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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "By Jove!" he cried. "You don't mean that Baynes has got him?""Apparently," said I as I read the following report:
2.  "You are trying to frighten me. It is not a very manly thing, Mr.Holmes, to come here and browbeat a woman. You say that you knowsomething. What is it that you know?"
3.  He took a revolver from the drawer and handed it to me."I have my old favourite with me. If our Wild West friend tries tolive up to his nickname, we must be ready for him. I'll give you anhour for a siesta, Watson, and then I think it will be time for ourRyder Street adventure."
4.  "It does not tell us very much, does it?" he remarked as he handedit back to me.
5.  "'For two days Rachel Howells had been so ill, sometimesdelirious, sometimes hysterical, that a nurse had been employed to situp with her at night. On the third night after Brunton'sdisappearance, the nurse, finding her patient sleeping nicely, haddropped into a nap in the armchair, when she woke in the early morningto find the bed empty, the window open, and no signs of the invalid. Iwas instantly aroused, and, with the two footmen, started off atonce in search of the missing girl. It was not difficult to tell thedirection which she had taken, for, starting from under her window, wecould follow her footmarks easily across the lawn to the edge of themere, where they vanished close to the gravel path which leads outof the grounds. The lake there is eight feet deep, and you can imagineour feelings when we saw that the trail of the poor demented girl cameto an end at the edge of it.
6.  1892


1.  "We must accept your terms, Mr. Holmes. No doubt you are right,and it is unreasonable for us to expect you to act unless we giveyou our entire confidence."
2.  "I had a little talk with old Cunningham afterwards as to themotive of the crime. He was tractable enough, though his son was aperfect demon, ready to blow out his own or anybody else's brains ifhe could have got to his revolver. When Cunningham saw that the caseagainst him was so strong he lost all heart and made a clean breast ofeverything. It seems that William had secretly followed his twomasters on the night when they made their raid upon Mr. Acton's and,having thus got them into his power, proceeded, under threats ofexposure, to levy blackmail upon them. Mr. Alec, however, was adangerous man to play games of that sort with. It was a stroke ofpositive genius on his part to see in the burglary scare which wasconvulsing the countryside an opportunity of plausibly getting ridof the man whom he feared. William was decoyed up and shot, and hadthey only got the whole of the note and paid a little more attentionto detail in their accessories, it is very possible that suspicionmight never have been aroused.
3.  "Quite true, Watson. The telegram still remains the only solid thingwith which we have to deal, and we must not permit our attention towander away from it. It is to gain light upon the purpose of thistelegram that we are now upon our way to Cambridge. The path of ourinvestigation is at present obscure, but I shall be very muchsurprised if before evening we have not cleared it up, or made aconsiderable advance along it."
4.  "It is half-past ten now."
5.  "Yes, you are quite right. Those are my sisters, Sarah and Mary.""And here at my elbow is another portrait taken at Liverpool, ofyour younger sister, in the company of a man who appears to be asteward by his uniform. I observe that she was unmarried at the time.""You are very quick at observing."
6.  "I thank your Grace. For the purposes of my investigation, I thinkthat it would be wiser for me to remain at the scene of the mystery.""Just as you like, Mr. Holmes. Any information which Mr. Wilder or Ican give you is, of course, at your disposal."


1.  "Yes, it was twisted."
2.  "Terrible! She is even more affected than I."
3.  "What is your plan, then?" asked Holmes as he walked down the darktree-lined road.
4.  "And who is Miss Marie Devine?"
5.   I had hoped that in some way I could coax my companion back into thequiet which had been the object of our journey; but one glance athis intense face and contracted eyebrows told me how vain was nowthe expectation. He sat for some little time in silence, absorbed inthe strange drama which had broken in upon our peace.
6.  "Let you have five hundred to-morrow morning."


