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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then why did she go, just God?"
2.  Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.
3.  "The captain of the king's Musketeers."
4.  Athos replied, always by gestures, that that was well, andindicated to Grimaud, by pointing to a turret that resembleda pepper caster, that he was to stand as sentinel. Only, toalleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him totake a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.
5.  At nine o'clock the next morning, the drums beat to arms.The Duc d'Orleans visited the posts. The guards were underarms, and D'Artagnan took his place in the midst of hiscomrades.
6.  He approached the duke, took his hand, held it for an instant in hisown, and letting it fall, "All is useless," said he, "he is dead.""Dead, dead!" cried Patrick.


1.  The officer superintended all these details with the samecalmness Milady had constantly seen in him, never pronouncing aword himself, and making himself obeyed by a gesture of his handor a sound of his whistle.
2.  "Afterward? Why, in passing through Lilliers you will send me yourchaise, with an order to your servant to place himself at my disposal.""Well."
3.  Possessed by one single thought--that of the promise he had made, and ofthe responsibility he had taken--he retired last to his chamber, beggedthe host to procure him a map of the province, bent over it, examinedevery line traced upon it, perceived that there were four differentroads from Bethune to Armentieres, and summoned the lackeys.Planchet, Grimaud, Bazin, and Mousqueton presented themselves, andreceived clear, positive, and serious orders from Athos.They must set out the next morning at daybreak, and go to Armentieres--each by a different route. Planchet, the most intelligent of the four,was to follow that by which the carriage had gone upon which the fourfriends had fired, and which was accompanied, as may be remembered, byRochefort's servant.
4.  He leaped with Planchet into the boat, and five minutes afterthey were on board. It was time; for they had scarcely sailedhalf a league, when D'Artagnan saw a flash and heard adetonation. It was the cannon which announced the closing of theport.
5.  "While his Eminence was seeking for me in Paris, I would take,without sound of drum or trumpet, the road to Picardy, and wouldgo and make some inquiries concerning my three companions. Whatthe devil! They merit richly that piece of attention on yourpart."
6.  "I offered you Tyburn," said Lord de Winter. "Why did you not acceptit?"


1.  "A letter which was sent to your abode in your absence, and whichwas given to me for you."
2.  A short time ago, while making researches in the Royal Libraryfor my History of Louis XIV, I stumbled by chance upon theMemoirs of M. D'Artagnan, printed--as were most of the works ofthat period, in which authors could not tell the truth withoutthe risk of a residence, more or less long, in the Bastille--atAmsterdam, by Pierre Rouge. The title attracted me; I took themhome with me, with the permission of the guardian, and devouredthem.
3.  D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.
4.  "What orders?" asked Milady.
5.   The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.
6.  To delay it a single day would be in my eyes now to commit afresh offense.


1.  "Go to the devil with your Latin. Let us drink, my dearD'Artagnan, MORBLEU! Let us drink while the wine is fresh! Letus drink heartily, and while we do so, tell me a little of whatis going on in the world yonder."
2.  Then her brow darkened. "If he tells the baron," said she, "I amlost--for the baron, who knows very well that I shall not killmyself, will place me before him with a knife in my hand, and hewill discover that all this despair is but acted."She placed herself before the glass, and regarded herselfattentively; never had she appeared more beautiful."Oh, yes," said she, smiling, "but we won't tell him!"In the evening Lord de Winter accompanied the supper."Sir," said Milady, "is your presence an indispensable accessoryof my captivity? Could you not spare me the increase of torturewhich your visits cause me?"
3.  Standing before the chimney was a man of middle height, of ahaughty, proud mien; with piercing eyes, a large brow, and a thinface, which was made still longer by a ROYAL (or IMPERIAL, as itis now called), surmounted by a pair of mustaches. Although thisman was scarcely thirty-six or thirty-seven years of age, hair,mustaches, and royal, all began to be gray. This man, except asword, had all the appearance of a soldier; and his buff bootsstill slightly covered with dust, indicated that he had been onhorseback in the course of the day.
4、  D'Artagnan was not willing to abandon his companion thus,and stooped to raise him and assist him in regaining thelines; but at this moment two shots were fired. One ballstruck the head of the already-wounded guard, and the otherflattened itself against a rock, after having passed withintwo inches of D'Artagnan.
5、  "God abandons him who abandons himself," said Milady."But he will draw upon his head the punishment reserved for thedamned!" said Felton, with increasing exultation. "He wills thathuman vengeance should precede celestial justice.""Men fear him and spare him."




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      "Where is their road?"

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      "Well," said Porthos, "what do you want, and why do you notlet us listen to the end of the conversation?"

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       "No, sire, but I say that he deceives himself. I say that he isill-informed. I say that he has hastily accused your Majesty'sMusketeers, toward whom he is unjust, and that he has notobtained his information from good sources."

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      "Well," said Porthos, "in the first place make a bargain with themercer, and a good bargain."

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    {  "I felt instinctively that someone approached me; it is said thatthe doomed wretch in the deserts of America thus feels theapproach of the serpent.

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      "You came through Meung, where something befell you. Idon't very well know what, but still something."}

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      While this dialogue was going on, the two young men and the poorlackey descended.

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      "That is our brave Musketeer, I think," said the cardinal."Yes, monseigneur," said Porthos, "it is he."

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       Milady seized the occasion,

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    {  Presently it sounded one o'clock. It was necessary toseparate. D'Artagnan at the moment of quitting Milady feltonly the liveliest regret at the parting; and as theyaddressed each other in a reciprocally passionate adieu,another interview was arranged for the following week.Poor Kitty hoped to speak a few words to D'Artagnan when hepassed through her chamber; but Milady herself reconductedhim through the darkness, and only quit him at thestaircase.

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      Mounted on an excellent horse, which he was to leave at theend of twenty leagues in order to take the post, Planchetset off at a gallop, his spirits a little depressed by thetriple promise made him by the Musketeers, but otherwise aslight-hearted as possible.