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1.   'Miss Temple is full of goodness; it pains her to be severe toany one, even the worst in the school: she sees my errors, and tellsme of them gently; and if I do anything worthy of praise, she gives memy meed liberally. One strong proof of my wretchedly defectivenature is, that even her expostulations, so mild, so rational, have noinfluence to cure me of my faults; and even her praise, though I valueit most highly, cannot stimulate me to continued care and foresight.'
2.   But, not for long. Presently, the chateau began to make itself strangely visible by some light of its own, as though it were growing luminous. Then, a flickering streak played behind the architecture of the front, picking out transparent places, and showing where balustrades, arches, and windows were. Then it soared higher, and grew broader and brighter. Soon, from a score of the great windows, flames burst forth, and the stone faces awakened, stared out of fire.
3. 当然,集团公司必须给省公司充分授权。
4. 民警:这驾驶证一看就是假的,这是假的,打印的字不对,你这字打印的还不如我家里打印的字。
5. 从透明胶带、便利贴,到录音磁带、投影系统,甚至是高速公路上的反光标识、滑雪服里的保温材料,无不源自3M的发明。
6. 方术是古代方士所行之术,是从巫术中分化出来的。春秋战国时期,巫的社会政治地位下降,逐渐从官府散向民间。一些巫祝为了满足人们祈福禳灾的愿望,由专于搞祭祷诅咒之术转为专于搞烧炼服气和神仙之方,以求得长生不老的仙术。这样,就从巫祝中分化出了方士,从巫术中分化出了方术。


1. 赵燕告诉《中国慈善家》,即便每天都能收到不少捐赠,但她对这3000副手套印象尤其深刻,很快就送到了。
2. 原标题:京东零售CEO徐雷复盘绝地求生这一年无论在京东内部,还是在职业经理人这个物种中,徐雷都显得独特。
3. 但是,大盘的留存会受很多因素的影响。
4. 软文很多人对此并不陌生,对于站长来说,写原创性的文章时需要具备的,但真正能写好一篇营销性的软文还是有学问的。
5.   The nobleman's reply was interrupted by his secretary, who brokein with some heat.
6. 近日,赵女士来到厦门大学附属心血管病医院复诊。


1. 首先,一个流程的「设计」必须具体明确,否则执行流程的人不知道要做什么事,或是什么时候做。
2.   I returned to the window and fetched it thence.
3. 对于中国目前所面对的困境,现在流行的有两种解释。一种是从发展角度提出的解释,即所谓“中等收入陷阱”;另一种是从改革或制度角度提出的解释,即认为是改革处于停滞甚或倒退状态。我们认为,我们现在最需要警惕的既不是中等收入陷阱,甚至也不是简单的改革停滞或倒退,尽管这两个问题也是存在而且需要加以关注的,我们现在真正需要警惕的是另一种可能性,即陷入转型陷阱。
4. 据预测,未来5年数智物流持续发展,将至少创造数十万个新就业岗位。
5. 对工具的整合性,也比较突出。
6. 当今巨头公司阿里、京东、新东方等公司都曾经历过非典的艰难时刻。


1.   Sunday passed with equal doubts, worries, assurances, and heavenknows what vagaries of mind and spirit. Every half-hour in theday the thought would come to her most sharply, like the tail ofa swishing whip, that action--immediate action--was imperative.At other times she would look about her and assure herself thatthings were not so bad--that certainly she would come out safeand sound. At such times she would think of Drouet's adviceabout going on the stage, and saw some chance for herself in thatquarter. She decided to take up that opportunity on the morrow.
2. 2000年1月30日,广深高速公路深圳机场路段,香妃的扮演者刘丹遭遇车祸不幸身亡,年仅25岁。
3. 我们会自行隔离到疫情稳定为止。
4. So here are the main items to take into consideration if you’re trying to develop a business platform. These elements constitute will support a smart strategy for any new enterprise:
5.   Nothing would induce him to speak more. He looked up, for an instant at a time, when he was requested to do so; but, no persuasion would extract a word from him. He worked, and worked, and worked, in silence, and words fell on him as they would have fallen on an echoless wall, or on the air. The only ray of hope that Mr. Lorry could discover, was, that he sometimes furtively looked up without being asked. In that, there seemed a faint expression of curiosity or perplexity--as though he were trying to reconcile some doubts in his mind.
6. 我们的眼光要放远一点。


1.   "Well, you can't get out of Canada with it," said the man.
2. 现在大多数线下企业看待线上,可能会有两种思路:第一,会觉得线上太厉害了,整个中国最性感的生意都是线上的生意。
3.   Thus did he speak, and his words set them all a weeping. Helen wept,Telemachus wept, and so did Menelaus, nor could Pisistratus keep hiseyes from filling, when he remembered his dear brother Antilochus whomthe son of bright Dawn had killed. Thereon he said to Menelaus,

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      And the four friends quit the room, leaving to Planchet andFourreau the duty of paying mortuary honors to Brisemont.The host gave them another chamber, and served them withfresh eggs and some water, which Athos went himself to drawat the fountain. In a few words, Porthos and Aramis wereposted as to the situation.

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