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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your wife, in going to Rue de Vaugirard and Rue de la Harpe, didnot go to find linen drapers."
2.  The cavalier laughed aloud, which appeared to exasperateMilady still more.
3.  "And what dream does she mean?" asked the dragoon, who hadapproached during the reading.
4.  Meantime, his Eminence continued his melancholy ride, murmuringbetween his mustaches, "These four men must positively be mine."
5.  "Ah, my faith, yes!" said Porthos and D'Artagnan, at thesame time; "we are coming nearer to it now."
6.  "You were about to confide it to Monsieur Bonacieux," saidD'Artagnan, with chagrin.


1.  "Withdraw, sir," said Buckingham, "or I will call my attendant, and haveyou placed in irons."
2.  "You had only read a line or two," said D'Artagnan; "read theletter again from the commencement."
3.  "Indeed! you know them likewise? I know them," cried Milady, who beganto feel a chill penetrate her heart.
4.  "Of how many persons?"
5.  It goes without saying that this impatience to return toward Paris hadfor a cause the danger which Mme. Bonacieux would run of meeting at theconvent of Bethune with Milady, her mortal enemy. Aramis therefore hadwritten immediately to Marie Michon, the seamstress at Tours who hadsuch fine acquaintances, to obtain from the queen authority for Mme.Bonacieux to leave the convent, and to retire either into Lorraine orBelgium. They had not long to wait for an answer. Eight or ten daysafterward Aramis received the following letter:
6.  "Go and fetch a physician?" said she. "What could be the good ofthat? These gentlemen declared yesterday that my illness was acomedy; it would be just the same today, no doubt--for sinceyesterday evening they have had plenty of time to send for adoctor."


1.  "But when you held her in your power, why did you not drownher, strangle her, hang her?" said Porthos. "It is only thedead who do not return."
2.  They found him up, less pale than when D'Artagnan left him afterhis first visit, and seated at a table on which, though he wasalone, was spread enough for four persons. This dinner consistedof meats nicely dressed, choice wines, and superb fruit."Ah, PARDIEU!" said he, rising, "you come in the nick of time,gentlemen. I was just beginning the soup, and you will dine withme."
3.  It was past midnight; the next thing was to find Planchet.D'Artagnan went successively into all the cabarets in which therewas a light, but could not find Planchet in any of them.At the sixth he began to reflect that the search was ratherdubious. D'Artagnan had appointed six o'clock in the morning forhis lackey, and wherever he might be, he was right.Besides, it came into the young man's mind that by remaining inthe environs of the spot on which this sad event had passed, hewould, perhaps, have some light thrown upon the mysteriousaffair. At the sixth cabaret, then, as we said, D'Artagnanstopped, asked for a bottle of wine of the best quality, andplacing himself in the darkest corner of the room, determinedthus to wait till daylight; but this time again his hopes weredisappointed, and although he listened with all his ears, heheard nothing, amid the oaths, coarse jokes, and abuse whichpassed between the laborers, servants, and carters who comprisedthe honorable society of which he formed a part, which could puthim upon the least track of her who had been stolen from him. Hewas compelled, them, after having swallowed the contents of hisbottle, to pass the time as well as to evade suspicion, to fallinto the easiest position in his corner and to sleep, whetherwell or ill. D'Artagnan, be it remembered, was only twenty yearsold, and at that age sleep has its imprescriptible rights whichit imperiously insists upon, even with the saddest hearts.Toward six o'clock D'Artagnan awoke with that uncomfortablefeeling which generally accompanies the break of day after a badnight. He was not long in making his toilet. He examinedhimself to see if advantage had been taken of his sleep, andhaving found his diamond ring on his finger, his purse in hispocket, and his pistols in his belt, he rose, paid for hisbottle, and went out to try if he could have any better luck inhis search after his lackey than he had had the night before.The first thing he perceived through the damp gray mist washonest Planchet, who, with the two horses in hand, awaited him atthe door of a little blind cabaret, before which D'Artagnan hadpassed without even a suspicion of its existence.
4.  "But," continued Aramis, "the details escape me.""And me also," said Porthos.
5.   "Were you condemned, were you innocent, were you a martyr,"replied Felton, "the greater would be the necessity for prayer;and I myself would aid you with my prayers."
6.  And the four friends, seconded by Grimaud, pushed with thebarrels of their muskets an enormous sheet of the wall,which bent as if pushed by the wind, and detaching itselffrom its base, fell with a horrible crash into the ditch.Then a fearful crash was heard; a cloud of dust mountedtoward the sky--and all was over!


1.  "For La Rochelle."
2.  "I have that permission," said the gentleman, drawing the paperfrom his pocket; "here it is."
3.  Whether Porthos understood him or did not understand him, givingway to his anger, "Monsieur," said he, "you stand a chance ofgetting chastised if you rub Musketeers in this fashion.""Chastised, Monsieur!" said D'Artagnan, "the expression isstrong."
4、  "Then, my friend, take back this ring, to which I see youattach much value."
5、  "Now, my friends," said Athos, "finish them at a blow. Tothe wall; to the wall!"




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      Not a second was to be lost. Milady passed her two arms roundFelton's neck, and let herself slip out of the window. Feltonbegan to descend the ladder slowly, step by step. Despite theweight of two bodies, the blast of the hurricane shook them inthe air.

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      "Stupid fellow yourself!" said D'Artagnan, stooping in histurn on the neck of his horse, and answering on his sidethrough the carriage window. "I do not go on because itpleases me to stop here."

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       "No, no! It is not true," said Milady, in a tone of voice sofirm, and with a countenance so unchanged, that ifD'Artagnan had not been in such perfect possession of thefact, he would have doubted.

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      He repaired, then, instantly to the office of the LIEUTENANT-CRIMINEL. The officer who commanded the post of theRed Cross was sent for, and by successive inquiries they learnedthat Athos was then lodged in the Fort l'Eveque.

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    {  "Then if through excess of love I have rendered myselfculpable toward you, you will pardon me?"

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      "Very well, my worthy gentleman," replied D'Artagnan, "pickout the longest, and come and show it to me this evening.""Where, if you please?"}

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      "I swear it, by our God. Are you satisfied?"

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      "Only grazed a little," replied D'Artagnan; "my fingers werecaught between two stones--that of the wall and that of myring--and the skin was broken."

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       "That does not concern me."

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    {  The face of the young woman was entirely unknown to her. Each examinedthe other with great attention, while exchanging the customarycompliments; both were very handsome, but of quite different styles ofbeauty. Milady, however, smiled in observing that she excelled theyoung woman by far in her high air and aristocratic bearing. It is truethat the habit of a novice, which the young woman wore, was not veryadvantageous in a contest of this kind.

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      If a repast were on foot, Athos presided over it better than anyother, placing every guest exactly in the rank which hisancestors had earned for him or that he had made for himself. Ifa question in heraldry were started, Athos knew all the noblefamilies of the kingdom, their genealogy, their alliances, theircoats of arms, and the origin of them. Etiquette had no minutiaeunknown to him. He knew what were the rights of the great landowners. He was profoundly versed in hunting and falconry, andhad one day when conversing on this great art astonished evenLouis XIII himself, who took a pride in being considered a pastmaster therein.