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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Certainly." And the next moment Luigi Vampa appeared beforeDanglars.
2.  "There you are beginning again to ramble, to talk again andagain of the past! But what is the use of teasing me withgoing all over that again?"
3.  "You must know that in France they are very particular onthese points; it is not sufficient, as in Italy, to go tothe priest and say, `We love each other, and want you tomarry us.' Marriage is a civil affair in France, and inorder to marry in an orthodox manner you must have paperswhich undeniably establish your identity."
4.  "Saved," said the girl; "saved by the crew of the vesselthat has just entered the harbor." Morrel raised his twohands to heaven with an expression of resignation andsublime gratitude. "Thanks, my God," said he, "at least thoustrikest but me alone." A tear moistened the eye of thephlegmatic Englishman.
5.  "Yellow boys?" said Caderousse; "no, I thank you."
6.  "You see I am perfectly composed," said Albert.


1.  "Was there any person whose interest it was to prevent yourmarriage with Mercedes?"
2.  "Oh, decidedly, sir. He is in a very picturesque place -- doyou know the catacombs of St. Sebastian?"
3.  "I seem to myself as though living a life of bondage, yet atthe same time am so conscious of my own weakness that I fearto break the restraint in which I am held, lest I fallutterly helpless. Then, too, my father is not a person whoseorders may be infringed with impunity; protected as he is byhis high position and firmly established reputation fortalent and unswerving integrity, no one could oppose him; heis all-powerful even with the king; he would crush you at aword. Dear Maximilian, believe me when I assure you that ifI do not attempt to resist my father's commands it is moreon your account than my own."
4.  "Oh, I know what that is; the minister receives two hundredpetitions every day, and does not read three."
5.  "Not so bad," said Beauchamp; "still, I assure you, hepassed very well with many people; I saw him at theministers' houses."
6.  "Certainly," continued Monte Cristo, "I make threeassortments in fortune -- first-rate, second-rate, andthird-rate fortunes. I call those first-rate which arecomposed of treasures one possesses under one's hand, suchas mines, lands, and funded property, in such states asFrance, Austria, and England, provided these treasures andproperty form a total of about a hundred millions; I callthose second-rate fortunes, that are gained by manufacturingenterprises, joint-stock companies, viceroyalties, andprincipalities, not drawing more than 1,500,000 francs, thewhole forming a capital of about fifty millions; finally, Icall those third-rate fortunes, which are composed of afluctuating capital, dependent upon the will of others, orupon chances which a bankruptcy involves or a false telegramshakes, such as banks, speculations of the day -- in fact,all operations under the influence of greater or lessmischances, the whole bringing in a real or fictitiouscapital of about fifteen millions. I think this is aboutyour position, is it not?"


1.  "How long a delay do you wish for?" -- Morrel reflected."Two months," said he.
2.  "Nay, dear mother, say the accused person. You know wecannot yet pronounce him guilty."
3.  "Father, your coolness makes me shudder."
4.  Various rumors were afloat to the effect that the owners ofthe Pharaon had promised to attend the nuptial feast; butall seemed unanimous in doubting that an act of such rareand exceeding condescension could possibly be intended.
5.   Chapter 30The Fifth of September.
6.  "Adieu, then, sir, and do not forget the prescription."


1.  "Your mother would die of grief."
2.  "It looks more like bankruptcy!" exclaimed M. de Bovilledespairingly.
3.  Franz entered the hotel. On the staircase he met SignorPastrini. "Well?" said the landlord.
4、  "To Fontainebleau," replied Eugenie with an almost masculinevoice.
5、  "Nearly a year."




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      "`And who only needs one thing more to make him happy.'"

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      "I was reflecting, in the first place," replied Dantes,"upon the enormous degree of intelligence and ability youmust have employed to reach the high perfection to which youhave attained. What would you not have accomplished if youhad been free?"

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       "It is very natural; this island is a mass of rocks, anddoes not contain an acre of land capable of cultivation."

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      "Ah," said Beauchamp, "you doubt me? Well, you can ask myservant, or rather him who will no longer be my servantto-morrow, it was the talk of the house."

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    {  "You know this chief, then?"

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      "He is," said Monte Cristo; "when the valet de chambre camein just now, he told me of his arrival."}

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      "Did he not conduct you to the ruins of the Colosseum andsuck your blood?" asked Beauchamp.

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      "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"

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       "By circumstances?"

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    {  "The fact is, that you have inspired not only the pontificalgovernment, but also the neighboring states, with suchextreme fear, that they are glad of all opportunity ofmaking an example."

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      "Ah," murmured Caderousse, "what a strange priest you are;you drive the dying to despair, instead of consoling them."