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1.   Hurstwood opened the door, outside of which stood the individualwhom he had so thoroughly suspected.
2. 只要从1988年到1991年的12个季度的时间,弹弓行业就会绝迹。不过,企业会在什么时候退出?谁该首先放弃,什么时候放弃?借助逐步剔除劣势策略的技巧就能解答这个问题。在你动手解答之前,请注意,对哥利亚而言,挺过1990年1月是一个劣势策略,因为从此以后无论大卫坚持生产还是关门停业,它自己都将一直亏损。现在我们倒推回去,思考一个问题:假如你是大卫,现在是1989年第三季度,哥利亚还在继续生产,你会怎么做。①
3. We had no need to make pathetic pantomime of hunger; the smaller tables were already laid with food, and we were gravely invited to be seated. The tables were set for two; each of us found ourselves placed vis-a-vis with one of our hosts, and each table had five other stalwarts nearby, unobtrusively watching. We had plenty of time to get tired of those women!
4. 其实我们最近压力也很大,因为预防工作要细致,反应要及时。
5.   "And what did you do with the child?" asked Monte Cristo."It was an embarrassing load for a man seeking to escape."
6. 这些商户中,近8成开发运营的是非法棋牌类游戏。


1.   The two Musketeers with whom we have already made acquaintance,and who answered to the last of these three names, immediatelyquitted the group of which they had formed a part, and advancedtoward the cabinet, the door of which closed after them as soonas they had entered. Their appearance, although it was not quiteat ease, excited by its carelessness, at once full of dignity andsubmission, the admiration of D'Artagnan, who beheld in these twomen demigods, and in their leader an Olympian Jupiter, armed withall his thunders.
2. 情况之外,禁止十八岁以下的球员进行跨国转会。同时,对于十八岁至二十三岁之间的球员,在离开他们参加的第一家职业俱乐部时,应当向该俱乐部支付一笔补偿金。以上这些建议方案刚一提出来,很多相关问题就接踵而来了。例如德国最高法院已经做出判决,认定上述的那种转会补偿金方案为非法行为。因此,这一方案将无法在德国实行——事实上它在哪儿都不可能实行。
3. 同时,疫情也对快递、外卖配送等触达服务方式提出了要求,作为生活服务场景的最后一环,此类服务方式增加了人与人之间面对面的接触机会,增加了病毒传染的可能性。
4. 经常大、小便失禁,尿床、尿裤子。
5.   顺着这条线,摸到了在场和接触过患者的亲人,并成功找到了其中一名家人的电话。
6. 但小型房企表现不佳,前11月景瑞控股的销售规模为206.31亿元,同比下降4.55%。


1.   ...ngle in the second;
2. 我们还要仔细考察一下韦尔斯·王尔德的较为流行的“方向性运动系统”和“抛物线系统”。在我们的讨论中,将以这两个系统为例,来评价自动交易系统的优缺点。我们将看到,自动的趋势顺应系统唯有在特定的市场环境中才能表现良好。另外,我们还要说明,也可以把自动系统简单地用作验证性的技术指标,纳入我们的市场分析中。
3. 如果产品的一部分不转化为资本,它的另一部分就不会采取工资、利润和地租的形式。
4. 镇政府正协调处理此事
5.   "Telemachus," said she, addressing her son, "I fear you are nolonger so discreet and well conducted as you used to be. When you wereyounger you had a greater sense of propriety; now, however, that youare grown up, though a stranger to look at you would take you forthe son of a well-to-do father as far as size and good looks go,your conduct is by no means what it should be. What is all thisdisturbance that has been going on, and how came you to allow astranger to be so disgracefully ill-treated? What would havehappened if he had suffered serious injury while a suppliant in ourhouse? Surely this would have been very discreditable to you."
6. 经核实,旅行团共21人,事故中无人死亡,2人重伤,1人中度受伤,均已送至医院救治,正在接受手术。


1. 合肥市和厦门市分别以48.6%和45.9%的涨幅再次领涨。
2.   "We agreed to do as she had said, and feasted through the livelongday to the going down of the sun, but when the sun had set and it cameon dark, the men laid themselves down to sleep by the stern cablesof the ship. Then Circe took me by the hand and bade me be seated awayfrom the others, while she reclined by my side and asked me allabout our adventures.
3.   Sister (quoth she) if I were faithfully assured of thy secrecie, Iwould tell thee a thing which I have often thought on, and it may(perhaps) redound to thy profit. Sister, replyed the other Nun, speakeyour minde boldly, and beleeve it (on my Maidenhead) that I will neverreveale it to any creature living. Encouraged by this solemne answere,the first Nun thus prosecuted her former purpose, saying. I know notSister, whether it hath entred into thine understanding or no,strictly we are here kept and attended, never any man daring toadventure among us, except our good and bonest Fac-totum, who isvery aged; and this dumbe fellow, maimed, and made imperfect bynature, and therefore not worthy the title of a man. Ah Sister, ithath oftentimes bin told me, by Gentlewomen comming hither to visiteus, that all other sweetes in the world, are mockeries, to theincomparable pleasures of man and woman, of which we are barred by ourunkind parents, binding us to perpetuall chastity, which they werenever able to observe themselves.
4.   "Do you keep plate in the house, or anything to attract burglars?""Nothing of value."
5. 2019年9月10日,马云在阿里巴巴20周年晚会上谈及卸任阿里巴巴董事局主席一事时表示:不当阿里巴巴董事长,不等于我退休,我不会闲下来,我自己觉得我还很年轻。
6. 昨天小凯弥留之际,文贯中兄给小凯的夫人小娟打了电话,带去了朋友们的关怀。再次打电话时小凯已经离我们而去。小凯,安心地走吧,你的精神永远在我的心中,激励着我前进。


1.   "Why, I have only had the honor of being in her society andconversing with her three or four times in my life; but youknow that even such an acquaintance as that might warrant mydoing what you ask." At that instant, the countess perceivedFranz, and graciously waved her hand to him, to which hereplied by a respectful inclination of the head. "Upon myword," said Albert, "you seem to be on excellent terms withthe beautiful countess."
2. 多少年之后,很多人问马斯克是怎么学会制造火箭的,马斯克总是嘿嘿一笑,说自己是通过看书学会的,根本没几个人相信。
3. 联想记忆

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