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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "When I shut my eyes and think, I seem to see it all again.The mind can see as well as the body. The body forgetssometimes -- but the mind never forgets."
2.  "I do not say that I did know it, and I do not say that Idid not know it. I merely tell you to look into my conductduring the last four years that we have ceased to be husbandand wife, and see whether it has not always been consistent.Some time after our rupture, you wished to study music,under the celebrated baritone who made such a successfulappearance at the Theatre Italien; at the same time I feltinclined to learn dancing of the danseuse who acquired sucha reputation in London. This cost me, on your account andmine, 100,000 francs. I said nothing, for we must have peacein the house; and 100,000 francs for a lady and gentleman tobe properly instructed in music and dancing are not toomuch. Well, you soon become tired of singing, and you take afancy to study diplomacy with the minister's secretary. Youunderstand, it signifies nothing to me so long as you payfor your lessons out of your own cashbox. But to-day I findyou are drawing on mine, and that your apprenticeship maycost me 700,000 francs per month. Stop there, madame, forthis cannot last. Either the diplomatist must give hislessons gratis, and I will tolerate him, or he must neverset his foot again in my house; -- do you understand,madame?"
3.  "Alas, it shows how little notion you can have of all it hascost me to effect a purpose so unexpectedly frustrated, thatyou talk of beginning over again. In the first place, I wasfour years making the tools I possess, and have been twoyears scraping and digging out earth, hard as graniteitself; then what toil and fatigue has it not been to removehuge stones I should once have deemed impossible to loosen.Whole days have I passed in these Titanic efforts,considering my labor well repaid if, by night-time I hadcontrived to carry away a square inch of this hard-boundcement, changed by ages into a substance unyielding as thestones themselves; then to conceal the mass of earth andrubbish I dug up, I was compelled to break through astaircase, and throw the fruits of my labor into the hollowpart of it; but the well is now so completely choked up,that I scarcely think it would be possible to add anotherhandful of dust without leading to discovery. Consider alsothat I fully believed I had accomplished the end and aim ofmy undertaking, for which I had so exactly husbanded mystrength as to make it just hold out to the termination ofmy enterprise; and now, at the moment when I reckoned uponsuccess, my hopes are forever dashed from me. No, I repeatagain, that nothing shall induce me to renew attemptsevidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure."
4.  "I have mine," said Madame de Villefort; and she passed overto Monte Cristo a bottle full of the same kind of red liquidwhose good properties the count had tested on Edward.
5.  The count, fearing to yield to the entreaties of her he hadso ardently loved, called his sufferings to the assistanceof his hatred. "Revenge yourself, then, Edmond," cried thepoor mother; "but let your vengeance fall on the culprits,-- on him, on me, but not on my son!"
6.  "By the orders of the deputy procureur?"


1.  "Two millions of Roman crowns; nearly thirteen millions ofour money."*
2.  "You were saving, sir" -- said Fernand, awaiting with greatanxiety the end of this interrupted remark.
3.  In spite of the magnitude of the misfortune which thussuddenly frustrated his hopes, Dantes did not lose hispresence of mind, but descended into the passage, dragginghis unfortunate companion with him; then, half-carrying,half-supporting him, he managed to reach the abbe's chamber,when he immediately laid the sufferer on his bed.
4.  "Why, the doctors called his complaint gastro-enteritis, Ibelieve; his acquaintances say he died of grief; but I, whosaw him in his dying moments, I say he died of" --Caderousse paused.
5.  "Come and help me."
6.  "You can speak before me," said Franz; "I am a friend of thecount's."


1.  "Oh, heavens," exclaimed Valentine, who was supporting thehead of Morrel on her shoulder, "do you not see how pale sheis? Do you not see how she suffers?"
2.  The count put his head out of the window and whistled, andthe horses appeared to fly. The carriage rolled with athundering noise over the pavement, and every one turned tonotice the dazzling meteor. Ali, smiling, repeated thesound, grasped the reins with a firm hand, and spurred hishorses, whose beautiful manes floated in the breeze. Thischild of the desert was in his element, and with his blackface and sparkling eyes appeared, in the cloud of dust heraised, like the genius of the simoom and the god of thehurricane. "I never knew till now the delight of speed,"said Morcerf, and the last cloud disappeared from his brow;"but where the devil do you get such horses? Are they madeto order?"
3.  "If it be so," replied the magistrate, "rely upon everyreparation being made; meanwhile, I am the bearer of anorder of arrest, and although I most reluctantly perform thetask assigned me, it must, nevertheless, be fulfilled. Whoamong the persons here assembled answers to the name ofEdmond Dantes?" Every eye was turned towards the young manwho, spite of the agitation he could not but feel, advancedwith dignity, and said, in a firm voice, "I am he; what isyour pleasure with me?"
4.  "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"
5.   "On the contrary," returned Gaetano, "the chief, who wastold you were a young Frenchman, invites you to sup withhim."
6.  "Providence still," murmured he; "now only am I fullyconvinced of being the emissary of God!"


1.  "My wretched curiosity has brought all this about," pursuedthe lady. "All Paris rung with the praises of MadameDanglars' beautiful horses, and I had the folly to desire toknow whether they really merited the high praise given tothem."
2.  "Well," replied La Carconte, "do as you like. For my part, Iwash my hands of the affair." So saying, she once moreclimbed the staircase leading to her chamber, her bodyconvulsed with chills, and her teeth rattling in her head,in spite of the intense heat of the weather. Arrived at thetop stair, she turned round, and called out, in a warningtone, to her husband, "Gaspard, consider well what you areabout to do!"
3.  "Oh, you despise them."
4、  "Ah," said Andrea, deeply affected.
5、  "To tell you the truth, I consider it lost."




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      "Poor Dantes!" said Caderousse. "No one can deny his being anoble-hearted young fellow."

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      "For long?"

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       "Doubt, if you please, but I am sure of what I say. I saw awhite figure, and as if to prevent my discrediting thetestimony of only one of my senses, I heard my glass removed-- the same which is there now on the table."

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      "Or dreamed he was, and awoke mad."

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    {  "I would stab the man, but the woman told me that if anymisfortune happened to her betrothed, she would killherself."

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      "The last?"}

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      "Tell me what it is," replied Monte Cristo.

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      "And I thank you; have what you will; "and he made a sign toFranz to take what he pleased.

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       "A piece of bread and another glass of the capital rum Itasted, for I have not eaten or drunk for a long time." Hehad not tasted food for forty hours. A piece of bread wasbrought, and Jacopo offered him the gourd.

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    {  Morrel looked around him, and then, drawing Dantes on oneside, he said suddenly -- "And how is the emperor?"

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      "Who is he?"