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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  I returned to the room downstairs, where Ferguson and Holmes stillsat by the fire. Ferguson listened moodily to my account of theinterview.
2.  "I can make a couple out of black silk."
3.  From The Gables I walked down to the bathing-pool. The sun hadsunk and the shadow of the great cliff lay black across the water,which glimmered dully like a sheet of lead. The place was deserted andthere was no sign of life save for two sea-birds circling andscreaming overhead. In the fading light I could dimly make out thelittle dog's spoor upon the sand round the very rock on which hismaster's towel had been laid. For a long time I stood in deepmeditation while the shadows grew darker around me. My mind was filledwith racing thoughts. You have known what it was to be in anightmare in which you feel that there is some all-important thing forwhich you search and which you know is there, though it remainsforever just beyond your reach. That was how I felt that evening asI stood alone by that place of death. Then at last I turned and walkedslowly homeward.
4.  Ferguson put his big hand to his furrowed forehead.
5.  "You can imagine with what eagerness I listened to him, Watson,for the very chance for which I had been panting during all thosemonths of inaction seemed to have come within my reach. In my inmostheart I believed that I could succeed where others failed, and now Ihad the opportunity to test myself.
6.  I do not know how far Sherlock Holmes took any sleep that night, butwhen I came down to breakfast I found him pale and harassed, hisbright eyes the brighter for the dark shadows round them. The carpetround his chair was littered with cigarette-ends and with the earlyeditions of the morning papers. An open telegram lay upon the table."What do you think of this, Watson?" he asked, tossing it across.It was from Norwood, and ran as follows:


1.  "Because then, again, she would have left me, and I couldn't bear toface that. Even if she couldn't love me, it was a great deal to mejust to see her dainty form about the house, and to hear the soundof her voice."
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "Shall I leave, Percy?" she asked.
4.  "I understand that, Mr. Holmes, and it is already settled that heshall leave me forever, and go to seek his fortune in Australia.""In that case, your Grace, since you have yourself stated that anyunhappiness in your married life was caused by his presence I wouldsuggest that you make such amends as you can to the Duchess, andthat you try to resume those relations which have been so unhappilyinterrupted."
5.  "It was an hour's good drive."
6.  "If you are going back to Pitt Street, you might see Mr. HoraceHarker. Tell him for me that I have quite made up my mind, and that itis certain that a dangerous homicidal lunatic, with Napoleonicdelusions, was in his house last night. It will be useful for hisarticle."


1.  "He took me into his dingy sanctum, and we had a long chat. Ofcourse, he was disappointed that you had not come yourself. 'Ihardly expected,' he said, 'that so humble all individual as myself,especially after my heavy financial loss, could obtain the completeattention of so famous a man as Mr. Sherlock Holmes.'
2.  "In mining. He had nothing a few years ago. Then he struck gold,invested it, and came up by leaps and bounds."
3.  Lestrade looked at his watch. "I'll give you half an hour," said he."I must explain first," said McFarlane, "that I knew nothing ofMr. Jonas Oldacre. His name was familiar to me, for many years agomy parents were acquainted with him, but they drifted apart. I wasvery much surprised therefore, when yesterday, about three o'clockin the afternoon, he walked into my office in the city. But I wasstill more astonished when he told me the object of his visit. Hehad in his hand several sheets of a notebook, covered with scribbledwriting- here they are- and he laid them on my table.
4.  "We used something of the sort once before."
5.   "In the kitchen, I believe."
6.  Holmes had in some way ruffled our visitor, whose chubby face hadassumed a far less amiable expression.


1.  "Then I will tell you, relying entirely upon your honour and that ofyour colleague, Dr. Watson. I may appeal to your patriotism also,for I could not imagine a greater misfortune for the country than thatthis affair should come out."
2.  His eyes gleamed behind his great spectacles. It was very clear thatno pains would be spared by Mr. Nathan Garrideb in finding a namesake."I merely called to make your acquaintance, and there is no reasonwhy I should interrupt your studies," said Holmes. "I prefer toestablish personal touch with those with whom I do business. There arefew questions I need ask, for I have your very clear narrative in mypocket, and I filled up the blanks when this American gentlemancalled. I understand that up to this week you were unaware of hisexistence."
3.  "I've got him thoroughly frightened for his own skin, Watson,"Holmes remarked as we walked on. "I think he would double-cross hisemployer if he knew who he was. It was lucky I had some knowledge ofthe Spencer John crowd, and that Steve was one of them. Now, Watson,this is a case for Langdale Pike, and I am going to see him now.When I get back I may be clearer in the matter."
4、  "Then do so."
5、  "Now for it!" he cried.




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      No, Mr. Holmes had no desire to see him, but would be glad to knowmore about his record and character.

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      "You have a clue?"

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       "Hum! It may prove the simplest matter in the world, but all thesame at first glance this is just a little curious, is it not? Agang of burglar acting in the country might be expected to vary thescene of their operations, and not to crack two cribs in the samedistrict within a few days. When you spoke last night of takingprecautions I remember that it passed through my mind that this wasprobably the last parish in England to which the thief or thieveswould be likely to turn their attention-which shows that I havestill much to learn."

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      "They considered that it might be caused by Arthur's closing hisbedroom door."

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    {  "Ah, you look on these things from another standpoint.""I fail to see that anyone is to blame. I can hardly see how thelady could have acted otherwise, though her abrupt method of doingit was undoubtedly to be regretted. Having no mother, she had no oneto advise her at such a crisis."

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      "Precisely. You allude to my attempt to recover the IreneAdler papers, to the singular case of Miss Mary Sutherland, and tothe adventure of the man with the twisted lip. Well, I have nodoubt that this small matter will fall into the same innocentcategory. You know Peterson, the commissionaire?"}

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      "Ain't I a proof myself? If I stood before her and told her how heused me-"

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      "Yours very truly,

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       The man mopped his forehead with his handkerchief and gave a longsigh of relief.

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    {  "No, sir- not a word."

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      "Aldgate, where the body was found, is considerably past the stationfor London Bridge, which would be his route to Woolwich.""Many circumstances could be imagined under which he would passLondon Bridge. There was someone in the carriage, for example, withwhom he was having an absorbing interview. This interview led to aviolent scene in which he lost his life. Possibly he tried to leavethe carriage, fell out on the line, and so met his end. The otherclosed the door. There was a thick fog, and nothing could be seen.""No better explanation can be given with our present knowledge;and yet consider, Sherlock, how much you leave untouched. We willsuppose, for argument's sake, that young Cadogan West had determinedto convey these papers to London. He would naturally have made anappointment with the foreign agent and kept his evening clear. Insteadof that he took two tickets for the theatre, escorted his fiancehalfway there, and then suddenly disappeared."