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1.   "My brother," he answered quietly, "you know as well as I do, that you are behaving unjustly. It was open to me to keep my secret, and to reserve the treasure for myself. But the fact that I have told you of its existence shows that I had confidence in you, and that I hoped to earn your gratitude for ever, by making your fortune as well as mine. But before I reveal to you the secret of the treasure, you must swear that, after we have loaded the camels with as much as they can carry, you will give half to me, and let us go our own ways. I think you will see that this is fair, for if you present me with forty camels, I on my side will give you the means of buying a thousand more."
2.   `What did you say?'
3.   'And another shilling or so in biscuits, and another in fruit, eh?' said Steerforth. 'I say, young Copperfield, you're going it!'
4. 人社局作出《工伤认定申请判定通知书》,判定刘某发生的事故符合《工伤保险条例》第十四条第六项规定的工伤情形。
5. 钱引安,1964年出生于陕西西安,仕途也从未离开陕西省,历任陕西省西安市灞桥区委常委、副区长,长安县委副书记、县长,西安市长安区委副书记、区长、区委书记,西安市雁塔区委书记。
6. 他们会精心挑选能为其所用的人,比如人力资源部的那些支持者。


1.   They all looked at him as if the ass had spoken.
2. 澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn)记者在现场看到,作为上海新型冠状病毒肺炎患者的定点收治医院,复旦大学附属上海市公共卫生临床中心(以下简称公卫中心)平静而有序,指挥中心的大屏,可以实时调取隔离病房画面。
3. 柯卓华则回应称:“如果有公司提出(异议),我们会根据它们的要求,删除它们的商业计划书。
4. 蔡志芳查看CT在收治的病人中,一位与蔡志芳的孩子年龄相仿的患者让她印象尤深。
5. 从此前的国标《食品添加剂使用卫生标准》(GB2760—2007)到目前生效的《食品添加剂使用标准》(GB2760—2014)均规定,白酒中不得使用甜蜜素。
6.   `Well, why then?' she asked.


1. |作者:咖喱让陈丹没有想到的是,身在口罩大国日本,也有买不到口罩的一天。
2. 但在今年年中,一些变化悄然发生。
3. 不能因为两国关系好,你走错了路,我就要跟着走错,否则加拿大的振兴、崛起怎么办?NathanVanderKlippe:关于孟女士的案子,一种可行的方案是在美国达成和解协议。
4. 2022年冬奥会要带动3亿人上冰雪,儿子所在的小学评上了冰雪特色校,他也跟着有了机会。
5. 乾隆帝以皇子即帝位,自幼生长深宫,不谙世事,不同于康熙、雍正二帝。即位后,为要巩固他的统治,又力求建立功业,比美于乃父乃祖。乾隆帝的这种特殊的境遇和特有的性格,为六十年间的统治带来了两个方面的影响。一方面是,他在位期间力图有所作为,继述祖业,因而使这时的清朝大体上仍能保持前朝的国势,并以“盛世”自诩。另一方面,又由于好大喜功而崇尚浮华,不同于雍正帝的倡导实心实政。连年用兵邀功,巡游宴乐,造成巨大的靡费。自皇室贵族至地方官员贪婪无厌,吏治日坏,国力日损。清王朝由盛而衰,表面的强盛掩盖着内在的虚弱,歌颂升平的背后酝酿着衰乱的危机。
6. 谷歌收购视频分享平台巨头Youtube后首次公开了谷歌广告收入的详情,而结果令人瞠目结舌。


1. 联想记忆
2.   "Have you it there?" I asked.
3.   'I am the governess.'
4.   And put all that I had seen in writing, Under support of them that list it read. <25> O little book! thou art so uncunning,* *unskilful How dar'st thou put thyself in press, <26> for dread? It is wonder that thou waxest not red! Since that thou know'st full lite* who shall behold *little Thy rude language, full *boistously unfold.* *unfolded in homely and unpolished fashion*
5.   You'd better not repeat those words again!
6.   'And what is the opinion of Brooks of Sheffield, in reference to the projected business?'


1. 在园区内,红星新闻并未看到金顶山公墓的宣传栏。
2. ['p?st]
3. 当亲情跨越性别,底线究竟在哪?前些天与一个相熟的邻居聊天,因为这位宝妈的孩子和我家孩子差不多大,所以大部分时候我们聊的话题都围绕孩子的日常生活、学习。

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