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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Our magnificence makes you smile, count," said Maximilian,who had followed him with his eyes. "No, no," returned MonteCristo, pale as death, pressing one hand on his heart tostill its throbbings, while with the other he pointed to acrystal cover, beneath which a silken purse lay on a blackvelvet cushion. "I was wondering what could be thesignificance of this purse, with the paper at one end andthe large diamond at the other."
2.  "Are you not," he asked, "the priest who here in the Chateaud'If is generally thought to be -- ill?"
3.  "You thoroughly understand me, sir? Pardon my eagerness, formy life depends on your answer. Will our help come fromyou?"
4.  "Indeed. Of what nature?"
5.  "Nothing, my dear," replied the unhappy man, the tearsstarting to his eyes at this simple question, -- "nothing,only I want it." Julie made a pretence to feel for the key."I must have left it in my room," she said. And she wentout, but instead of going to her apartment she hastened toconsult Emmanuel. "Do not give this key to your father,"said he, "and to-morrow morning, if possible, do not quithim for a moment." She questioned Emmanuel, but he knewnothing, or would not say what he knew. During the night,between the 4th and 5th of September, Madame Morrel remainedlistening for every sound, and, until three o'clock in themorning, she heard her husband pacing the room in greatagitation. It was three o'clock when he threw himself on thebed. The mother and daughter passed the night together. Theyhad expected Maximilian since the previous evening. At eighto'clock in the morning Morrel entered their chamber. He wascalm; but the agitation of the night was legible in his paleand careworn visage. They did not dare to ask him how he hadslept. Morrel was kinder to his wife, more affectionate tohis daughter, than he had ever been. He could not ceasegazing at and kissing the sweet girl. Julie, mindful ofEmmanuel's request, was following her father when he quittedthe room, but he said to her quickly, -- "Remain with yourmother, dearest." Julie wished to accompany him. "I wish youto do so," said he.
6.  "The affair in the Rue Saint-Jacques!" exclaimed Villefort,unable to repress an exclamation. Then, suddenly pausing, headded, "Your pardon, sire, but my devotion to your majestyhas made me forget, not the respect I have, for that is toodeeply engraved in my heart, but the rules of etiquette."


1.  "My dear count," replied Albert, "I was announcing yourvisit to some of my friends, whom I had invited inconsequence of the promise you did me the honor to make, andwhom I now present to you. They are the Count ofChateau-Renaud, whose nobility goes back to the twelvepeers, and whose ancestors had a place at the Round Table;M. Lucien Debray, private secretary to the minister of theinterior; M. Beauchamp, an editor of a paper, and the terrorof the French government, but of whom, in spite of hisnational celebrity, you perhaps have not heard in Italy,since his paper is prohibited there; and M. MaximilianMorrel, captain of Spahis."
2.  It will be recollected that the new, or rather old,acquaintances of the Count of Monte Cristo, residing in theRue Meslay, were no other than Maximilian, Julie, andEmmanuel. The very anticipations of delight to be enjoyed inhis forthcoming visits -- the bright, pure gleam of heavenlyhappiness it diffused over the almost deadly warfare inwhich he had voluntarily engaged, illumined his wholecountenance with a look of ineffable joy and calmness, as,immediately after Villefort's departure, his thoughts flewback to the cheering prospect before him, of tasting, atleast, a brief respite from the fierce and stormy passionsof his mind. Even Ali, who had hastened to obey the Count'ssummons, went forth from his master's presence in charmedamazement at the unusual animation and pleasure depicted onfeatures ordinarily so stern and cold; while, as thoughdreading to put to flight the agreeable ideas hovering overhis patron's meditations, whatever they were, the faithfulNubian walked on tiptoe towards the door, holding hisbreath, lest its faintest sound should dissipate hismaster's happy reverie.
3.  "So," answered the abbe. "Old enough to be ambitions, buttoo young to be corrupt. And how did he treat you?"
4.  "Yes, sir," continued the inspector of prisons. "You mayimagine the amazement of the fugitive when he found himselfflung headlong over the rocks! I should like to have seenhis face at that moment."
5.  "Excellency," said a servant, opening the door, "a man inthe dress of a penitent wishes to speak to you."
6.  The captain gave him a loaded carbine; the traveller slowlyraised it, and fired in the air. Ten minutes afterwards, thesails were furled, and they cast anchor about a hundredfathoms from the little harbor. The gig was already lowered,and in it were four oarsmen and a coxswain. The travellerdescended, and instead of sitting down at the stern of theboat, which had been decorated with a blue carpet for hisaccommodation, stood up with his arms crossed. The rowerswaited, their oars half lifted out of the water, like birdsdrying their wings.


