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1.   stood for E. As you are aware, E is the most common letter in theEnglish alphabet, and it predominates to so marked an extent that evenin a short sentence one would expect to find it most often. Out offifteen symbols in the first message, four were the same, so it wasreasonable to set this down as E. It is true that in some cases thefigure was bearing a flag, and in some cases not but it wasprobable, from the way in which the flags were distributed, thatthey were used to break the sentence up into words. I accepted this asa hypothesis, and noted that E was represented by [the stickman withboth arms extended up in the air]
2. 今年,当MongoDB首席执行官DevIttycheria与其他六家软件公司的负责人一起参加晚宴时,人们第一时间就提起了MongoDB的这段经历。
3.   On these words the old woman covered her face with her hands; shebegan to weep and made lamentation saying, "My dear child, I cannotthink whatever I am to do with you. I am certain no one was evermore god-fearing than yourself, and yet Jove hates you. No one inthe whole world ever burned him more thigh bones, nor gave him finerhecatombs when you prayed you might come to a green old age yourselfand see your son grow up to take after you; yet see how he hasprevented you alone from ever getting back to your own home. I have nodoubt the women in some foreign palace which Ulysses has got to aregibing at him as all these sluts here have been gibing you. I do notwonder at your not choosing to let them wash you after the manner inwhich they have insulted you; I will wash your feet myself gladlyenough, as Penelope has said that I am to do so; I will wash them bothfor Penelope's sake and for your own, for you have raised the mostlively feelings of compassion in my mind; and let me say thismoreover, which pray attend to; we have had all kinds of strangersin distress come here before now, but I make bold to say that no oneever yet came who was so like Ulysses in figure, voice, and feet asyou are."
4.   The Greek king was naturally very weak, and did not perceive the wicked intention of his vizir, nor was he firm enough to keep to his first resolution.
5.   Great was the press, that swarmed to and fro To gauren* on this horse that stoode so: *gaze For it so high was, and so broad and long, So well proportioned for to be strong, Right as it were a steed of Lombardy; Therewith so horsely, and so quick of eye, As it a gentle Poileis <13> courser were: For certes, from his tail unto his ear Nature nor art ne could him not amend In no degree, as all the people wend.* *weened, thought But evermore their moste wonder was How that it coulde go, and was of brass; It was of Faerie, as the people seem'd. Diverse folk diversely they deem'd; As many heads, as many wittes been. They murmured, as doth a swarm of been,* *bees And made skills* after their fantasies, *reasons Rehearsing of the olde poetries, And said that it was like the Pegasee,* *Pegasus The horse that hadde winges for to flee;* *fly Or else it was the Greeke's horse Sinon,<14> That broughte Troye to destruction, As men may in the olde gestes* read. *tales of adventures Mine heart," quoth one, "is evermore in dread; I trow some men of armes be therein, That shape* them this city for to win: *design, prepare It were right good that all such thing were know." Another rowned* to his fellow low, *whispered And said, "He lies; for it is rather like An apparence made by some magic, As jugglers playen at these feastes great." Of sundry doubts they jangle thus and treat. As lewed* people deeme commonly *ignorant Of thinges that be made more subtilly Than they can in their lewdness comprehend; They *deeme gladly to the badder end.* *are ready to think And some of them wonder'd on the mirrour, the worst* That borne was up into the master* tow'r, *chief <15> How men might in it suche thinges see. Another answer'd and said, it might well be Naturally by compositions Of angles, and of sly reflections; And saide that in Rome was such a one. They speak of Alhazen and Vitellon,<16> And Aristotle, that wrote in their lives Of quainte* mirrors, and of prospectives, *curious As knowe they that have their bookes heard. And other folk have wonder'd on the swerd,* *sword That woulde pierce throughout every thing; And fell in speech of Telephus the king, And of Achilles for his quainte spear, <17> For he could with it bothe heal and dere,* *wound Right in such wise as men may with the swerd Of which right now ye have yourselves heard. They spake of sundry hard'ning of metal, And spake of medicines therewithal, And how, and when, it shoulde harden'd be, Which is unknowen algate* unto me. *however Then spake they of Canacee's ring, And saiden all, that such a wondrous thing Of craft of rings heard they never none, Save that he, Moses, and King Solomon, Hadden *a name of conning* in such art. *a reputation for Thus said the people, and drew them apart. knowledge* Put natheless some saide that it was Wonder to maken of fern ashes glass, And yet is glass nought like ashes of fern; *But for* they have y-knowen it so ferne** *because **before <18> Therefore ceaseth their jangling and their wonder. As sore wonder some on cause of thunder, On ebb and flood, on gossamer and mist, And on all things, till that the cause is wist.* *known Thus jangle they, and deemen and devise, Till that the king gan from his board arise.
6. [?d.mini'strein]


