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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Madame Danglars gazed on Villefort, stupefied to find him soalmost insultingly calm. "Am I come to a friend?" she askedin a tone full of mournful dignity. "You know that you are,madame," said Villefort, whose pale cheeks became slightlyflushed as he gave her the assurance. And truly thisassurance carried him back to different events from thosenow occupying the baroness and him. "Well, then, be moreaffectionate, my dear Villefort," said the baroness. "Speakto me not as a magistrate, but as a friend; and when I am inbitter anguish of spirit, do not tell me that I ought to begay." Villefort bowed. "When I hear misfortunes named,madame," he said, "I have within the last few mouthscontracted the bad habit of thinking of my own, and then Icannot help drawing up an egotistical parallel in my mind.That is the reason that by the side of my misfortunes yoursappear to me mere mischances; that is why my dreadfulposition makes yours appear enviable. But this annoys you;let us change the subject. You were saying, madame" --
2.  The jailer, therefore, only grumbled. Then he looked aboutfor something to pour the soup into; Dantes' entire dinnerservice consisted of one plate -- there was no alternative.
3.  Chapter 98The Bell and Bottle Tavern.
4.  "The last?"
5.  "Ah," said Morrel. Beauchamp pulled out his watch. "It isonly five minutes past eight," said he to Morrel; "there isnot much time lost yet."
6.  "Madame," replied Monte Cristo gravely, and gazing earnestlyon the two liquid pearls that trickled down Julie's cheeks,"had Lord Wilmore seen what I now see, he would becomeattached to life, for the tears you shed would reconcile himto mankind;" and he held out his hand to Julie, who gave himhers, carried away by the look and accent of the count."But," continued she, "Lord Wilmore had a family or friends,he must have known some one, can we not -- "


1.  "That is a tenacious old grandfather," said Beauchamp."Tenacem propositi virum. I think he must have made anagreement with death to outlive all his heirs, and heappears likely to succeed. He resembles the oldConventionalist of '93, who said to Napoleon, in 1814, `Youbend because your empire is a young stem, weakened by rapidgrowth. Take the Republic for a tutor; let us return withrenewed strength to the battle-field, and I promise you500,000 soldiers, another Marengo, and a second Austerlitz.Ideas do not become extinct, sire; they slumber sometimes,but only revive the stronger before they sleep entirely.'Ideas and men appeared the same to him. One thing onlypuzzles me, namely, how Franz d'Epinay will like agrandfather who cannot be separated from his wife. But whereis Franz?"
2.  Lucien having left, Danglars took his place on the sofa,closed the open book, and placing himself in a dreadfullydictatorial attitude, he began playing with the dog; but theanimal, not liking him as well as Debray, and attempting tobite him, Danglars seized him by the skin of his neck andthrew him upon a couch on the other side of the room. Theanimal uttered a cry during the transit, but, arrived at itsdestination, it crouched behind the cushions, and stupefiedat such unusual treatment remained silent and motionless."Do you know, sir," asked the baroness, "that you areimproving? Generally you are only rude, but to-night you arebrutal."
3.  "He has invited me to dine there."
4.  "Well, then, under these circumstances," said Caderousse, "Iwill, I even believe I ought to undeceive you as to thefriendship which poor Edmond thought so sincere andunquestionable."
5.  "Well, my dear Bertuccio," said the count, "I now advise youto go in quest of the little estate I spoke to you of inNormandy." Bertuccio bowed, and as his wishes were inperfect harmony with the order he had received, he startedthe same evening.
6.  "Well, and what may you have to say against this name?"inquired Albert; "it is a very pretty name, and theadventures of the gentleman of that name amused me very muchin my youth, I must confess." -- Franz said no more. Thename of Sinbad the Sailor, as may well be supposed, awakenedin him a world of recollections, as had the name of theCount of Monte Cristo on the previous evening.


