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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Tuesday evening, at seven o'clock, descend from yourcarriage opposite the Via dei Pontefici, and follow theRoman peasant who snatches your torch from you. When youarrive at the first step of the church of San Giacomo, besure to fasten a knot of rose-colored ribbons to theshoulder of your harlequin costume, in order that you may berecognized. Until then you will not see me.
2.  "Hush, gentlemen, here is the court; let us go back to ourplaces." A noise was heard in the hall; the sergeant calledhis two patrons with an energetic "hem!" and the door-keeperappearing, called out with that shrill voice peculiar to hisorder, ever since the days of Beaumarchais, "The court,gentlemen!"
3.  As he left the room, Debray called out loudly, "Mycarriage."
4.  "How can he be the son of a great lord?"
5.  Two hours passed thus. It was intensely dark; still Ali,thanks to his wild nature, and the count, thanks doubtlessto his long confinement, could distinguish in the darknessthe slightest movement of the trees. The little light in thelodge had long been extinct. It might be expected that theattack, if indeed an attack was projected, would be madefrom the staircase of the ground floor, and not from awindow; in Monte Cristo's opinion, the villains sought hislife, not his money. It would be his bedroom they wouldattack, and they must reach it by the back staircase, or bythe window in the dressing-room. The clock of the Invalidesstruck a quarter to twelve; the west wind bore on itsmoistened gusts the doleful vibration of the three strokes.
6.  The young man passed round to the side of the table wherethe fair pleader sat, and leaning over her chair saidtenderly, --


1.  "What? One hundred thousand francs for a loaf?"
2.  "Still, if people will shut themselves up," said Albert,"and cannot be seen because they are bathing, dining, orasleep, we must avail ourselves of the opportunity wheneverthey are to be seen."
3.  "Well, I acknowledge it annoys me, knowing your connectionwith the Morcerf family, to see him throw himself in theway." Danglars burst out laughing. "What a Puritan you are!"said he; "that happens every day."
4.  "De Villefort!" The abbe burst into a fit of laughter, whileDantes gazed on him in utter astonishment.
5.  "Ah, my dear doctor," said the procureur, "heaven declaresitself against my house! What a dreadful death -- what ablow! Seek not to console me; alas, nothing can alleviate sogreat a sorrow -- the wound is too deep and too fresh! Dead,dead!" The cold sweat sprang to the young man's brow, andhis teeth chattered. Who could be dead in that house, whichVillefort himself had called accursed? "My dear M. deVillefort," replied the doctor, with a tone which redoubledthe terror of the young man, "I have not led you here toconsole you; on the contrary" --
6.  "True," said Noirtier, looking carelessly around him, "true,if this person were not on his guard, as he is;" and headded with a smile, "He will consequently make a few changesin his personal appearance." At these words he rose, and putoff his frock-coat and cravat, went towards a table on whichlay his son's toilet articles, lathered his face, took arazor, and, with a firm hand, cut off the compromisingwhiskers. Villefort watched him with alarm not devoid ofadmiration.


1.  "`Here is a ring that will obtain audience of him, andremove every difficulty,' said the captain. At these wordshe gave me a ring. It was time -- two hours after he wasdelirious; the next day he died."
2.  "About your own height, sir."
3.  "I showed you this morning that I had a heart, did I not,count?" Monte Cristo only answered by extending his hand tothe young man. "Well," continued the latter, "since thatheart is no longer with you in the Bois de Vincennes, it iselsewhere, and I must go and find it."
4.  "Are you not his confessor?"
5.   "Shut up, there!" cried the pit in chorus. And this time thetone and manner in which the command was given, betokenedsuch growing hostility that the two young men perceived, forthe first time, that the mandate was addressed to them.Leisurely turning round, they calmly scrutinized the variouscountenances around them, as though demanding some oneperson who would take upon himself the responsibility ofwhat they deemed excessive impertinence; but as no oneresponded to the challenge, the friends turned again to thefront of the theatre, and affected to busy themselves withthe stage. At this moment the door of the minister's boxopened, and Madame Danglars, accompanied by her daughter,entered, escorted by Lucien Debray, who assiduouslyconducted them to their seats.
6.  "Oh, it must have been the young man, certainly, for he wasstrong and industrious, while the abbe was aged and weak;besides, his mind was too vacillating to allow him to carryout an idea."


