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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Mark her well! That's Lilith.
2.  To strange conceits oft I myself must own, But impulse such as this I ne'erhave known: Nor woods, nor fields, can long our thoughts engage, Theirwings I envy not the feather'd kind; Far otherwise the pleasures of the mind,Bear us from book to book, from page to page! Then winter nights growcheerful; keen delight Warms every limb; and ah! when we unroll Some oldand precious parchment, at the sight All heaven itself descends upon the soul.Faust
3.  Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, (The Heavenly Host).Mephistopheles.
4.  Would you could better occupy your leisure, Than in disturbing thus my hoursof joy.
5.  Once in a cellar lived a rat, He feasted there on butter, Until his paunchbecame as fat As that of Doctor Luther. The cook laid poison for the guest,Then was his heart with pangs oppress'd, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus (shouting)
6.  Why not?


1.  Gone to carouse, Out of the house, Thro' the chimney and away!Mephistopheles
2.  Sancta simplicitas! For that no need! Without much knowledge we have butto swear.
3.  Spirit of contradiction! Lead! I'll follow straight! 'Twas wisely done, however,to repair On May - night to the Brocken, and when there By our own choiceourselves to isolate!
4.  Such be the fate of every flea!
5.  And you?
6.  Depart! elsewhere another servant choose What! shall the bard his godlikepower abuse? Man's loftiest right, kind nature's high bequest, For your meanpurpose basely sport away? Whence comes his mastery o'er the humanbreast, Whence o'er the elements his sway, But from the harmony that,gushing from his soul, Draws back into his heart the wondrous whole? Withcareless hand when round her spindle, Nature Winds the interminable threadof life; When 'mid the clash of Being every creature Mingles in harshinextricable strife; Who deals their course unvaried till it falleth, In rhythmicflow to music's measur'd tone? Each solitary note whose genius calleth, Toswell the mighty choir in unison? Who in the raging storm sees passionlow'ring? Or flush of earnest thought in evening's glow? Who every blossom insweet spring - time flowering Along the loved one's path would strow? Who,Nature's green familiar leaves entwining, Wreathe's glory's garland, won onevery field? Makes sure Olympus, heavenly powers combining? Man's mightyspirit, in the bard reveal'd!


1.  (He seizes Siebel by the nose. The others reciprocally do the same, and raisetheir knives.)
2.  Happy the man around whose brow he binds The bloodstain'd wreath inconquest's dazzling hour; Or whom, excited by the dance, he finds Dissolv'din bliss, in love's delicious bower! O that before the lofty spirit's might,Enraptured, I had rendered up my soul!
3.  Hearken! The end I aim at is not joy; I crave excitement, agonizing bliss,Enamour'd hatred, quickening vexation. Purg'd from the love of knowledge,my vocation, The scope of all my powers henceforth be this, To bare mybreast to every pang, - to know In my heart's core all human weal and woe,To grasp in thought the lofty and the deep, Men's various fortunes on mybreast to heap, And thus to theirs dilate my individual mind, And share atlength with them the shipwreck of mankind.
4.  Siebel
5.   My little ones these spirits be. Hark! with shrewd intelligence, How theyrecommend to thee Action, and the joys of sense! In the busy world to dwell,Fain they would allure thee hence: For within this lonely cell, Stagnate sap oflife and sense.
6.  My heart and soul are in the chase! Though to be sure I fain would seize, Onpleasant summer holidays, A little liberty and careless ease.Mephistopheles


1.  Chorus
2.  They, as it seems, stand well with you!
3.  Mephistopheles
4、  (braiding and binding up her hair)
5、  I would entreat you longer yet to stay; But 'tis a wicked place, just hereabout; It is as if the folk had nothing else to do, Nothing to think of too, Butgaping watch their neighbours, who goes in and out; And scandal's busy still,do whatsoe'er one may. And our young couple?




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      Come with us, come with us from Felsensee.

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      The Monkeys

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       But recently I've quitted home, Full of devotion am I come A man to knowand hear, whose name With reverence is known to fame.Mephistopheles

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      Mephistopheles (to Brander)

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    {  It so o'ermasters me, that when, Or wheresoe'er, his step I hear, I almostthink, no more I love thee then. Besides, when he is near, I ne'er could pray.This eats into my heart; with thee The same, my Henry, it must be.Faust

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      How him alone all hope abandons never, To empty trash who clings, with zealuntired, With greed for treasure gropes, and, joy - inspir'd, Exults if earth -worms second his endeavour.

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    {  Faust

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      And she to him. 'Tis of the world the way!