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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie was indeed worth loving if ever youth and grace are tocommand that token of acknowledgment from life in their bloom.Experience had not yet taken away that freshness of the spiritwhich is the charm of the body. Her soft eyes contained in theirliquid lustre no suggestion of the knowledge of disappointment.She had been troubled in a way by doubt and longing, but thesehad made no deeper impression than could be traced in a certainopen wistfulness of glance and speech. The mouth had theexpression at times, in talking and in repose, of one who mightbe upon the verge of tears. It was not that grief was thus everpresent. The pronunciation of certain syllables gave to her lipsthis peculiarity of formation--a formation as suggestive andmoving as pathos itself.
2.  Carrie had no excellent home principles fixed upon her. If shehad, she would have been more consciously distressed. Now thelunch went off with considerable warmth. Under the influence ofthe varied occurrences, the fine, invisible passion which wasemanating from Drouet, the food, the still unusual luxury, she
3.  "No, sir."
4.  To those who have never wavered in conscience, the predicament ofthe individual whose mind is less strongly constituted and whotrembles in the balance between duty and desire is scarcelyappreciable, unless graphically portrayed. Those who have neverheard that solemn voice of the ghostly clock which ticks withawful distinctness, "thou shalt," "thou shalt not," "thou shalt,""thou shalt not," are in no position to judge. Not alone insensitive, highly organised natures is such a mental conflictpossible. The dullest specimen of humanity, when drawn by desiretoward evil, is recalled by a sense of right, which isproportionate in power and strength to his evil tendency. Wemust remember that it may not be a knowledge of right, for noknowledge of right is predicated of the animal's instinctiverecoil at evil. Men are still led by instinct before they areregulated by knowledge. It is instinct which recalls thecriminal--it is instinct (where highly organised reasoning isabsent) which gives the criminal his feeling of danger, his fearof wrong.
5.  "Oh, you are?" he said.
6.  "Before?"


1.  "Well, then, what makes you look so?"
2.  "Oh, why not?" said the latter.
3.  "I won't forget," said Carrie, casting a glance at her as shewent away. Then it came to her that she was as good as thiswoman now--perhaps better. Something in the other's solicitudeand interest made her feel as if she were the one to condescend.
4.  "I'll ring for soap and towels," he said, "and send you up ahair-brush. Then you can bathe and get ready for breakfast.I'll go for a shave and come back and get you, and then we'll goout and look for some clothes for you."
5.  They now ran into the business heart of Brooklyn uninterrupted.People gazed at the broken windows of the car and at Hurstwood inhis plain clothes. Voices called "scab" now and then, as well asother epithets, but no crowd attacked the car. At the downtownend of the line, one of the officers went to call up his stationand report the trouble.
6.  She went over the tangle again and again. Here, in the morning,Drouet would expect to see her in a new jacket, and that couldn'tbe. The Hansons expected her to go home, and she wanted to getaway, and yet she did not want to go home. In the light of theway they would look on her getting money without work, the takingof it now seemed dreadful. She began to be ashamed. The wholesituation depressed her. It was all so clear when she was withDrouet. Now it was all so tangled, so hopeless--much worse thanit was before, because she had the semblance of aid in her handwhich she could not use.


1.  "Well?" he said, seeing her relieved face.
2.  "It's in your eyes and mouth," he went on abstractedly. "Iremember thinking, the first time I saw you, that there wassomething peculiar about your mouth. I thought you were about tocry."
3.  The true meaning of money yet remains to be popularly explainedand comprehended. When each individual realises for himself thatthis thing primarily stands for and should only be accepted as amoral due--that it should be paid out as honestly stored energy,and not as a usurped privilege--many of our social, religious,and political troubles will have permanently passed. As forCarrie, her understanding of the moral significance of money wasthe popular understanding, nothing more. The old definition:"Money: something everybody else has and I must get," would haveexpressed her understanding of it thoroughly. Some of it she nowheld in her hand--two soft, green ten-dollar bills--and she feltthat she was immensely better off for the having of them. It wassomething that was power in itself. One of her order of mindwould have been content to be cast away upon a desert island witha bundle of money, and only the long strain of starvation wouldhave taught her that in some cases it could have no value. Eventhen she would have had no conception of the relative value ofthe thing; her one thought would, undoubtedly, have concerned thepity of having so much power and the inability to use it.
4.  "You won't fail," assured Drouet. "Just act as you do aroundhere. Be natural. You're all right. I've often thought you'dmake a corking good actress."
5.   "Well, come on and have a talk, then, anyhow."
6.  "'No,' said the girl, 'but it is dreadful to be hungry.'