1.  "You have not seen all yet," continued Faria, "for I did notthink it wise to trust all my treasures in the samehiding-place. Let us shut this one up." They put the stoneback in its place; the abbe sprinkled a little dust over itto conceal the traces of its having been removed, rubbed hisfoot well on it to make it assume the same appearance as theother, and then, going towards his bed, he removed it fromthe spot it stood in. Behind the head of the bed, andconcealed by a stone fitting in so closely as to defy allsuspicion, was a hollow space, and in this space a ladder ofcords between twenty-five and thirty feet in length. Dantesclosely and eagerly examined it; he found it firm, solid,and compact enough to bear any weight.
2.  It was, indeed, Maximilian Morrel, who had passed a wretchedexistence since the previous day. With the instinct peculiarto lovers he had anticipated after the return of Madame deSaint-Meran and the death of the marquis, that somethingwould occur at M. de Villefort's in connection with hisattachment for Valentine. His presentiments were realized,as we shall see, and his uneasy forebodings had goaded himpale and trembling to the gate under the chestnut-trees.Valentine was ignorant of the cause of this sorrow andanxiety, and as it was not his accustomed hour for visitingher, she had gone to the spot simply by accident or perhapsthrough sympathy. Morrel called her, and she ran to thegate. "You here at this hour?" said she. "Yes, my poorgirl," replied Morrel; "I come to bring and to hear badtidings."
3.  "Well, I will go and take a turn in the Champs Elysees, andat ten o'clock I will return here; meanwhile, if the countshould come in, will you beg him not to go out again withoutseeing me?"
4、  "She is very amiable, then, is she not?" said Albert.
5、  "No, with a relation. But still, we have quite lost our dearEugenie; for I doubt whether her pride will ever allow herto return to France."




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      "And do you think she is not there?"

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      He thought a moment, cut a branch of a resinous tree,lighted it at the fire at which the smugglers had preparedtheir breakfast, and descended with this torch. He wished tosee everything. He approached the hole he had dug. and now,with the aid of the torch, saw that his pickaxe had inreality struck against iron and wood. He planted his torchin the ground and resumed his labor. In an instant a spacethree feet long by two feet broad was cleared, and Dantescould see an oaken coffer, bound with cut steel; in themiddle of the lid he saw engraved on a silver plate, whichwas still untarnished, the arms of the Spada family -- viz.,a sword, pale, on an oval shield, like all the Italianarmorial bearings, and surmounted by a cardinal's hat;Dantes easily recognized them, Faria had so often drawn themfor him. There was no longer any doubt: the treasure wasthere -- no one would have been at such pains to conceal anempty casket. In an instant he had cleared every obstacleaway, and he saw successively the lock, placed between twopadlocks, and the two handles at each end, all carved asthings were carved at that epoch, when art rendered thecommonest metals precious. Dantes seized the handles, andstrove to lift the coffer; it was impossible. He sought toopen it; lock and padlock were fastened; these faithfulguardians seemed unwilling to surrender their trust. Dantesinserted the sharp end of the pickaxe between the coffer andthe lid, and pressing with all his force on the handle,burst open the fastenings. The hinges yielded in their turnand fell, still holding in their grasp fragments of thewood, and the chest was open.

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       "Come, come, my little fellow, don't be angry. See, I havethought about you -- look at the good breakfast we are goingto have; nothing but what you are fond of." Andrea, indeed,inhaled the scent of something cooking which was notunwelcome to him, hungry as he was; it was that mixture offat and garlic peculiar to provincial kitchens of aninferior order, added to that of dried fish, and above all,the pungent smell of musk and cloves. These odors escapedfrom two deep dishes which were covered and placed on astove, and from a copper pan placed in an old iron pot. Inan adjoining room Andrea saw also a tolerably clean tableprepared for two, two bottles of wine sealed, the one withgreen, the other with yellow, a supply of brandy in adecanter, and a measure of fruit in a cabbage-leaf, cleverlyarranged on an earthenware plate.

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      "Thank you, my good friend. I see that I have made atrifling mistake, as you say; but by way of rewarding yourhonesty I give you another double Napoleon, that you maydrink to my health, and be able to ask your messmates tojoin you."

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    {  "In that case I must say adieu to you, as I am compelled togo to Naples, and shall not return hither before Saturdayevening or Sunday morning. And you, baron," pursued thecount, addressing Franz, "do you also depart to-morrow?"

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      "For what?"

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      The eyes of Noirtier lighted up with rage, and d'Avrignyprepared to speak. Morrel, however, extended his arm, andcommanded silence. "And I say that murders are committedhere," said Morrel, whose voice, though lower in tone, lostnone of its terrible distinctness: "I tell you that this isthe fourth victim within the last four months. I tell you,Valentine's life was attempted by poison four days ago,though she escaped, owing to the precautions of M. Noirtier.I tell you that the dose has been double, the poisonchanged, and that this time it has succeeded. I tell youthat you know these things as well as I do, since thisgentleman has forewarned you, both as a doctor and as afriend."

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       "Yes, sir, he had very good ones; but you see that in spiteof them he has not killed me, and did not even fight."

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    {  Then, throwing himself back in his carriage, Danglars calledout to his coachman, in a voice that might be heard acrossthe road, "To the Chamber of Deputies."

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      "Understand, sir, I do not in the least suspect yourveracity; I ask if you are certain of it?"