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1.   Mephistopheles
2.   MY nearest way to Yarmouth, in coming back from these long walks, was by a ferry. It landed me on the flat between the town and the sea, which I could make straight across, and so save myself a considerable circuit by the high road. Mr. Peggotty's house being on that waste-place, and not a hundred yards out of my track, I always looked in as I went by. Steerforth was pretty sure to be there expecting me, and we went on together through the frosty air and gathering fog towards the twinkling lights of the town.
3. extravagant
4. 想一想再看
5. Of marriage as a ceremony they knew nothing. Jeff was for bringing them to our country for the religious and the civil ceremony, but neither Celis nor the others would consent.


1.   There were great changes in my old home. The ragged nests, so long deserted by the rooks, were gone; and the trees were lopped and topped out of their remembered shapes. The garden had run wild, and half the windows of the house were shut up. It was occupied, but only by a poor lunatic gentleman, and the people who took care of him. He was always sitting at my little window, looking out into the churchyard; and I wondered whether his rambling thoughts ever went upon any of the fancies that used to occupy mine, on the rosy mornings when I peeped out of that same little window in my night-clothes, and saw the sheep quietly feeding in the light of the rising sun.
2. 五、工业革命的传播
3. 独特的中国文化有不少特点,一个特点是养蚕和将纤细的蚕丝织成精美的丝织品;另一特点是避免将牲畜乳汁供人消费之用——这一点特别引人注目,因为乳汁和乳制品是欧亚大陆各游牧部落的主食品。祖先崇拜从最古代起就一直是中国宗教的一个主要特征,对一个人的姓十分重视与这一点有密切的联系。中国人的姓总是位于个人的名字之前,而不象西方那样,位于个人的名字之后;这反映了中国社会历来起主要作用的是家庭,而不是个人、国家或教堂。常见的中国建筑物屋顶华丽,由一排排木柱支承,这种式样也是从远古时代起就有了。
4.   I ate mine, as was natural, with a spoon, but great was my surprise to notice that my wife, instead of doing the same, drew from her pocket a little case, from which she selected a long pin, and by the help of this pin conveyed her rice grain by grain to her mouth.
5.   Helen heard me patiently to the end: I expected she would then makea remark, but she said nothing.
6. 但是,看看其他体育运动项目的薪金数字记录,你就知道足球运动员无论如何都算不上是最富有的人。法拉利车队的一级方程式赛车手迈克尔·舒马赫每年可以赚到两千五百万英镑,而加上签字背书收入,拳击运动员伦洛克斯·刘易斯每打一场比赛可以有五百万英镑入账——顶级高尔夫球选手也可以轻松拿到这个数目的报酬——温布尔登大赛冠军在主办方分配奖金之前可以拿到五十万英镑。如果曼联队成绩不错的话,处于这个等级的罗伊·基恩的年薪加上津贴和奖金也能收入大约四百万英镑。


1. 9. 《大空头》(The Big Short)。亚当·麦凯(Adam McKay)把影片处理为喜剧,但在他以笑声轰炸屏幕的同时,也表明他对这场2008年经济崩溃的呈现是一场让人心碎的美国悲剧。
2. "But if you cry, you will be one, Lottie pet. You PROMISED>." Lottle remembered that she had promised, but she preferred to lift up her voice.
3.   "And to start to-morrow morning?"
4. The good-hearted father of the Large Family put his hand on his shoulder comfortingly.
5.   This horrible sight turned me faint, but, to my surprise, my uncle did not show so much surprise as anger.
6.   "We can't do these things in the force, Mr. Holmes," said he. "Nowonder you get results that are beyond us. But some of these daysyou'll go too far, and you'll find yourself and your friend introuble."


1. 为了应对这些危机,我已经联系了一些同行和供应商,跟我们分担生产压力,共同抱团取暖,度过寒冬。
2.   "Yes."
3. 这些技术后来用到麦金塔电脑上,而麦金塔操作系统后来演化为苹果iPhone手机的灵魂——iOS。
4. 君联资本董事总经理、首席投资官李家庆称,2020年将是ToB企业服务领域非常危险的一年,太多公司在过去两三年时间里开始做AI、RPA、SaaS、大数据、数据中台等业务,这些公司都拿到了钱,进行了扩张,估值水平得到上涨,但是,大多数公司实际上比较难找到合适的落地场景。
5. 如果说支持,我觉得抗疫一线的工作者要面对病毒,也会面对难以名状的情绪,乐观的心态很重要,也希望社会能给予一线工作人员更多的心理疏导。
6. *Reality Host: RuPaul Charles, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (Logo)


1. 本来呢,用100分钟去拍一场逆天大火的熄灭,也不是不可以。
2. 为什么AMD可以跟Intel竞争?AMD比Intel钱少很多,但是AMD可以和Intel竞争,重要的就是有张忠谋这样的人。
3. 法院审理泉州市中级人民法院审理认为,王育加因与被害人之女交往遭被害人反对,为泄愤竟持刀切割被害人颈部,致一人死亡,其行为已构成故意杀人罪。

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