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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Madame," replied Monte Cristo gravely, and gazing earnestlyon the two liquid pearls that trickled down Julie's cheeks,"had Lord Wilmore seen what I now see, he would becomeattached to life, for the tears you shed would reconcile himto mankind;" and he held out his hand to Julie, who gave himhers, carried away by the look and accent of the count."But," continued she, "Lord Wilmore had a family or friends,he must have known some one, can we not -- "
2.  "Yes, sir; indeed, the jailer Antoine told me one connectedwith this very dungeon."
3.  "Well, then," said Dantes, "What shall you teach me first? Iam in a hurry to begin. I want to learn."
4.  "Not their application, certainly, but their principles youmay; to learn is not to know; there are the learners and thelearned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the other."
5.  "Dearest," exclaimed Valentine, with her adorable smile,"awake, and look at me!" Morrel uttered a loud exclamation,and frantic, doubtful, dazzled, as though by a celestialvision, he fell upon his knees.
6.  "You think to reassure me when you say that, Maximilian."


1.  "`"Sir," said the president, rising with gravity, "becareful what you say; your words clearly show us that theyare deceived concerning you in the Island of Elba, and havedeceived us! The communication has been made to you inconsequence of the confidence placed in you, and which doesyou honor. Now we discover our error; a title and promotionattach you to the government we wish to overturn. We willnot constrain you to help us; we enroll no one against hisconscience, but we will compel you to act generously, evenif you are not disposed to do so."
2.  The young man stopped suddenly, looked around him, andperceived Caderousse sitting at table with Danglars, underan arbor.
3.  "There is no great merit due to me, for we were informed ofit."
4.  "Yes, yes, yes," signed the paralytic, casting on Valentinea look of joyful gratitude for having guessed his meaning.
5.  "This is where the mad abbe was kept, sir, and that is wherethe young man entered; "and the guide pointed to theopening, which had remained unclosed. "From the appearanceof the stone," he continued, "a learned gentleman discoveredthat the prisoners might have communicated together for tenyears. Poor things! Those must have been ten weary years."
6.  "But shutters?"


1.  "No; for your skill with the sword is so well known."
2.  "The mission with which I am charged, sir," replied thevisitor, speaking with hesitation, "is a confidential one onthe part of him who fulfils it, and him by whom he isemployed." The abbe bowed. "Your probity," replied thestranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes asa magistrate to ascertain from you some particularsconnected with the public safety, to ascertain which I amdeputed to see you. It is hoped that no ties of friendshipor humane consideration will induce you to conceal thetruth."
3.  "So," said Andrea, "you are speculating upon me?"
4.  "You are right; and now I wish to see him on an affair ofgreat importance. Do you think it will be long before hecomes in?"
5.   "No, no, my dear Edmond -- my boy -- my son! -- no; but Idid not expect you; and joy, the surprise of seeing you sosuddenly -- Ah, I feel as if I were going to die."
6.  "But you, my poor child?"


1.  The man, hearing nothing more, stood erect, and while MonteCristo was completing his disguise had advanced straight tothe secretary, whose lock was beginning to crack under hisnightingale.
2.  Dantes took the lamp, placed it on a projecting stone abovethe bed, whence its tremulous light fell with strange andfantastic ray on the distorted countenance and motionless,stiffened body. With steady gaze he awaited confidently themoment for administering the restorative.
3.  "`Ah,' said he. `I guess what brings you here.'
4、  "No," replied he; "I will not be caught like a fool at afirst disclosure by a rendezvous under the clock, as theysay at the opera-balls. If the fair peasant wishes to carrymatters any further, we shall find her, or rather, she willfind us to-morrow; then she will give me some sign or other,and I shall know what I have to do."
5、  "What do you mean? -- of whom do you speak? Was it theEnglishman who carried off 3,000 crowns from here the otherday?"




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      "That alters the case. This man might, after all, be agreater scoundrel than you have thought possible."

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      "Do your excellencies still wish for a carriage from now toSunday morning?"

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       "What is it you want, dear grandpapa?" said Valentine, andshe endeavored to recall to mind all the things which hewould be likely to need; and as the ideas presentedthemselves to her mind, she repeated them aloud, then, --finding that all her efforts elicited nothing but a constant"No," -- she said, "Come, since this plan does not answer, Iwill have recourse to another." She then recited all theletters of the alphabet from A down to N. When she arrivedat that letter the paralytic made her understand that shehad spoken the initial letter of the thing he wanted. "Ah,"said Valentine, "the thing you desire begins with the letterN; it is with N that we have to do, then. Well, let me see,what can you want that begins with N? Na -- Ne -- Ni -- No"--

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      "I am."

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    {  A peculiar smile passed over Dantes' lips; he squeezedJacopo's hand warmly, but nothing could shake hisdetermination to remain -- and remain alone. The smugglersleft with Edmond what he had requested and set sail, but notwithout turning about several times, and each time makingsigns of a cordial farewell, to which Edmond replied withhis hand only, as if he could not move the rest of his body.Then, when they had disappeared, he said with a smile, --"'Tis strange that it should be among such men that we findproofs of friendship and devotion." Then he dragged himselfcautiously to the top of a rock, from which he had a fullview of the sea, and thence he saw the tartan complete herpreparations for sailing, weigh anchor, and, balancingherself as gracefully as a water-fowl ere it takes to thewing, set sail. At the end of an hour she was completely outof sight; at least, it was impossible for the wounded man tosee her any longer from the spot where he was. Then Dantesrose more agile and light than the kid among the myrtles andshrubs of these wild rocks, took his gun in one hand, hispickaxe in the other, and hastened towards the rock on whichthe marks he had noted terminated. "And now," he exclaimed,remembering the tale of the Arabian fisherman, which Fariahad related to him, "now, open sesame!"

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      "Yes, here I am," said the young man, "with a promisingfuture and a little money. Here, father, here!" he said,"take this -- take it, and send for something immediately."And he emptied his pockets on the table, the contentsconsisting of a dozen gold pieces, five or six five-francpieces, and some smaller coin. The countenance of old Dantesbrightened.}

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      "My lord will remember that the lodge is at a distance fromthe house."

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      "That is another thing: he was recommended to me by a goodabbe, who may be deceived. Give him a direct invitation, butdo not ask me to present him. If he were afterwards to marryMademoiselle Danglars, you would accuse me of intrigue, andwould be challenging me, -- besides, I may not be theremyself."

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       "I am at your service, and still more my servants."

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    {  "Judge for yourself, Signor Aladdin -- judge, but do notconfine yourself to one trial. Like everything else, we musthabituate the senses to a fresh impression, gentle orviolent, sad or joyous. There is a struggle in natureagainst this divine substance, -- in nature which is notmade for joy and clings to pain. Nature subdued must yieldin the combat, the dream must succeed to reality, and thenthe dream reigns supreme, then the dream becomes life, andlife becomes the dream. But what changes occur! It is onlyby comparing the pains of actual being with the joys of theassumed existence, that you would desire to live no longer,but to dream thus forever. When you return to this mundanesphere from your visionary world, you would seem to leave aNeapolitan spring for a Lapland winter -- to quit paradisefor earth -- heaven for hell! Taste the hashish, guest ofmine -- taste the hashish."

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      "What a splendid business that last case of yours was, mydear Villefort!" remarked a third; "I mean the trial of theman for murdering his father. Upon my word, you killed himere the executioner had laid his hand upon him."