1.  "Happy rogue," said Caderousse; "you are going to find yourservants, your horses, your carriage, and your betrothed!"
2.  "Why?" asked Monte Cristo.
3.  "But," said Morrel, "is there no way of expediting all theseformalities -- of releasing him from arrest?"
4.  "True as day. The fact was, nobody had observed a horseentered by the name of Vampa, or that of a jockey styledJob, when, at the last moment, a splendid roan, mounted by ajockey about as big as your fist, presented themselves atthe starting-post. They were obliged to stuff at leasttwenty pounds weight of shot in the small rider's pockets,to make him weight; but with all that he outstripped Arieland Barbare, against whom he ran, by at least three wholelengths."
5.   These few words were uttered with an accent that left nodoubt of his sincerity; Dantes rose, dispersed the fragmentswith the same precaution as before, and pushed his bed backagainst the wall. He then gave himself up to his happiness.He would no longer be alone. He was, perhaps, about toregain his liberty; at the worst, he would have a companion,and captivity that is shared is but half captivity. Plaintsmade in common are almost prayers, and prayers where two orthree are gathered together invoke the mercy of heaven.
6.  "No, thank you. Your orchestra is too noisy. To sleep afterthe manner I speak of, absolute calm and silence arenecessary, and then a certain preparation" --


1.  "Is your horse tired?"
2.  "I will but go and return, sire; I shall be back in tenminutes."
3.  "Yes, and for a considerable sum."
4、  "Very possibly I may not go," answered Franz; "but in case Ifeel disposed, give me some particulars of to-day'sexecutions."
5、  "I? oh, I would advance six millions on his signature. I wasonly speaking in reference to the second-rate fortunes wewere mentioning just now."




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      "Certainly; I am come expressly on that account; it has costme much trouble to find you, but I had resolved on givingthem into your hands, and if I had to recommence my search,it would occupy all the few remaining years of my life."

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      "Some traveller seems impatient," said the host. "Whatnumber was it that rang?"

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       "Well, when Dantes was arrested, Monsieur Morrel hastened toobtain the particulars, and they were very sad. The old manreturned alone to his home, folded up his wedding suit withtears in his eyes, and paced up and down his chamber thewhole day, and would not go to bed at all, for I wasunderneath him and heard him walking the whole night; andfor myself, I assure you I could not sleep either, for thegrief of the poor father gave me great uneasiness, and everystep he took went to my heart as really as if his foot hadpressed against my breast. The next day Mercedes came toimplore the protection of M. de Villefort; she did notobtain it, however, and went to visit the old man; when shesaw him so miserable and heart-broken, having passed asleepless night, and not touched food since the previousday, she wished him to go with her that she might take careof him; but the old man would not consent. `No,' was the oldman's reply, `I will not leave this house, for my poor dearboy loves me better than anything in the world; and if hegets out of prison he will come and see me the first thing,and what would he think if I did not wait here for him?' Iheard all this from the window, for I was anxious thatMercedes should persuade the old man to accompany her, forhis footsteps over my head night and day did not leave me amoment's repose."

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      "Listen to me, Franz," said Albert; "I am glad that theoccasion has presented itself for saying this to you, for Ihave noticed how cold you are in your bearing towards thecount, while he, on the other hand, has always been courtesyitself to us. Have you anything particular against him?"

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    {  "Except your signature and your partner's, M. Morrel."

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      "Adieu, Valentine, adieu!" said Morrel, bowing.}

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      "Hark!" said Morrel. They both listened; steps weredistinctly heard in the corridor and on the stairs.

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      "Does Mademoiselle Danglars object to this marriage with M.de Morcerf on account of loving another?"

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       "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo, with the same indomitablecoolness; "let us see. Are you not the soldier Fernand whodeserted on the eve of the battle of Waterloo? Are you notthe Lieutenant Fernand who served as guide and spy to theFrench army in Spain? Are you not the Captain Fernand whobetrayed, sold, and murdered his benefactor, Ali? And havenot all these Fernands, united, made Lieutenant-General, theCount of Morcerf, peer of France?"

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    {  "As you will, Valentine."

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      Due information was given to the authorities, and permissionobtained that the two funerals should take place at the sametime. A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp,was brought to M. de Villefort's door, and the coffinremoved into it from the post-wagon. The two bodies were tobe interred in the cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise, where M. deVillefort had long since had a tomb prepared for thereception of his family. The remains of poor Renee werealready deposited there, and now, after ten years ofseparation, her father and mother were to be reunited withher. The Parisians, always curious, always affected byfunereal display, looked on with religious silence while thesplendid procession accompanied to their last abode two ofthe number of the old aristocracy -- the greatest protectorsof commerce and sincere devotees to their principles. In oneof the mourning-coaches Beauchamp, Debray, andChateau-Renaud were talking of the very sudden death of themarchioness. "I saw Madame de Saint-Meran only last year atMarseilles, when I was coming back from Algiers," saidChateau-Renaud; "she looked like a woman destined to live tobe a hundred years old, from her apparent sound health andgreat activity of mind and body. How old was she?"