1.  Carrie readily acquiesced, glad to escape the trying situation,and liberal now that she saw a way out. She was elated and beganfiguring at once. She needed a hat first of all. How Minnieexplained to Hanson she never knew. He said nothing at all, butthere were thoughts in the air which left disagreeableimpressions.
2.  When she awoke at eight the next morning, Hanson had gone. Hersister was busy in the dining-room, which was also the sitting-room, sewing. She worked, after dressing, to arrange a littlebreakfast for herself, and then advised with Minnie as to whichway to look. The latter had changed considerably since Carrie hadseen her. She was now a thin, though rugged, woman of twenty-seven, with ideas of life coloured by her husband's, and fasthardening into narrower conceptions of pleasure and duty than hadever been hers in a thoroughly circumscribed youth. She hadinvited Carrie, not because she longed for her presence, butbecause the latter was dissatisfied at home, and could probablyget work and pay her board here. She was pleased to see her in away but reflected her husband's point of view in the matter ofwork. Anything was good enough so long as it paid--say, fivedollars a week to begin with. A shop girl was the destinyprefigured for the newcomer. She would get in one of the greatshops and do well enough until--well, until something happened.Neither of them knew exactly what. They did not figure onpromotion. They did not exactly count on marriage. Things wouldgo on, though, in a dim kind of way until the better thing wouldeventuate, and Carrie would be rewarded for coming and toiling inthe city. It was under such auspicious circumstances that shestarted out this morning to look for work.
3.  "All right," he said, brightening.
4、  "Well, about five dollars," she answered. "I owe the coal man."
5、  "Is that so?" said the hotel man. "How did you come to get outof that?"




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      "How would you like to try subduing London?" asked her manager,one afternoon.

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      "Sure, I'll attend to it."

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       "They can't win," he said, concerning the men. "They haven't anymoney. The police will protect the companies. They've got to.The public has to have its cars."

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      "I do the best I can," said Carrie.

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    {  Carrie did not answer this at all. It hurt her.

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      "My dear," said the lace collar she secured from Partridge's, "Ifit you beautifully; don't give me up."}

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      When he came in upon Carrie she was still with Drouet. Hisfeelings for her were most exuberant. He was almost swept awayby the strength and feeling she exhibited. His desire was topour forth his praise with the unbounded feelings of a lover, buthere was Drouet, whose affection was also rapidly reviving. Thelatter was more fascinated, if anything, than Hurstwood. Atleast, in the nature of things, it took a more ruddy form.

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      "Oh, that's all right," answered the little girl, good-naturedly,glad to be of service.It had been days since Hurstwood had done more than go to thegrocery or to the news-stand. Now the weariness of indoors wasupon him--had been for two days--but chill, grey weather had heldhim back. Friday broke fair and warm. It was one of thoselovely harbingers of spring, given as a sign in dreary winterthat earth is not forsaken of warmth and beauty. The blueheaven, holding its one golden orb, poured down a crystal wash ofwarm light. It was plain, from the voice of the sparrows, thatall was halcyon outside. Carrie raised the front windows, andfelt the south wind blowing.

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       "I'll tell you, Carrie, if you'll be quiet. I want you to comealong with me to another city,"

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    {  "I won't forget," said Carrie, casting a glance at her as shewent away. Then it came to her that she was as good as thiswoman now--perhaps better. Something in the other's solicitudeand interest made her feel as if she were the one to condescend.

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      "Dinner's ready," she said, passing him for something.