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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Mephistopheles
2.  Gretchen?
3.  Alas! it long hath sorely troubled me, To see thee in such odious company.Faust
4.  Come in!
5.  He loves me - not - he loves me - not
6.  Thanks for your fair salute.


1.  What! She? She from confession cometh here, From every sin absolved andfree; I crept near the confessor's chair. All innocence her virgin soul, For nextto nothing went she there; O'er such as she I've no control!Faust
2.  Student
3.  You scapegrace! How; Your skin still itching for a row? Thither I will not go,I loathe the place.
4.  Away! I will return no more!
5.  Faust
6.  Margaret


1.  Faust
2.  How him alone all hope abandons never, To empty trash who clings, with zealuntired, With greed for treasure gropes, and, joy - inspir'd, Exults if earth -worms second his endeavour.
3.  Siebel
4.  The Monkeys
5.   Where the four winds have blown it, who can say? In Naples as he stroll'd, astranger there, A comely maid took pity on my friend; And gave such tokensof her love and care, That he retained them to his blessed end.Martha
6.  The Lord


1.  Come, quick, and let thyself be led by me; Thou must perspire, in order thatthe juice Thy frame may penetrate through every part. Then noble idleness Ithee will teach to prize, And soon with ecstasy thou'lt recognise How Cupidstirs and gambols in thy heart.
2.  (He writes and returns the book.)
3.  Ay! what 'mong men as knowledge doth obtain! Who on the child its truename dares bestow? The few who somewhat of these things have known,Who their full hearts unguardedly reveal'd, Nor thoughts, nor feelings, fromthe mob conceal'd, Have died on crosses, or in flames been thrown. Excuseme, friend, far now the night is spent, For this time we must say adieu.Wagner
4、  Beneath Heaven's sunshine, everywhere, This is the utterance of the humanheart; Each in his language doth the like impart; Then why not I in mine?Margaret
5、  Author




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      Then saw I

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      We will consider what you say, And talk about it more anon! For this timehave I leave to go?

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       Dear angel! there's no cause for dread. Here is a little phial, - if she takeMixed in her drink three drops, 'twill steep Her nature in a deep and soothingsleep.

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      So long as he on earth doth live, So long 'tis not forbidden thee. Man still musterr, while he doth strive.

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    {  (as they draw the stoppers and the wine chosen by each runs into his glass)Oh beauteous spring, which flows so far!

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      I swear it seemeth like a dream to me. May I some future time repeat my visit,To hear on what your wisdom grounds your views?Mephistopheles}

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      Here is a casket, with a store Of jewels, which I got elsewhere Just lay it inthe press; make haste! I swear to you, 'twill turn her brain; Therein sometrifles I have placed, Wherewith another to obtain. But child is child, and playis play.

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       Take the whisk and sit down in the settle!

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    {  For one brief hour then may I never rest, And heart to heart, and soul to soulbe pressed?

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