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1.   There is, right at the west side of Itale, Down at the root of Vesulus<2> the cold, A lusty* plain, abundant of vitaille;* *pleasant **victuals There many a town and tow'r thou may'st behold, That founded were in time of fathers old, And many another delectable sight; And Saluces this noble country hight.
2.   And the river that I sat upon,* *beside It made such a noise as it ran, Accordant* with the birde's harmony, *keeping time with Me thought it was the beste melody That might be heard of any man.
3. 而PPP之所以是政府与社会资本合作,就是要让风险和收益匹配起来,这样才会有企业愿意承担风险。
4.   They fetch'd him first the sweete wine, And mead eke in a maseline,* *drinking-bowl And royal spicery; of maple wood <20> Of ginger-bread that was full fine, And liquorice and eke cumin, With sugar that is trie.* *refined
5.   The good apothecary appeared a little puzzled. I was standingbefore him; he fixed his eyes on me very steadily: his eyes were smalland grey; not very bright, but I daresay I should think them shrewdnow: he had a hard-featured yet good-natured looking face. Havingconsidered me at leisure, he said-
6.   'Child! what do you mean? What sorrowful eyes you fix on me!Well, but Missis and the young ladies and Master John are going out totea this afternoon, and you shall have tea with me. I'll ask cook tobake you a little cake, and then you shall help me to look over yourdrawers; for I am soon to pack your trunk. Missis intends you to leaveGateshead in a day or two, and you shall choose what toys you liketo take with you.'


1. 如两名学生被定罪,主要依靠是本人供述,还有些证人证言。
2.   He straightened himself and saluted, watching her in silence, as she came forward with weakening limbs. He resented the intrusion; he cherished his solitude as his only and last freedom in life.
3. Sara crossed the square to Miss Minchin's area steps, feeling faint and shaky.
4. ——网易云音乐用户@南国北岛在张敬轩《断点》歌曲下方的评论多少人以朋友的名义默默的爱着。
5.   "Yes, madame," replied Villefort, "it is not only projectedbut arranged."
6.   "Well, what shall I take?" he asked.


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.   "Come in here, Monsieur Chevalier," said she; "here we shallbe alone, and can talk."
3.   The cardinal was acquainted with the activity, and moreparticularly the hatred, of Buckingham. If the league whichthreatened France triumphed, all his influence would belost. Spanish policy and Austrian policy would have theirrepresentatives in the cabinet of the Louvre, where they hadas yet but partisans; and he, Richelieu--the Frenchminister, the national minister--would be ruined. The king,even while obeying him like a child, hated him as a childhates his master, and would abandon him to the personalvengeance of Monsieur and the queen. He would then be lost,and France, perhaps, with him. All this must be preparedagainst.
4. 我之前说过少谈一些颠覆,多谈一些创新,我认为整天讲颠覆是没有意义的,互联网+根本上还是要靠创新服务于各行各业,靠互联网、靠IT技术为各行各业的各个环节提升体验、提高效率、降低成本。
5. 作为国内领先的一站式灵活用工招聘平台,2019年,青团社帮助求职者与企业高效缔结1.4亿次兼职招聘需求。
6. 四、蚂蚁森林获联合国地球卫士奖。


1.   Faust
2.   "What?"
3.   He gave a queer little bow, lifting his hat. `You did, your Ladyship,' he said; then, with a return to the vernacular: `but I canna tell yer.' And he became a soldier, inscrutable, only pale with annoyance.
4. 图:360金融AI之夜活动成功举办加速金融与科技融合360金融五大科技布局亮相当前传统金融业务面临业务门槛高、客户体验不足、人力成本高、劳动力密集等问题及挑战,提升金融业务的质量及水平成为我国金融行业发展的当务之急。
5.   "In an instant." I scribbled a note to my neighbour, rushed upstairsto explain the matter to my wife, and joined Holmes upon the doorstep."Your neighbour is a doctor," said he, nodding at the brass plate."Yes, he bought a practice as I did."
6. 在抗击疫情的一线上他们是白衣战士他们义无反顾逆向而行我们坚信你们定会凯旋我们等你。


1.   Convey me thither! She shall be free!
2. 警察也劝阻过,但没成功,最后不知为何男子突然情绪激动起来,冲出了小区,就有了后面网上曝出来的事。
3.   'Et cela doit signifier,' said she, 'qu'il y aura la dedans uncadeau pour moi, et peut-etre pour vous aussi, mademoiselle.Monsieur a parle de vous: il m'a demande le nom de ma gouvernante,et si elle n'etait pas une petite personne, assez mince et un peupale. J'ai dit qu'oui: car c'est vrai, n'est-ce pas, mademoiselle?'

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