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1. 东南亚越南C2C电商平台Sendo完成6100万美元的C轮融资。
2. 这使得远程办公等新兴需求受追捧。
3. 如果你能解释清楚为什么用某种方法就可以吸引到特定的客户,并且能回答所有相关问题,那么你就有理由去开始做这件事了。
4. 受害群众众多,骗取资金巨大。
5. 是否需要使用药物,要由医生决定。
6.   `Yes, a duplicate,' she said, flushing.


1.   'You said Mr. Rochester was not strikingly peculiar, Mrs. Fairfax,'I observed, when I rejoined her in her room, after putting Adele tobed.
2. "Not exactly," he said.
3. 所谓用户较真的时代,是什么时代?就是用户品味和专业能力的提升,用户对某些品类产品,不光要知其然,更要知其所以然。
4.   "Eight weeks passed away like this, and I had written aboutAbbots and Archery and Armour and Architecture and Attica, andhoped with diligence that I might get on to the B's before verylong. It cost me something in foolscap, and I had pretty nearlyfilled a shelf with my writings. And then suddenly the wholebusiness came to an end."
5. 495
6. 殷绪成则表示,人工智能学科的基本技术体系包括数学基础(微积分、线性代数等)、计算机及系统基础(计算机组成原理、算法基础等)、机器学习与模式识别方法(机器学习方法、深度学习方法等)、人工智能领域技术(语音识别、文字识别、计算机视觉、自然语言处理等)、人工智能应用(自动驾驶、智能安防应用、智能金融应用等)。


1. 最终,保险行业收入结构将发生变化,新的商业模式有望出现:第一,保险产业链向相关临近产业延伸,造成收入多元。
2.   2. Referring to the poet's corpulency.
3. [1]TED是科技(technology)、娱乐(entertainment)和设计(design)的英文缩写,是美国一家私有非营利机构,该机构以它组织的TED大会著称。——编者注
4. 在社会救助制度的立法过程中,相关部门应严格根据法定程序执行任务,并相应地对立法进行指导,保证社会救助相关法律制定的科学性和合理性。
5.   "I would not wish for a better to sail round the world."
6. 这意味着,新三板有三分之一公司是“僵尸”。


1.   "I did exactly what you advised."
2. 公牛队当家球星罗斯的这两张照片就跟在照镜子一样,可能是因为照片中的罗斯还处于2006年的高中时代,也不过是六年前。
3. 此外,滴滴提醒全国所有的司机师傅,疫情期间服务乘客时,务必戴好口罩,做好车内消毒工作,车内尽量开窗通风,回家及时洗手洗鼻。
4. 与此同时,带着愈发凸显的轨道交通优势(高铁苏州北站便位于相城)和城市规划、政策优势等多重地区资源要素,相城多方出击,引进各地优质投资资源。
5.   `Eh well!' said Madame Defarge, raising her eyebrows with a cool business air. `It is necessary to register him. How do they call that man?'
6. 他们一边要面对拿不到工资的员工,另一边要安抚那些在三鼎家政充值的客户。


1. 就在医生准备再请专家进一步治疗的时候,患者家属自行签字离开了医院。
2. 合作公寓和共管公寓
3. 1月26日,在四川省眉山市青神县高台镇南坝子村2组村民陈某的家门口,一个用毛笔书写的红色告示吸引了附近村民的围观。

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      "In the end I deemed it would be the best plan to do as follows. TheCyclops had a great club which was lying near one of the sheep pens;it was of green olive wood, and he had cut it intending to use itfor a staff as soon as it should be dry. It was so huge that wecould only compare it to the mast of a twenty-oared merchant vessel oflarge burden, and able to venture out into open sea. I went up to thisclub and cut off about six feet of it; I then gave this piece to themen and told them to fine it evenly off at one end, which theyproceeded to do, and lastly I brought it to a point myself, charringthe end in the fire to make it harder. When I had done this I hid itunder dung, which was lying about all over the cave, and told themen to cast lots which of them should venture along with myself tolift it and bore it into the monster's eye while he was asleep. Thelot fell upon the very four whom I should have chosen, and I myselfmade five. In the evening the wretch came back from shepherding, anddrove his flocks into the cave- this time driving them all inside, andnot leaving any in the yards; I suppose some fancy must have takenhim, or a god must have prompted him to do so. As soon as he had putthe stone back to its place against the door, he sat down, milkedhis ewes and his goats all quite rightly, and then let each have herown young one; when he had got through with all this work, hegripped up two more of my men, and made his supper off them. So I wentup to him with an ivy-wood bowl of black wine in my hands:

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      In man's methodical selection, a breeder selects for some definite object, and free intercrossing will wholly stop his work. But when many men, without intending to alter the breed, have a nearly common standard of perfection, and all try to get and breed from the best animals, much improvement and modification surely but slowly follow from this unconscious process of selection, notwithstanding a large amount of crossing with inferior animals. Thus it will be in nature; for within a confined area, with some place in its polity not so perfectly occupied as might be, natural selection will always tend to preserve all the individuals varying in the right direction, though in different degrees, so as better to fill up the unoccupied place. But if the area be large, its several districts will almost certainly present different conditions of life; and then if natural selection be modifying and improving a species in the several districts, there will be intercrossing with the other individuals of the same species on the confines of each. And in this case the effects of intercrossing can hardly be counterbalanced by natural selection always tending to modify all the individuals in each district in exactly the same manner to the conditions of each; for in a continuous area, the conditions will generally graduate away insensibly from one district to another. The intercrossing will most affect those animals which unite for each birth, which wander much, and which do not breed at a very quick rate. Hence in animals of this nature, for instance in birds, varieties will generally be confined to separated countries; and this I believe to be the case. In hermaphrodite organisms which cross only occasionally, and likewise in animals which unite for each birth, but which wander little and which can increase at a very rapid rate, a new and improved variety might be quickly formed on any one spot, and might there maintain itself in a body, so that whatever intercrossing took place would be chiefly between the individuals of the same new variety. A local variety when once thus formed might subsequently slowly spread to other districts. On the above principle, nurserymen always prefer getting seed from a large body of plants of the same variety, as the chance of intercrossing with other varieties is thus lessened.Even in the case of slow-breeding animals, which unite for each birth, we must not overrate the effects of intercrosses in retarding natural selection; for I can bring a considerable catalogue of facts, showing that within the same area, varieties of the same animal can long remain distinct, from haunting different stations, from breeding at slightly different seasons, or from varieties of the same kind preferring to pair together.

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      Not only this Griseldis through her wit *Couth all the feat* of wifely homeliness, *knew all the duties* But eke, when that the case required it, The common profit coulde she redress: There n'as discord, rancour, nor heaviness In all the land, that she could not appease, And wisely bring them all in rest and ease

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