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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why is that gendarme there?" asked Andrea of himself. Then,all at once, he replied, with that logic which the readerhas, doubtless, remarked in him, "There is nothingastonishing in seeing a gendarme at an inn; instead of beingastonished, let me dress myself." And the youth dressedhimself with a facility his valet de chambre had failed torob him of during the two months of fashionable life he hadled in Paris. "Now then," said Andrea, while dressinghimself, "I'll wait till he leaves, and then I'll slipaway." And, saying this, Andrea, who had now put on hisboots and cravat, stole gently to the window, and a secondtime lifted up the muslin curtain. Not only was the firstgendarme still there, but the young man now perceived asecond yellow, blue, and white uniform at the foot of thestaircase, the only one by which he could descend, while athird, on horseback, holding a musket in his fist, wasposted as a sentinel at the great street door which aloneafforded the means of egress.
2.  "Yet conscience remains," remarked Madame de Villefort in anagitated voice, and with a stifled sigh.
3.  "Up to this point," said Faria, interrupting the thread ofhis narrative, "this seems to you very meaningless, nodoubt, eh?"
4.  "Come, come; I always said you were a line fellow, and it isa blessing when good fortune happens to such as you. Buttell me all about it?"
5.  "Perhaps," said one of the previous speakers, "as he was achurchman, they may go to some expense in his behalf."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Just God, avenging God!" murmured Madame Danglars.
2.  On the bed, at full length, and faintly illuminated by thepale light that came from the window, lay a sack of canvas,and under its rude folds was stretched a long and stiffenedform; it was Faria's last winding-sheet, -- a winding-sheetwhich, as the turnkey said, cost so little. Everything wasin readiness. A barrier had been placed between Dantes andhis old friend. No longer could Edmond look into thosewide-open eyes which had seemed to be penetrating themysteries of death; no longer could he clasp the hand whichhad done so much to make his existence blessed. Faria, thebeneficent and cheerful companion, with whom he wasaccustomed to live so intimately, no longer breathed. Heseated himself on the edge of that terrible bed, and fellinto melancholy and gloomy revery.
3.  "How?" said Albert, whose brow reddened; "you think M.Danglars" --
4.  "Well?"
5.  "Indeed madame," said Monte Cristo: "I scarcely know if Idare tell you where I am going."
6.  "Because I was arrested at Piombino, and I presume that,like Milan and Florence, Piombino has become the capital ofsome French department."


