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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, yes, I am Mr. Nathan Garrideb. Is Mr. Holmes there? I shouldvery much like to have a word with Mr. Holmes."
2.  "'"I've not had my 'poIogy," said he sulkily, glancing in mydirection.
3.  "'Ha, ha! I think I would risk a little sporting flutter that youdon't go there at all.'
4.  "Very interesting- very interesting, indeed!" said Holmes, peeringat this sinister relic. "Anything more?"
5.  "Then, if you are not too sleepy, I will give you a sketch of whathas happened, and of what remains to be done."
6.  "Could you start at once?"


1.  "By the same brilliant reasoning, every man's body is to be found inthe neighbourhood of his wardrobe. And pray what did you hope toarrive at through this?"
2.  Witness: It is really impossible for me to tell you. I can assureyou that it has nothing to do with the sad tragedy which followed.The Coroner: That is for the court to decide. I need not point outto you that your refusal to answer will prejudice your caseconsiderably in any future proceedings which may arise.Witness: I must still refuse.
3.  "And yet you have sent for me?"
4.  "I also have a question to ask you, Sir Robert," he said in hissternest tone. "Who is this? And what is it doing here?"He turned and tore open the coffin-lid behind him. In the glare ofthe lantern I saw a body swathed in a sheet from head to foot, withdreadful, witchlike features, all nose and chin, projecting at oneend, the dim, glazed eyes staring from a discoloured and crumblingface.
5.  "G. DUNBAR.
6.  "Pray sit down on the sofa," said Holmes gently. "You had my note?""Yes, the lodge-keeper brought it up. You said that you wished tosee me here to avoid scandal."


1.  "I hope that I may have the pleasure of introducing youto-night. I've had one or two little turns also with Mr. JohnClay, and I agree with you that he is at the head of hisprofession. It is past ten, however, and quite time that westarted. If you two will take the first hansom, Watson and I willfollow in the second."
2.  1923
3.  "But how?"
4.  "Exactly- one of the richest men in Kent- Lady Brackenstall is inthe morning-room. Poor lady, she has had a most dreadful experience.She seemed half dead when I saw her first. I think you had best seeher and hear her account of the facts. Then we will examine thedining-room together."
5.   "You are the first who have ever heard my story. My father was aschool-master in Chesterfield, where I received an excellenteducation. I travelled in my youth, took to the stage, and finallybecame a reporter on an evening paper in London. One day my editorwished to have a series of articles upon begging in the metropolis,and I volunteered to supply them. There was the point from which allmy adventures started. It was only by trying begging as an amateurthat I could get the facts upon which to base my articles. When anactor I had, of course learned all the secrets of making up, and hadbeen famous in the green-room for my skill. I took advantage now of myattainments. I painted my face, and to make myself as pitiable aspossible I made a good scar and fixed one side of my lip in a twist bythe aid of a small slip of flesh-coloured plaster. Then with a redhead of hair, and an appropriate dress, I took my station in thebusiness part of the city, ostensibly as a match-seller but reallyas a beggar. For seven hours I plied my trade, and when I returnedhome in the evening I found to my surprise that I had received no lessthan 26s. 4d.
6.  A spaniel had lain in a basket in the corner. It came slowly forwardtowards its master, walking with difficulty. Its hind legs movedirregularly and its tail was on the ground. It licked Ferguson's hand."What is it, Mr. Holmes?"


1.  "I will look into this matter," he said at last. "On the face of it,it would appear to be a case of a very exceptional nature. Have youbeen there yourself, Mr. Roundhay?"
2.  Holmes grasped the doctor's hand.
3.  "Let us have everything in its due order." Holmes thrust his longthin legs out towards the fire and composed himself to listen."In the first place, I may say that I have met, on the whole, withno actual ill-treatment from Mr. and Mrs. Rucastle. It is only fair tothem to say that. But I cannot understand them, and I am not easy inmy mind about them."
4、  Mr. Sherlock Holmes listened with attention to the long report whichI was able to present to him that evening, but it did not elicitthat word of curt praise which I had hoped for and should have valued.On the contrary, his austere face was even more severe than usual ashe commented upon the things that I had done and the things that I hadnot.
5、  "'I am afraid that it is quite essential,' said he. 'It is alittle fancy of my wife's, and ladies' fancies, you know, madam,ladies' fancies must be consulted. And so you won't cut your hair?'"'No, sir, I really could not,' I answered firmly.




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      "Ku Klux Klan. A name derived from the fanciful

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      "Then I will ask Sir James to step this way. He is at present in thecarriage outside the door. Meanwhile, Colonel Emsworth, we may perhapsassemble in your study, where I could give the necessaryexplanations."

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       Mr. Amberley sat down heavily. He sensed impending danger. I read itin his straining eyes and his twitching features.

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      "Then I can assure you that our relations were entirely and alwaysthose of an employer towards a young lady whom he never conversedwith, or ever saw, save when she was in the company of his children."Holmes rose from his chair.

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    {  "For my sake?"

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      "It was on a different panel of the door."

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      "He said too much."

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       "About sixty; but his constitution has been shattered by his lifeabroad, and he has been in failing health for some time. This businesshas had a very bad effect upon him. He was an old friend ofMcCarthy's, and, I may add, a great benefactor to him, for I havelearned that he gave him Hatherley Farm rent free."

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    {  "Is such as we might expect. It ran, if I remember right,`sent the pips to A, B, and C'--that is, sent the society'swarning to them. Then there are successive entries that A and Bcleared, or left the country, and finally that C was visited,with, I fear, a sinister result for C. Well, I think, Doctor,that we may let some light into this dark place, and I believethat the only chance young Openshaw has in the meantime is to dowhat I have told him. There is nothing more to be said or to bedone to-night, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forgetfor half an hour the miserable weather and the still moremiserable ways of our fellowmen."

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      "Yes, I got it."