken bynervous spasms, excitation of the brain, torpor of the nervecentres. Madame de Saint-Meran succumbed to a powerful doseof brucine or of strychnine, which by some mistake, perhaps,has been given to her." Villefort seized the doctor's hand."Oh, it is impossible," said he, "I must be dreaming! It isfrightful to hear such things from such a man as you! Tellme, I entreat you, my dear doctor, that you may bedeceived."
2.  "Only seventeen months," replied Dantes. "Oh, you do notknow what is seventeen months in prison! -- seventeen agesrather, especially to a man who, like me, had arrived at thesummit of his ambition -- to a man, who, like me, was on thepoint of marrying a woman he adored, who saw an honorablecareer opened before him, and who loses all in an instant --who sees his prospects destroyed, and is ignorant of thefate of his affianced wife, and whether his aged father bestill living! Seventeen months captivity to a sailoraccustomed to the boundless ocean, is a worse punishmentthan human crime ever merited. Have pity on me, then, andask for me, not intelligence, but a trial; not pardon, but averdict -- a trial, sir, I ask only for a trial; that,surely, cannot be denied to one who is accused!"
3.  "Why, I made a vocabulary of the words I knew; turned,returned, and arranged them, so as to enable me to expressmy thoughts through their medium. I know nearly one thousandwords, which is all that is absolutely necessary, although Ibelieve there are nearly one hundred thousand in thedictionaries. I cannot hope to be very fluent, but Icertainly should have no difficulty in explaining my wantsand wishes; and that would be quite as much as I should everrequire."
4.  "So you would rob the Count of Monte Cristo?" continued thefalse abbe.
5.  "The son has been educated in a college in the south; Ibelieve near Marseilles. You will find him quiteenthusiastic."
6.  "Simply the fact that the idea never occurred to me,"answered Dantes.


1.  "Incomprehensible is not the word," interrupted theprocureur, shrugging his shoulders. "It is an old man'scaprice."
2.  "God's justice! Speak not of it, reverend sir. If God werejust, you know how many would be punished who now escape."
3.  "He is speculating in railways," said Lord Wilmore, "and ashe is an expert chemist and physicist, he has invented a newsystem of telegraphy, which he is seeking to bring toperfection."
4.  "I will think of Maximilian!"
5.   "If they did not speak of me, I am sure they thought aboutme, and I am in despair."
6.  "How are you, sir?" asked Morrel, with a sickness of heart.


1.  "Fourteen years!" he muttered -- "Fourteen years!" repeatedthe count. "During that time he had many moments of despair.He also, Morrel, like you, considered himself the unhappiestof men."
2.  "In what year?"
3.  "Heaven pardon me," cried Edmond, falling on his kneesbefore his father.
4、  "It is no doubt the same," said he. "Did you drink some too,M. Noirtier?"
5、  "Was it Ali," asked the Count of Morcerf, "who rescued myson from the hands of bandits?"




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      "Whom do you mean by they?"

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      "Well, then, hearken to me."

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       "Oh, sir!" cried Morrel.

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      "No vampire," cried Beauchamp. "No Count of Monte Cristo"added Debray. "There is half-past ten striking, Albert."

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    {  "Do not speak so loud, young man -- don't speak so loud. Itfrequently occurs in a state prison like this, that personsare stationed outside the doors of the cells purposely tooverhear the conversation of the prisoners."

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      "I am looking at you; indeed you are adorable like that! Onewould say you were carrying me off."}

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      "What telegraph do you intend visiting? that of the homedepartment, or of the observatory?"

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      "From these rocks that I had the good luck to cling to whileour captain and the rest of the crew were all lost. I sawyour vessel, and fearful of being left to perish on thedesolate island, I swam off on a piece of wreckage to tryand intercept your course. You have saved my life, and Ithank you," continued Dantes. "I was lost when one of yoursailors caught hold of my hair."

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       "Well, then, will you do as much for me in Paris as Franzdid for you in Rome?"

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    {  "I think I may aspire to that honor," said Danglars with asmile, which reminded Monte Cristo of the sickly moons whichbad artists are so fond of daubing into their pictures ofruins. "But, while we are speaking of business," Danglarsadded, pleased to find an opportunity of changing thesubject, "tell me what I am to do for M. Cavalcanti."

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