1.  "Georgian, beyond doubt."
2.  "Need I tell you more, Jimmie? It seems that in view of theapproaching battle all these poor creatures had been evacuated the daybefore. Then, as the British advanced, they had been brought back bythis, their medical superintendent, who assured me that, though hebelieved he was immune to the disease, he would none the less neverhave dared to do what I had done. He put me in a private room, treatedme kindly, and within a week or so I was removed to the generalhospital at Pretoria.
3.  "Not particularly."
4、  "Well, if our conjecture is correct and the girl's name is or wasSophy Kratides, we should have no difficulty in tracing her. That mustbe our main hope, for the brother is, of course, a completestranger. It is clear that some time has elapsed since this Haroldestablished these relations with the girl-some weeks, at anyrate-since the brother in Greece has had time to hear of it and comeacross. If they have been living in the same place during this time,it is probable that we shall have some answer to Mycroft'sadvertisement."
5、  "Away we went then, and we drove for at least an hour. ColonelLysander Stark had said that it was only seven miles, but I shouldthink, from the rate that we seemed to go, and from the time that wetook, that it must have been nearer twelve. He sat at my side insilence all the time, and I was aware, more than once when I glancedin his direction, that he was looking at me with great intensity.The country roads seem to be not very good in that part of theworld, for we lurched and jolted terribly. I tried to look out ofthe windows to see something of where we were, but they were made offrosted glass, and I could make out nothing save the occasional brightblur of a passing light. Now and then I hazarded some remark tobreak the monotony of the journey, but the colonel answered only inmonosyllables, and the conversation soon flagged. At last, however,the bumping of the road was exchanged for the crisp smoothness of agravel-drive, and the carriage came to a stand. Colonel Lysander Starksprang out, and, as I followed after him, pushed me swiftly into aporch which gaped in front of us. We stepped, as it were, right out ofthe carriage and into the hall, so that I failed to catch the mostfleeting glance of the front of the house. The instant that I hadcrossed the threshold the door slammed heavily behind us, and Iheard faintly the rattle of the wheels as the carriage drove away."It was pitch dark inside the house, and the colonel fumbled aboutlooking for matches and muttering under his breath. Suddenly a dooropened at the other end of the passage, and a long, golden bar oflight shot out in our direction. It grew broader, and a woman appearedwith a lamp in her hand, which she held above her head, pushing herface forward and peering at us. I could see that she was pretty, andfrom the gloss with which the light shone upon her dark dress I knewthat it was a rich material. She spoke a few words in a foreign tonguein a tone as though asking a question, and when my companionanswered in a gruff monosyllable she gave such a start that the lampnearly fell from her hand. Colonel Stark went up to her, whisperedsomething in her ear, and then, pushing her back into the room fromwhence she had come, he walked towards me again with the lamp in hishand.




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      "You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.""His height I know that you might roughly judge from the length ofhis stride. His boots, too, might be told from their traces.""Yes, they were peculiar boots."

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      "Exactly," said I. "A plausible lawyer could make it out as an actof self-defence. There may be a hundred crimes in the background,but it is only on this one that they can be tried."

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       "Well, we can soon determine that. If your friend was going to hisrelative, Lord Mount-James, you have then to explain the visit of thisrough-looking fellow at so late an hour, and the agitation that wascaused by his coming."

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      "More than that. It is probable. And now you see the deadlyurgency of this new case, and why I urged young Openshaw tocaution. The blow has always fallen at the end of the time whichit would take the senders to travel the distance. But this onecomes from London, and therefore we cannot count upon delay.""Good God!" I cried. "What can it mean, this relentlesspersecution?"

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    {  .

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      "I have the ordinary knowledge of the educated medical man," heobserved with some stiffness.}

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      "As she spoke a light sprang into view at the further end of thepassage, and I saw the lean figure of Colonel Lysander Stark rushingforward with a lantern in one hand and a weapon like a butcherscleaver in the other. I rushed across the bedroom, flung open thewindow, and looked out. How quiet and sweet and wholesome the gardenlooked in the moonlight, and it could not be more than thirty feetdown. I clambered out upon the sill, but I hesitated to jump until Ishould have heard what passed between my saviour and the ruffian whopursued me. If she were ill-used, then at any risks I was determinedto go back to her assistance. The thought had hardly flashed throughmy mind before be was at the door, pushing his way past her; but shethrew her arms round him and tried to hold him back.

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      We picked up the track and followed it onward for some distance, butsoon the moor rose into a long, heather-tufted curve, and we leftthe watercourse behind us. No further help from tracks could beboped for. At the spot where we saw the last of the Dunlop tyre itmight equally have led to Holdernesse Hall, the stately towers ofwhich rose some miles to our left, or to a low, gray village which layin front of us and marked the position of the Chesterfield high road.As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign ofa game-cock above the door, Holmes gave a sudden groan, and clutchedme by the shoulder to save himself from falling. He had had one ofthose violent strains of the ankle which leave a man helpless. Withdifficulty he limped up to the door, where a squat, dark, elderlyman was smoking a black clay pipe.

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       "I cannot admire his taste," I remarked, "if it is indeed a factthat he was averse to a marriage with so charming a young lady as thisMiss Turner."

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    {  "At least we may accept it as a working hypothesis. We will suppose,then, that something was burned in each case which produced anatmosphere causing strange toxic effects. Very good. In the firstinstance- that of the Tregennis family- this substance was placed inthe fire. Now the window was shut, but the fire would naturallycarry fumes to some extent up the chimney. Hence one would expectthe effects of the poison to be less than in the second case, wherethere was less escape for the vapour. The result seems to indicatethat it was so, since in the first case only the woman, who hadpresumably the more sensitive organism, was killed, the othersexhibiting that temporary or permanent lunacy which is evidently thefirst effect of the drug. In the second case the result wascomplete. The facts, therefore, seem to bear out the theory of apoison which worked by combustion.

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      The veins stood out on the Count's forehead. His dark, hairy handswere clenched in a convulsion of restrained emotion. He tried tospeak, but the words would not shape themselves.