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1. 为乘客提供数千万元春节福利。
2.   "There is myself," replied Milady.
3. "Why yes. The children play about, and the mother has charge of it all. There are servants, of course."
4.   "I did not mean at once," he returned. "Any time will do. Wouldthis afternoon be inconvenient?"
5.   "Nevertheless, sir, you see I have answered your firstappeal, although certainly the conversation must be muchmore painful for me than for you." Villefort smiledbitterly.
6. 比如,送礼就送脑白金——这就是规范命题逻辑下的广告。


1. 我也是在学习的过程当中。
2. 煊煊当场被砍了3刀,头部受伤流血,5天后,经抢救无效死亡。
3. 但事与愿违,1260年,蒙古人在巴勒斯坦阿因扎鲁特(缴利亚发源地)的决定性的战斗中,被埃及马穆鲁克军队击败。蒙古人的清退,挽救了埃及和伊斯兰教世界。这次失败显然给迷信的蒙古人心中留下了深刻的印象,使他们确信穆斯林的安拉具有更大的力量,从而促使他们皈依伊斯兰教。结果,不但没有消灭伊斯兰教,反而使中东和中亚地区的蒙古人最终皈依了伊斯兰教,最东部的蒙古人皈依了佛教(有关这些战役的详情,见第十四章第四节)。
4. “海尔是海。”
5. 然而,早在2009年真维斯就开始进军电子商务渠道,在同行当中算得上佼佼者,GAP、美邦、森马直到2011年前后才触网。
6. 入校参观不收取任何费用。


1. 9岁的小女儿后来问我,妈妈,这些医护人员手上拿着暖宝宝,但看起来还是很冷,他们站了一整天吗?我对女儿说,这些医护人员不仅仅是冒着寒冷在坚持工作,他们面对的是对未知的危险,还有更多的医生和护士在一线抗疫,这些医护人员舍己为人,是最值得我们尊敬的人。
2. 但是,早在决策的时候,损失就已经造成了,只是现在才显露出来而已。既然不能继续冷战、不能继续讲科网故事、不能让国有企业扭亏,那么资源和人力的调整就是有益的。造成损失的是当初的决策,而不是现在的调整,现在的调整只是在为将来的收益做铺垫。记住,虽然调节是好的,但经济发展将会放缓。
3. 物流公司:有货源,司机们自己不愿拉面对上门讨说法的货车司机,华辉铭车公司一位工作人员称,华辉铭车是汽车销售公司,和越飞物流公司是合作关系,物流公司有这个保底2.8万元的项目,我们跟他们招募司机,到他那里去拉货,我们也相当于一个中介。
4.   I did not venture to controvert this opinion, but I made a good supper, which it greatly satisfied her to see me do. When the table was cleared, Janet assisted her to arrange her hair, to put on her nightcap, which was of a smarter construction than usual ('in case of fire', my aunt said), and to fold her gown back over her knees, these being her usual preparations for warming herself before going to bed. I then made her, according to certain established regulations from which no deviation, however slight, could ever be permitted, a glass of hot wine and water, and a slice of toast cut into long thin strips. With these accompaniments we were left alone to finish the evening, my aunt sitting opposite to me drinking her wine and water; soaking her strips of toast in it, one by one, before eating them; and looking benignantly on me, from among the borders of her nightcap.
5.   "I will tell you everything," answered Ulysses, "quite truly. I comefrom Alybas, where I have a fine house. I am son of king Apheidas, whois the son of Polypemon. My own name is Eperitus; heaven drove meoff my course as I was leaving Sicania, and I have been carried hereagainst my will. As for my ship it is lying over yonder, off theopen country outside the town, and this is the fifth year sinceUlysses left my country. Poor fellow, yet the omens were good forhim when he left me. The birds all flew on our right hands, and bothhe and I rejoiced to see them as we parted, for we had every hope thatwe should have another friendly meeting and exchange presents."
6.   `You think so?' said Mr. Stryver. `Well! you have been present all day,, and you ought to know. You are a man of business, too.


1. 这些年来,斯台普斯中心曾为迈克尔·杰克逊和尼普西·哈塞尔举行过追悼会。
2. 我们的美国孩子有时抱怨被迫外出就餐。
3. (各领域关闭名单详见报告第四部分)如果把时间播回到三年前,电子商务、O2O、社交、企业服务都正是资本的新宠,经历了36个月的“补贴——烧钱——数据——融资”循环,卡位已经基本形成,市场最终只容得下头部的几家公司。
4.   Their eyes met. His had a cold, ugly look of dislike and contempt, and indifference to what would happen. Hers were hot with rebuff.
5. 经查,南京应用技术学校于2015年租用南京东方文理专修学院校舍办学,在未报有关部门同意和奋案的情况下,与南京东方文理专修学院签订了合作办学协议。
6. 但是这并没有中断张某的财路,虽然他无法离开合肥,但是他的生意却没有停止,这期间他多次通过萍萍从东东处购买大量毒品向合肥的下线毒贩人员韩某、张某等多人贩卖。


1. 这些未成年人往往装扮成学生模样甚至背着书包,尾随业主混入小区,使一些中高档小区严格的保安盘查防不胜防。
2. 王兴的校内网被人人网收购之后,王兴在人人呆了一年之后也选择了离开。
3.   `I suppose I may as well stay the night,' said Hilda, pulling off her gloves, `and I'll drive her to town tomorrow.'

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