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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you think you can help me, dear grandpapa?" saidValentine.
2.  "But you will not make me your confidant, Maximilian?" saidthe count, in a tone which showed how gladly he would havebeen admitted to the secret.
3.  "On Saturday."
4.  "You have not seen all yet," continued Faria, "for I did notthink it wise to trust all my treasures in the samehiding-place. Let us shut this one up." They put the stoneback in its place; the abbe sprinkled a little dust over itto conceal the traces of its having been removed, rubbed hisfoot well on it to make it assume the same appearance as theother, and then, going towards his bed, he removed it fromthe spot it stood in. Behind the head of the bed, andconcealed by a stone fitting in so closely as to defy allsuspicion, was a hollow space, and in this space a ladder ofcords between twenty-five and thirty feet in length. Dantesclosely and eagerly examined it; he found it firm, solid,and compact enough to bear any weight.
5.  "Ah, Beauchamp, I see you know something already; you willrestore me to life."
6.  The extension provided for by the agent of Thomson & French,at the moment when Morrel expected it least, was to the poorshipowner so decided a stroke of good fortune that he almostdared to believe that fate was at length grown weary ofwasting her spite upon him. The same day he told his wife,Emmanuel, and his daughter all that had occurred; and a rayof hope, if not of tranquillity, returned to the family.Unfortunately, however, Morrel had not only engagements withthe house of Thomson & French, who had shown themselves soconsiderate towards him; and, as he had said, in business hehad correspondents, and not friends. When he thought thematter over, he could by no means account for this generousconduct on the part of Thomson & French towards him; andcould only attribute it to some such selfish argument asthis: -- "We had better help a man who owes us nearly300,000 francs, and have those 300,000 francs at the end ofthree months than hasten his ruin, and get only six or eightper cent of our money back again." Unfortunately, whetherthrough envy or stupidity, all Morrel's correspondents didnot take this view; and some even came to a contrarydecision. The bills signed by Morrel were presented at hisoffice with scrupulous exactitude, and, thanks to the delaygranted by the Englishman, were paid by Cocles with equalpunctuality. Cocles thus remained in his accustomedtranquillity. It was Morrel alone who remembered with alarm,that if he had to repay on the 15th the 50,000 francs of M.de Boville, and on the 30th the 32,500 francs of bills, forwhich, as well as the debt due to the inspector of prisons,he had time granted, he must be a ruined man.


1.  "Those at the side?"
2.  "Pray do so."
3.  "I am ready, my son," said Mercedes. Albert ran to fetch acarriage. He recollected that there was a small furnishedhouse to let in the Rue de Saints Peres, where his motherwould find a humble but decent lodging, and thither heintended conducting the countess. As the carriage stopped atthe door, and Albert was alighting, a man approached andgave him a letter. Albert recognized the bearer. "From thecount," said Bertuccio. Albert took the letter, opened, andread it, then looked round for Bertuccio, but he was gone.He returned to Mercedes with tears in his eyes and heavingbreast, and without uttering a word he gave her the letter.Mercedes read: --
4.  "Well, what would you have me do?" said the major.
5.  "You think this house pretty, do you not?"
6.  "Has your resolution changed, Valentine?"


1.  At last, with a horrible splash, he darted like an arrowinto the ice-cold water, and as he did so he uttered ashrill cry, stifled in a moment by his immersion beneath thewaves.
2.  "Yes," replied Maximilian, "an Englishman, who representedhimself as the confidential clerk of the house of Thomson &French, at Rome. It was this that made me start when yousaid the other day, at M. de Morcerf's, that Messrs. Thomson& French were your bankers. That happened, as I told you, in1829. For God's sake, tell me, did you know thisEnglishman?"
3.  "`Yes, sir.' -- `Who is it?' -- `A woman, accompanied by aservant.' Every one looked at his neighbor. `Bring her in,'said the president. Five minutes after the door-keeper againappeared; all eyes were fixed on the door, and I," saidBeauchamp, "shared the general expectation and anxiety.Behind the door-keeper walked a woman enveloped in a largeveil, which completely concealed her. It was evident, fromher figure and the perfumes she had about her, that she wasyoung and fastidious in her tastes, but that was all. Thepresident requested her to throw aside her veil, and it wasthen seen that she was dressed in the Grecian costume, andwas remarkably beautiful."
4.  "It is usual, certainly; but Cavalcanti is an original whodoes nothing like other people. I cannot help thinking thathe has brought his son to France to choose a wife."
5.   "You are my own darling child, Valentine! I alone can saveyou, and I will." Valentine in the extremity of her terrorjoined her hands, -- for she felt that the moment hadarrived to ask for courage, -- and began to pray, and whileuttering little more than incoherent words, she forgot thather white shoulders had no other covering than her longhair, and that the pulsations of her heart could he seenthrough the lace of her nightdress. Monte Cristo gently laidhis hand on the young girl's arm, drew the velvet coverletclose to her throat, and said with a paternal smile, -- "Mychild, believe in my devotion to you as you believe in thegoodness of providence and the love of Maximilian."
6.  "How so?"


1.  "Ah, you are there," said she, at length, turning towardsFernand.
2.  Dantes concealed two or three of the sharpest fragments inhis bed, leaving the rest on the floor. The breaking of hisjug was too natural an accident to excite suspicion. Edmondhad all the night to work in, but in the darkness he couldnot do much, and he soon felt that he was working againstsomething very hard; he pushed back his bed, and waited forday.
3.  "Yes; but" --
4、  "Do not be in such a hurry to do that," said Valentine, witha sad smile.
5、  He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.Suddenly he heard a cry -- it was his daughter's voice. Heturned and saw Julie. The pistol fell from his hands. "Myfather!" cried the young girl, out of breath, and half deadwith joy -- "saved, you are saved!" And she threw herselfinto his arms, holding in her extended hand a red, nettedsilk purse.




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      When they had advanced about twenty yards, Danglars lookedback and saw Fernand stoop, pick up the crumpled paper, andputting it into his pocket then rush out of the arbortowards Pillon.

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      "Yes, I had told him that long since, and I did only whatany other would have done in my circumstances, and perhapsless. When, the day after the arrival of this answer, yourfather came by the advice of Monte Cristo to ask mydaughter's hand for you, I decidedly refused him, butwithout any explanation or exposure. In short, why should Ihave any more to do with the affair? How did the honor ordisgrace of M. de Morcerf affect me? It neither increasednor decreased my income."

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       So extreme was the surprise of the sailor, that he wasunable even to thank Edmond, whose receding figure hecontinued to gaze after in speechless astonishment. "Somenabob from India," was his comment.

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      "At me?"

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    {  "Yes."

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      "Just this. I will so advantageously bestow 2,000 piastres,that the person receiving them shall obtain a respite tillnext year for Peppino; and during that year, anotherskilfully placed 1,000 piastres will afford him the means ofescaping from his prison."}

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      * "The wicked are great drinkers of waterAs the flood proved once for all."

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      "I can, then, rely on the notes he has left concerning you?"

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       "Yes," replied the procureur.

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    {  "At all events, I could not guess that you would invite meto dinner."

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      "You are fastidious, Chateau-Renaud," replied Debray; "thoseclothes are well cut and quite new."