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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed. This is more interesting than it promised to be; quitedramatic, in fact."
2.  "Perhaps Mr. Neil Gibson has told you something of what occurredbetween us?" she asked in a low, agitated voice.
3.  "'I am afraid that that is quite impossible,' said I. He had beenwatching me eagerly out of his small eyes, and I could see a shadowpass over his face as I spoke.
4.  1910
5.  "'In a large room?"
6.  "Then I must go to his room."


1.  "But the under side is as stained as the upper. It must have lefta mark."
2.  "No, the murderer has escaped."
3.  "My God!" gasped our client. "Do you tell me that during theselong ten weeks of agony the stolen papers were within the very roomwith me all the time?"
4.  "Pangs shot through the chest, causing me to fall as if struck bya bullet. The pulsation would cease, and then the heart would give sixor seven leaps as if it would force its way through the chest."It nearly killed him, although he had only been exposed to it inthe disturbed ocean and not in the narrow calm waters of abathing-pool. He says that he could hardly recognize himselfafterwards, so white, wrinkled and shrivelled was his face. Hegriped down brandy, a whole bottleful, and it seems to have savedhis life. There is the book, Inspector. I leave it with you, and youcannot doubt that it contains a full explanation of the tragedy ofpoor McPherson."
5.  "What do you make of it, Inspector?"
6.  "`My name,' said he, `is Mr. Duncan Ross, and I am myself oneof the pensioners upon the fund left by our noble benefactor. Areyou a married man, Mr. Wilson? Have you a family?'


1.  He was a man of about fifty, tall, portly, and imposing, with amassive, strongly marked face and a commanding figure. He wasdressed in a sombre yet rich style, in black frock-coat, shininghat, neat brown gaiters, and well-cut pearl-gray trousers. Yet hisactions were in absurd contrast to the dignity of his dress andfeatures, for he was running hard, with occasional little springs,such as a weary man gives who is little accustomed to set any tax uponhis legs. As he ran he jerked his hands up and down, waggled his head,and writhed his face into the most extraordinary contortions."What on earth can be the matter with him?" I asked. "He islooking up at the numbers of the houses."
2.  "Well, can you help us do so?"
3.  "No, sir, but the facts might be met speciously enough. Suppose thatthis man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the window,there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. What would he dothen? It would of course instantly strike him that he must get ridof the tell-tale garments. He would seize the coat, then, and be inthe act of throwing it out, when it would occur to him that it wouldswim and not sink. He has little time, for he has heard the scuffledownstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he hasalready heard from his lascar confederate that the police are hurryingup the street. There is not an instant to be lost. He rushes to somesecret hoard, where he has accumulated the fruits of his beggary,and he stuffs all the coins upon which he can lay his hands into thepockets to make sure of the coats sinking. He throws it out, and wouldhave done the same with the other garments had not he heard the rushof steps below, and only just had time to close the window when thepolice appeared."
4.  "I locked up the papers first."
5.   "Naturally, I made some inquiries about the man. I found that he hadbeen in command of a whaler which was due to return from the Arcticseas at the very time when my father was crossing to Norway. Theautumn of that year was a stormy one, and there was a longsuccession of southerly gales. My father's yacht may well have beenblown to the north, and there met by Captain Peter Carey's ship. Ifthat were so, what had become of my father? In any case, if I couldprove from Peter Carey's evidence how these securities came on themarket it would be a proof that my father had not sold them, andthat he had no view to personal profit when he took them."I came down to Sussex with the intention of seeing the captain, butit was at this moment that his terrible death occurred. I read atthe inquest a description of his cabin, in which it stated that theold logbooks of his vessel were preserved in it. It struck me thatif I could see what occurred in the month of August, 1883, on boardthe Sea Unicorn, I might settle the mystery of my father's fate. Itried last night to get at these logbooks, but was unable to openthe door. To-night I tried again and succeeded, but I find that thepages which deal with that month have been torn from the book. It wasat that moment I found myself a prisoner in your hands.""Is that all?" asked Hopkins.
6.  "It was just about two hours ago. The light was just fading. I wassitting reading in the chair. I don't know what made me look up, butthere was a face looking in at me through the lower pane. Lord, sir,what a face it was! I'll see it in my dreams."


1.  "`And the work?'
2.  "In your heart of hearts, do you think that Neville is alive?"Sherlock Holmes seemed to be embarrassed by the question."Frankly, now!" she repeated, standing upon the rug and looking keenlydown at him as he leaned back in a basket-chair.
3.  "'On the contrary,' said I, 'I opened the door myself because I feltthe room to be a little close.'
4、  "There," said Sir Robert with a wave of his hand, "are Mr. andMrs. Norlett. Mrs. Norlett, under her maiden name of Evans, has forsome years been my sister's confidential maid. I have brought themhere because I feel that my best course is to explain the trueposition to you, and they are the two people upon earth who cansubstantiate what I say."
5、  I have so deep a respect for the extraordinary qualities of Holmesthat I have always deferred to his wishes, even when I leastunderstood them. But now all my professional instincts were aroused.Let him be my master elsewhere, I at least was his in a sick room."Holmes," said I, "you are not yourself. A sick man is but achild, and so I will treat you. Whether you like it or not, I willexamine your symptoms and treat you for them."




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      "It was the butler who saw him go. Twelve o'clock at night andraining hard. So next night I was up at the house and, sure enough,master was off again. Stephens and I went after him, but it wasjumpy work, for it would have been a bad job if he had seen us. He's aterrible man with his fists if he gets started, and no respecter ofpersons. So we were shy of getting too near, but we marked him downall right. It was the haunted crypt that he was making for, andthere was a man waiting for him there."

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      "That certainly did seem strange."

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       The spat where the fragments of the bust had been found was only afew hundred yards away. For the first time our eyes rested upon thispresentment of the great emperor, which seemed to raise such franticand destructive hatred in the mind of the unknown. It lay scattered,in splintered shards, upon the grass. Holmes picked up several of themand examined them carefully. I was convinced, from his intent face andhis purposeful manner, that at last he was upon a clue."Well?" asked Lestrade.

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      He sat in deep thought, his gaunt hand tugging at his stragglingbeard. Then he made a gesture of resignation.

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    {  "They didn't go to the house. Here are their marks on the left-here, beside the laurel bushes. Ah! I said so."

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      "We are up against a very hard case. I have identified Mr. JohnGarrideb, Counsellor at Law. He is none other than 'Killer' Evans,of sinister and murderous reputation."}

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      It was pitch-dark and without a moon, but Mason led us over thegrasslands until a dark mass loomed tip in front of us which proved tobe the ancient chapel. We entered the broken gap which was once theporch, and our guide, stumbling among heaps of loose masonry, pickedhis way to the corner of the building, where a steep stair led downinto the crypt. Striking a match, he illuminated the Melancholy place-dismal and evil-smelling, with ancient crumbling walls of rough-hewnstone, and piles of coffins, some of lead and some of stone, extendingupon one side right up to the arched and groined roof which lostitself in the shadows above our heads. Holmes had lit his lantern,which shot a tiny tunnel of vivid yellow light upon the mournfulscene. Its rays were reflected back from the coffin-plates, many ofthem adorned with the griffin and coronet of this old family whichcarried its honours even to the gate of Death.

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      "I cannot imagine."

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       "Ralph," he said, "telephone down to the county police and ask theinspector to send up two constables. Tell him there are burglars inthe house."

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    {  "What is it, then?" I asked.

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      "Forget what?"