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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Yes, yes, I!' replied he.
2.  "To the health of the king, monsieur; I was going to drink asmall glass of it if Fourreau had not told me I was called.""Alas!" said Fourreau, whose teeth chattered with terror,"I wanted to get him out of the way that I might drink myself.""Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, addressing the Guardsmen, "youmay easily comprehend that such a feast can only be verydull after what has taken place; so accept my excuses, andput off the party till another day, I beg of you."The two Guardsmen courteously accepted D'Artagnan's excuses,and perceiving that the four friends desired to be alone,retired.
3.  "It's worth eighty. Take it, and there ends the matter.""What," cried Athos, "are you selling my horse--my Bajazet? Andpray upon what shall I make my campaign; upon Grimaud?""I have brought you another," said D'Artagnan.
4.  "You have, then, overheard our conversation?" asked Mme.Bonacieux, eagerly, and looking at D'Artagnan with disquiet."The whole?"
5.  "In the first place, there is a little intrigante namedBonacieux."
6.  "And upon what then must I live? I have nothing but memory. Itis my happiness, my treasure, my hope. Every time I see you is afresh diamond which I enclose in the casket of my heart. Thisis the fourth which you have let fall and I have picked up; forin three years, madame, I have only seen you four times--thefirst, which I have described to you; the second, at the mansionof Madame de Chevreuse; the third, in the gardens of Amiens.""Duke," said the queen, blushing, "never speak of that evening.""Oh, let us speak of it; on the contrary, let us speak of it!That is the most happy and brilliant evening of my life! Youremember what a beautiful night it was? How soft and perfumedwas the air; how lovely the blue heavens and star-enameled sky!Ah, then, madame, I was able for one instant to be alone withyou. Then you were about to tell me all--the isolation of yourlife, the griefs of your heart. You leaned upon my arm--uponthis, madame! I felt, in bending my head toward you, yourbeautiful hair touch my cheek; and every time that it touched meI trembled from head to foot. Oh, Queen! Queen! You do notknow what felicity from heaven, what joys from paradise, arecomprised in a moment like that. Take my wealth, my fortune, myglory, all the days I have to live, for such an instant, for anight like that. For that night, madame, that night you lovedme, I will swear it."


1.  The three Musketeers bowed to the necks of their horses."Well, upon my honor," said Athos, "your Eminence is rightin taking us with you; we have seen several ill-lookingfaces on the road, and we have even had a quarrel at the RedDovecot with four of those faces."
2.  D'Artagnan looked at the two women, one after the other, andwas forced to acknowledge that in his opinion Dame Naturehad made a mistake in their formation. To the great ladyshe had given a heart vile and venal; to the SOUBRETTE shehad given the heart of a duchess.
3.  "As you please, Madame Bonacieux," said the ex-mercer. "Shall Isee you again soon?"
4.  "You would be all the wiser," said Athos.
5.  "At all events," said Milady, seriously, "he has deceivedme, and from the moment he deceived me, he merited death.""He shall die, then, since you condemn him!" saidD'Artagnan, in so firm a tone that it appeared to Milady anundoubted proof of devotion. This reassured her.We cannot say how long the night seemed to Milady, butD'Artagnan believed it to be hardly two hours before thedaylight peeped through the window blinds, and invaded thechamber with its paleness. Seeing D'Artagnan about to leaveher, Milady recalled his promise to avenge her on the Comtede Wardes.
6.  "Oh, yes; that is indispensable. Two words from the hand of yourMajesty and your private seal."


1.  "Call Mr. Felton," said he. "Wait a minute longer, and I willintroduce him to you."
2.  "Well; now will you return with me?"
3.  "For all this," continued Milady, "I should long ago haverevenged myself on him if, and I don't know why, thecardinal had not requested me to conciliate him.""Oh, yes; but Madame has not conciliated that little womanhe was so fond of."
4.  "You believed me to be dead, did you not, as I believed youto be? And the name of Athos as well concealed the Comte dela Fere, as the name Milady Clarik concealed Anne de Breuil.Was it not so you were called when your honored brothermarried us? Our position is truly a strange one," continuedAthos, laughing. "We have only lived up to the present timebecause we believed each other dead, and because aremembrance is less oppressive than a living creature,though a remembrance is sometimes devouring."
5.   "Gentlemen," continued the stranger, "since you do not recognize a manwho probably owes his life to you twice, I must name myself. I am Lordde Winter, brother-in-law of THAT WOMAN."
6.  "Because I am not willing to die!" cried Milady, struggling. "BecauseI am too young to die!"


1.  "Eight days, my Lord."
2.  "Alas, monseigneur!" replied the young man, "very easily, nodoubt, for they are strong and well supported, while I amalone."
3.  "Your wound?"
4、  "Pardon me, monseigneur, for saying such things, but they form myexcuse. The authorities had terrified me, and you know that aninnkeeper must keep on good terms with the authorities.""But once again, that gentleman-where is he? What has become ofhim? Is he dead? Is he living?"
5、  "This is serious," answered the three friends; "it is a familyaffair. It is with valets as with wives, they must be placed atonce upon the footing in which you wish them to remain. Reflectupon it."




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      His whole body appeared in its ordinary state of calmness, only anunusual fire beamed from his eyes, like the effects of a fever; his browwas more pale than it generally was; his teeth were clenched, and hisspeech had a short dry accent which indicated that something dark was atwork within him.

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       "So that now it is no longer hatred, but vengeance.""Indeed!"

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      "No," cried Porthos; "there go three or four, limping away."In fact, three or four of these unfortunate men, coveredwith dirt and blood, fled along the hollow way, and atlength regained the city. These were all who were left ofthe little troop.

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    {  "Never mind; if his mistress abandons him, he will find friends,I will answer for it. So, my dear host, be not uneasy, andcontinue to take all the care of him that his situationrequires."

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      Once there, for greater security, the young man barricaded thedoor. They both approached the window, and through a slit in theshutter they saw Bonacieux talking with a man in a cloak.At sight of this man, D'Artagnan started, and half drawing hissword, sprang toward the door.}

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      "Which you will guard, I hope, young man, as your life.""But which I must impart to you, monsieur, for you alone canassist me in the mission I have just received from her Majesty.""Is this secret your own?"

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      No time was to be lost. D'Artagnan sprang up with a bound,and at the same instant the ball from the other musket toreup the gravel on the very spot on the road where he hadthrown himself with his face to the ground.

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       "But when you held her in your power, why did you not drownher, strangle her, hang her?" said Porthos. "It is only thedead who do not return."

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    {  "The devil!" said Athos. "I would propose to you to stakePlanchet, but as that has already been done, the Englishman wouldnot, perhaps, be willing."

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      "Ah, ah!" said he, "what does this mean?"