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1. 今年8月份,吾恩老觉得自己左下肋不太舒服,隐隐作痛
2.   What checks the natural tendency of each species to increase in number is most obscure. Look at the most vigorous species; by as much as it swarms in numbers, by so much will its tendency to increase be still further increased. We know not exactly what the checks are in even one single instance. Nor will this surprise any one who reflects how ignorant we are on this head, even in regard to mankind, so incomparably better known than any other animal. This subject has been ably treated by several authors, and I shall, in my future work, discuss some of the checks at considerable length, more especially in regard to the feral animals of South America. Here I will make only a few remarks, just to recall to the reader's mind some of the chief points. Eggs or very young animals seem generally to suffer most, but this is not invariably the case. With plants there is a vast destruction of seeds, but, from some observations which I have made, I believe that it is the seedlings which suffer most from germinating in ground already thickly stocked with other plants. Seedlings, also, are destroyed in vast numbers by various enemies; for instance, on a piece of ground three feet long and two wide, dug and cleared, and where there could be no choking from other plants, I marked all the seedlings of our native weeds as they came up, and out of the 357 no less than 295 were destroyed, chiefly by slugs and insects. If turf which has long been mown, and the case would be the same with turf closely browsed by quadrupeds, be let to grow, the more vigorous plants gradually kill the less vigorous, though fully grown, plants: thus out of twenty species growing on a little plot of turf (three feet by four) nine species perished from the other species being allowed to grow up freely.The amount of food for each species of course gives the extreme limit to which each can increase; but very frequently it is not the obtaining food, but the serving as prey to other animals, which determines the average numbers of a species. Thus, there seems to be little doubt that the stock of partridges, grouse, and hares on any large estate depends chiefly on the destruction of vermin. If not one head of game were shot during the next twenty years in England, and, at the same time, if no vermin were destroyed, there would, in all probability, be less game than at present, although hundreds of thousands of game animals are now annually killed. On the other hand, in some cases, as with the elephant and rhinoceros, none are destroyed by beasts of prey: even the tiger in India most rarely dares to attack a young elephant protected by its dam.
3.   And Penelope answered, "Stranger, dreams are very curious andunaccountable things, and they do not by any means invariably cometrue. There are two gates through which these unsubstantial fanciesproceed; the one is of horn, and the other ivory. Those that comethrough the gate of ivory are fatuous, but those from the gate of hornmean something to those that see them. I do not think, however, thatmy own dream came through the gate of horn, though I and my son shouldbe most thankful if it proves to have done so. Furthermore I say-and lay my saying to your heart- the coming dawn will usher in theill-omened day that is to sever me from the house of Ulysses, for I amabout to hold a tournament of axes. My husband used to set up twelveaxes in the court, one in front of the other, like the stays uponwhich a ship is built; he would then go back from them and shoot anarrow through the whole twelve. I shall make the suitors try to do thesame thing, and whichever of them can string the bow most easily,and send his arrow through all the twelve axes, him will I follow, andquit this house of my lawful husband, so goodly and so abounding inwealth. But even so, I doubt not that I shall remember it in mydreams."
4.   "Well," said Franz, "this time, Albert, I am bound to giveyou credit for having hit upon a most capital idea."
5.   Holmes and I followed them down the lane, and my friend plucked atmy sleeve as we came out.
6. 法则1:向前展望,倒后推理。


1. It will be a year when the automaker begins selling its first airplane, the HA-420 Hondajet for general aviation, as well as a new hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the FCV. Honda will return to the Formula One circuit with a new race car. The cherry on top may be Acura NSX, a gas-electric hybrid supercar that will be built and sold in low volume.
2. 不幸的是,12月9日的出庭竟成为他检察人生的绝唱
3. 在广东深圳,有市民反映,在一家名为瑞草堂的药房买到了有问题的口罩。
4. 为什么总鼓励连麦?我问。
5. 作为全球的手机大国,工信部数据显示,2018年我国手机用户总数达15.7亿,除去嗷嗷待哺的婴儿,幼儿以及不让佩戴手机的小学生,可能人均快2部手机了。
6.   He consented joyfully, but before they were married, the young girl changed my wife into a hind, and it is she whom you see before you. I wished her to have this form rather than a stranger one, so that we could see her in the family without repugnance.


1. 陕西省民政厅儿童福利处工作人员介绍,他们会指导西安市未成年人保护中心定期上门做好小天的心理辅导、情感抚慰和监护人的心理疏导、教育辅导、监护指导等服务,避免类似情况再次发生。
2.   "Ah, to be sure," cried Porthos, "there is a diamond. Whythe devil, then, do we plague ourselves about money, whenthere is a diamond?"
3. TheonlytimeIhaveleftacourtroomwithmorerespectforthelawthanIhadgoinginwasinacourtinHongKong,whenitwasunderBritishcolonialrule·
4.   "Sir," answered Telemachus, "it has been very kind of you to talk tome in this way, as though I were your own son, and I will do all youtell me; I know you want to be getting on with your voyage, but stay alittle longer till you have taken a bath and refreshed yourself. Iwill then give you a present, and you shall go on your wayrejoicing; I will give you one of great beauty and value- a keepsakesuch as only dear friends give to one another."
5. 活过12个月以上还有子弹、还有人的公司,可以在某个时间点Allin,可以在市场里冲锋。
6.   And how must I thy services repay?


1. (近五年人均出动分别为98次、100次、105次、107次、138次)抢险救援36.6万起、社会救助36.6万起,合计占总数的57.4%。
2.   Connie never really understood him, but, in her way, she loved him. And all the time she felt the reflection of his hopelessness in her. She couldn't quite, quite love in hopelessness. And he, being hopeless, couldn't ever quite love at all.
3.   原标题:大雾黄色预警。
4.   The Sultan was so enchanted with all the talents of which I had given proof that he wished me to exhibit some of them to other people. So turning to the chief of the eunuchs he said, "Go and beg my daughter, Queen of Beauty, to come here. I will show her something she has never seen before."
5.   'No, thank you, Bessie.'
6. 为了方便工作,来不及去理发店的何双双自己动手剪掉长发。


1. As to anthropology, they had those same remnants of information about other peoples, and the knowledge of the savagery of the occupants of those dim forests below. Nevertheless, they had inferred (marvelously keen on inference and deduction their minds were!) the existence and development of civilization in other places, much as we infer it on other planets.
2. 到最后,因为Intel的制造比台积电贵两倍,品质比别人差,所以Intel的制造就变成了Intel的包袱了。
3. 经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人李某对抢劫刘女士财物的犯罪事实供认不讳,同时还交代了2天内累计抢劫3起的犯罪事实。

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    "Hong Kong is a small island with 7 million people ... and you have 1.5 billion across the border (in mainland China) who would like to invest," Mark Elliott, associate director of International Residential Property Services at Jones Lang LaSalle, tells CNN. "The government is releasing more and more land, but it doesn't work."