1.  The carriage stopped at the door of the house. Villefortleaped out of the carriage, and saw that his servants weresurprised at his early return; he could read no otherexpression on their features. Neither of them spoke to him;they merely stood aside to let him pass by, as usual,nothing more. As he passed by M. Noirtier's room, heperceived two figures through the half-open door; but heexperienced no curiosity to know who was visiting hisfather: anxiety carried him on further.
2.  "It has always been so, my dear Morrel, since the reign ofLouis XIV. The emperor is more strict in prison disciplinethan even Louis himself, and the number of prisoners whosenames are not on the register is incalculable." Had Morreleven any suspicions, so much kindness would have dispelledthem.
3.  "Undoubtedly."
4.  "And you?"
5.   "Mercedes is at this moment one of the greatest ladies inParis," replied Caderousse.
6.  "Oh, sire, what a dreadful misfortune! I am, indeed, to bepitied. I can never forgive myself!"


1.  Villefort's astonishment redoubled at this second thrust soforcibly made by his strange adversary. It was a long timesince the magistrate had heard a paradox so strong, orrather, to say the truth more exactly, it was the first timehe had ever heard of it. The procureur exerted himself toreply. "Sir," he responded, "you are a stranger, and Ibelieve you say yourself that a portion of your life hasbeen spent in Oriental countries, so you are not aware howhuman justice, so expeditions in barbarous countries, takeswith us a prudent and well-studied course."
2.  "Upon what subject?" asked Madame Danglars.
3.  "How have I deceived you?"
4、  "Did you know me better," returned the count, smiling, "youwould not give one thought of such a thing for a travellerlike myself, who has successively lived on maccaroni atNaples, polenta at Milan, olla podrida at Valencia, pilau atConstantinople, karrick in India, and swallows' nests inChina. I eat everywhere, and of everything, only I eat butlittle; and to-day, that you reproach me with my want ofappetite, is my day of appetite, for I have not eaten sinceyesterday morning."
5、  "That is reasonable," said the visitor; "I have heard he hadthree or four millions."




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      "Waiting below, in my carriage."

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      "Oh, it is very simple, my good fellow; I have been asailor, and your story touched me more than it wouldothers."

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       "Yes." D'Avrigny reflected a moment; then approachingNoirtier, -- "Pardon what I am going to say," added he, "butno indication should be neglected in this terriblesituation. Did you see poor Barrois die?" Noirtier raisedhis eyes to heaven. "Do you know of what he died!" askedd'Avrigny, placing his hand on Noirtier's shoulder.

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      "My dear friend," said Lucien with an air of sovereigncontempt, "do I ever read the papers?"

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    {  Chapter 112The Departure.

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      "And whom will you employ to carry the reprieve to theofficer directing the execution?"}

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      Chapter 110The Indictment.

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      In fact, a moment later M. Morrel appeared and was salutedwith an enthusiastic burst of applause from the crew of thePharaon, who hailed the visit of the shipowner as a sureindication that the man whose wedding feast he thusdelighted to honor would ere long be first in command of theship; and as Dantes was universally beloved on board hisvessel, the sailors put no restraint on their tumultuous joyat finding that the opinion and choice of their superiors soexactly coincided with their own.

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       "I am entirely at your service, M. Morrel," answeredDanglars. "You know that I am as capable of managing a shipas the most experienced captain in the service; and it willbe so far advantageous to you to accept my services, thatupon Edmond's release from prison no further change will berequisite on board the Pharaon than for Dantes and myselfeach to resume our respective posts."

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    {  "Possibly," said Monte Cristo, "I have indeed thought ofyou, but the magnetic wire I was guiding acted, indeed,without my knowledge."

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      In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes,""money disposes." From some such difficulty the newly namedstreet died almost in birth, and the purchaser of thekitchen-garden, having paid a high price for it, and beingquite unable to find any one willing to take his bargain offhis hands without a considerable loss, yet still clinging tothe belief that at some future day he should obtain a sumfor it that would repay him, not only for his past outlay,but also the interest upon the capital locked up in his newacquisition, contented himself with letting the groundtemporarily to some market-gardeners, at a yearly rental of500 francs. And so, as we have said, the iron gate leadinginto the kitchen-garden had been closed up and left to therust, which bade fair before long to eat off its hinges,while to prevent the ignoble glances of the diggers anddelvers of the ground from presuming to sully thearistocratic enclosure belonging to the mansion, the gatehad been boarded up to a height of six feet. True, theplanks were not so closely adjusted but that a hasty peepmight be obtained through their interstices; but the strictdecorum and rigid propriety of the inhabitants of the houseleft no grounds for apprehending that advantage would betaken of that circumstance.