1.  The library was divided into two parts on either side of thewall, and contained upwards of two thousand volumes; onedivision was entirely devoted to novels, and even the volumewhich had been published but the day before was to be seenin its place in all the dignity of its red and gold binding.On the other side of the house, to match with the library,was the conservatory, ornamented with rare flowers, thatbloomed in china jars; and in the midst of the greenhouse,marvellous alike to sight and smell, was a billiard-tablewhich looked as if it had been abandoned during the pasthour by players who had left the balls on the cloth. Onechamber alone had been respected by the magnificentBertuccio. Before this room, to which you could ascend bythe grand, and go out by the back staircase, the servantspassed with curiosity, and Bertuccio with terror. At fiveo'clock precisely, the count arrived before the house atAuteuil, followed by Ali. Bertuccio was awaiting thisarrival with impatience, mingled with uneasiness; he hopedfor some compliments, while, at the same time, he feared tohave frowns. Monte Cristo descended into the courtyard,walked all over the house, without giving any sign ofapprobation or pleasure, until he entered his bedroom,situated on the opposite side to the closed room; then heapproached a little piece of furniture, made of rosewood,which he had noticed at a previous visit. "That can only beto hold gloves," he said.
2.  "Well," said Morcerf, "for three days I believed myself theobject of the attentions of a masque, whom I took for adescendant of Tullia or Poppoea, while I was simply theobject of the attentions of a contadina, and I say contadinato avoid saying peasant girl. What I know is, that, like afool, a greater fool than he of whom I spoke just now, Imistook for this peasant girl a young bandit of fifteen orsixteen, with a beardless chin and slim waist, and who, justas I was about to imprint a chaste salute on his lips,placed a pistol to my head, and, aided by seven or eightothers, led, or rather dragged me, to the Catacombs of St.Sebastian, where I found a highly educated brigand chiefperusing Caesar's `Commentaries,' and who deigned to leaveoff reading to inform me, that unless the next morning,before six o'clock, four thousand piastres were paid intohis account at his banker's, at a quarter past six I shouldhave ceased to exist. The letter is still to be seen, for itis in Franz d'Epinay's possession, signed by me, and with apostscript of M. Luigi Vampa. This is all I know, but I knownot, count, how you contrived to inspire so much respect inthe bandits of Rome who ordinarily have so little respectfor anything. I assure you, Franz and I were lost inadmiration."
3.  "I countenance nothing that is marvellous, M. Albert. Tellme, why does a steward rob his master?"
4.  While all the proceedings relative to the dissolution of themarriage-contract were being carried on at the house of M.de Villefort, Monte Cristo had paid his visit to the Countof Morcerf, who, in order to lose no time in responding toM. Danglars' wishes, and at the same time to pay all duedeference to his position in society, donned his uniform oflieutenant-general, which he ornamented with all hiscrosses, and thus attired, ordered his finest horses anddrove to the Rue de la Chausse d'Antin.
5.   "With?"
6.  "He pointed to each letter of the alphabet. At the letter Sthe old man stopped her. She opened, and found the word"secret."


1.  "Take all needful precautions," replied the inspector.
2.  "By whom?"
3.  "He did not credit it at the period which I knew him," saidMonte Cristo, touched to the heart by the accents of Julie'svoice; "but, perhaps, since then he has had proofs thatgratitude does exist."
4、  "Monte Cristo although uninhabited, yet serves occasionallyas a refuge for the smugglers and pirates who come fromCorsica, Sardinia, and Africa, and if it becomes known thatwe have been there, we shall have to perform quarantine forsix days on our return to Leghorn."
5、  "Ma foi, what rival? Why, your protege, M. AndreaCavalcanti!"




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      "Poor Valentine!"

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      "And you visit him? -- meet him at your own house andelsewhere?"

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       "`Are you mad, uncle?' (he called me by this name when hewas in good humor); `do you think I am going to change thelife I lead for your mode of existence -- my agreeableindolence for the hard and precarious toil you impose onyourself, exposed to the bitter frost at night, and thescorching heat by day, compelled to conceal yourself, andwhen you are perceived, receive a volley of bullets, all toearn a paltry sum? Why, I have as much money as I want;mother Assunta always furnishes me when I ask for it! Yousee that I should be a fool to accept your offer.' Thearguments, and his audacity, perfectly stupefied me.Benedetto rejoined his associates, and I saw him from adistance point me out to them as a fool."

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      "Doubtless, doubtless," said Morrel; "but I shall say, likethe Spaniard, `He has not been so brave to-day as he wasyesterday.'"

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    {  Chapter 72Madame de Saint-Meran.

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      "Do you regret them?" asked Morrel, with his open laugh.}

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      "No, lest on the first demonstration I make in favor ofMehemet Ali, the Sultan send me the bowstring, and make mysecretaries strangle me."

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      "Why, we must inquire into that," was Caderousse's reply;and turning towards the young man, said, "Well, Catalan,can't you make up your mind?"

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       Monte Cristo took the gong and struck it once. In about thespace of a second a private door opened, and Ali appeared,bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia. "Itis quite wonderful," said Albert.

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    {  "For a whim."

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      She loved Villefort, and he left her at the moment he wasabout to become her husband. Villefort knew not when heshould return, and Renee, far from pleading for Dantes,hated the man whose crime separated her from her lover.