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1.   "Eke this is an opinion of some That have their top full high and smooth y-shore, <77> They say right thus, that thing is not to come, For* that the prescience hath seen before *because That it shall come; but they say, that therefore That it shall come, therefore the purveyance Wot it before, withouten ignorance.
2.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3.   "For the sake of being a count. In Italy one must haveterritorial possessions to be a count."
4. 位于南通市区西北部的中海碧林湾小区,是盛凯千挑万选之后的选择。
5. 这个群体普遍对公立医疗满意度偏低,寻求更个性化、更高效、更高质的私人医疗服务。
6.   Laertes' strength failed him when he heard the convincing proofswhich his son had given him. He threw his arms about him, andUlysses had to support him, or he would have gone off into a swoon;but as soon as he came to, and was beginning to recover his senses, hesaid, "O father Jove, then you gods are still in Olympus after all, ifthe suitors have really been punished for their insolence and folly.Nevertheless, I am much afraid that I shall have all the townspeopleof Ithaca up here directly, and they will be sending messengerseverywhere throughout the cities of the Cephallenians."


1. 唐某泼被送去乡镇卫生院之后,枧塘派出所民警介入了,他并不了解案件侦破情况。
2.   This event had hastened the resolutions of the cardinal; andtill the king and he could take the command of the siege ofLa Rochelle, which was determined, he had sent Monsieur todirect the first operations, and had ordered all the troopshe could dispose of to march toward the theater of war. Itwas of this detachment, sent as a vanguard, that our friendD'Artagnan formed a part.
3. 无论是在球队人员不整、战绩不佳的低谷时期,还是在球队众志成城、四年三冠的高光时刻,吉喆始终勇于担当,用他的中投,他的三分,他的篮板,默默为球队贡献出他所有的能量。
4.   Of her in whom I most reposed trust:
5. 南阳市中级人民法院认为,上诉人贺立军、贺立香、贺立文寻衅滋事,破坏社会秩序,其行为均已构成寻衅滋事罪,经查,三上诉人在党政机关、中央巡视组驻地周边等场所,实施打横幅、拦车辆等行为,起哄闹事,造成公共场所秩序严重混乱,符合寻衅滋事罪构成要件。
6. (2)实施医学观察时,应当书面或口头告知医学观察的缘由、期限、法律依据、注意事项和疾病相关知识,以及负责医学观察的联系人和联系方式。


1. 原标题:热点快评:供暖落实与否是一面镜子新华社北京11月26日电(记者秦婧吕梦琦)国办督查室11月25日发布督查情况通报,对河北、山西两省部分地方和单位不作为慢作为问题进行通报,引起社会广泛关注。
2. For the first time in six years, a new challenger has topped the FT’s ranking of executive MBA programmes.
3. The winter was a wretched one. There were days on which Sara tramped through snow when she went on her errands; there were worse days when the snow melted and combined itself with mud to form slush; there were others when the fog was so thick that the lamps in the street were lighted all day and London looked as it had looked the afternoon, several years ago, when the cab had driven through the thoroughfares with Sara tucked up on its seat, leaning against her father's shoulder. On such days the windows of the house of the Large Family always looked delightfully cozy and alluring, and the study in which the Indian gentleman sat glowed with warmth and rich color. But the attic was dismal beyond words. There were no longer sunsets or sunrises to look at, and scarcely ever any stars, it seemed to Sara. The clouds hung low over the skylight and were either gray or mud-color, or dropping heavy rain. At four o'clock in the afternoon, even when there was no special fog, the daylight was at an end. If it was necessary to go to her attic for anything, Sara was obliged to light a candle. The women in the kitchen were depressed, and that made them more ill-tempered than ever. Becky was driven like a little slave.
4.   Who liv'd ever in such delight one day, That him not moved either conscience, Or ire, or talent, or *some kind affray,* *some kind of disturbance* Envy, or pride, or passion, or offence? I say but for this ende this sentence,* *judgment, opinion* That little while in joy or in pleasance Lasted the bliss of Alla with Constance.
5. 在后来的一次采访中他提到,我们像一个小学生一样,摸索着、尝试着和整个行业开始有接触、有了解、有共识,前提是不希望对原有的价值观有什么冲突,所以我们是一个小心谨慎的状态。
6. As you graduate, my friends, remember what lies ahead of you is a world overflowing with beauty and potential; not just in the form of office corridors or Wall Street but a real, throbbing world, full of many mysteries and heady experiences. A number of us miss this simple truth.


1.   The study proved to be a small chamber, lined on three sides withbooks, and with a writing-table facing an ordinary window, whichlooked out upon the garden. Our first attention was given to thebody of the unfortunate squire, whose huge frame lay stretchedacross the room. His disordered dress showed that he had beenhastily aroused from sleep. The bullet had been fired at him fromthe front, and had remained in his body, after penetrating theheart. His death had certainly been instantaneous and painless.There was no powder-marking either upon his dressing-gown or on hishands. According to the country surgeon, the lady had stains uponher face, but none upon her hand.
2.   Afraid of offending him by pursuing the subject when he made so light of it, I only pursued it in my thoughts as we went on at even a quicker pace than before.
3. 在梦里,容炜也无法自由。
4. 商人为何成囚犯2011年12月2日和2012年3月30日,郴州中院开庭审理该案。
5. 3部影片提档除夕提前征战春节档近年来,春节档已成电影市场最重要的档期之一,热门影片更是早早瞄准春节档。
6.   They say That two she feedeth when she eats and drinks.Margaret


1. 到医院检查,急性髓系白血病7个字将他吓瘫在地。
2. 在校董会追问之下,女校长拿出一个装满凌乱收据的盒子,其中绝大多数是其私人花销,与公务无关,恶行从此被揭穿。
3. 如上述女子这般一意孤行,往小了说,是对自己不负责。

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