1. She turned to the Lascar, feeling glad that she remembered still some of the Hindustani she had learned when she lived with her father. She could make the man understand. She spoke to him in the language he knew.
2. 责任编辑:瞿崑SN117
3. 再后来,他加入阿里,录制节目《晓说》等,高晓松变成了矮大紧。
4.   Thy Vertues are many, and universally both divulged and knowen, inwhich respect, I make no doubt; but divers and sundrie great Lords andGentlemen (if but the least rumor of my death be noysed) will makesulte for thee to thy parents and brethren, from whose violentsolicitings, wouldst thou never so resolutely make resistance, yetthou canst not be able to defend thy selfe; but whether thou wilt orno, thou must yeeld to please them; and this is the only reason, why Iwould tie thee to this limited time, and not one day or minute longer.
5.   龙小琴说,当时黑衣男子对民警说,龙小琴回来了,他就有麻烦。
6. 一句我们一直和你们在一起,感动了许多网友:祖国强大了,无论走到哪里,都有回家的方向。


1. 的流动要素,是来源于市场上的棉花一样。但是,如果说斯密在进一步的叙述中,根据制造机器需要劳动和原料,就从流动资本得出固定资本,那末,第一,制造机器也需要劳动资料,即固定资本;第二,生产原料同样需要机器等等固定资本,因为生产资本总是包括劳动资料,但并不总是包括劳动材料。他自己接着说:
2.   "And I said, 'Agamemnon, why do you ask me? I do not know whetheryour son is alive or dead, and it is not right to talk when one doesnot know.'
3. 今日,新京报记者从黑龙江大庆杜尔伯特蒙古族自治县公安局获悉,12月12日17时02分,杜尔伯特蒙古族自治县敖林西伯乡诺尔村唐营子屯发生一起刑事案件。
4. 我问他们为什么这样做,他们反问说,你自己不清楚吗?警车一路开到了派出所,我的身体被控制着,内心特别疑惑。
5. 报道说,大陆外交部发言人曾表示,“一中政策百分之百不可作为谈判筹码,也没有讨论空间”,显示大陆官方对一中立场的坚持。
6. 唯独陈家洛这个总舵主,智无特出,气度狭小,用情不坚,优柔寡断,实在称不上一个侠字。


1.   When the Father had given this cruell sentence, both against hisowne Daughter, and her young Sonne, the servant readier to do evill,then any good, went to the place where his Daughter was kept. Poorecondemned Pedro, (as you have heard) was led whipt to the Gibbet,and passing (as it pleased the Captaines Officers to guide him) by afaire Inne: at the same time were lodged there three chiefe persons ofArminia, whom the King of the Countrey had sent to Rome, asAmbassadours to the Popes Holinesse, to negociate about an importantbusinesse neerely concerning the King and State. Reposing there forsome few dayes, as being much wearied with their journey., andhighly honoured by the Gentlemen of Trapani, especially SigniorAmarigo; these Ambassadours standing in their Chamber window, heardthe wofull lamentations of Pedro in his passage by.
2. 为了阻止这种不正之风,作为国际奥委会药物委员会的主席,梅罗德王子做了种种努力,虽然该委员会不能杜绝日趋严重的违法行为,并经常因此招致批评,虽然这种行为的主角是那些没有医德的医生、教练和运动员。从1967年直到去世,他一直担任药物委员会的主席,并两度担任国际奥委会副主席。梅罗德王子是一位世袭的贵族,他温文有礼,经常被与他的委员会作对的复杂的科学技术搞得晕头转向,其解决问题的方式更是非常智慧而温和。他认为,就像在其他工作中有工作时间的限制一样,运动员也应该有限制过度训练的条例,以保护他们的利益。
3. 中国台湾台东——这座连接了无人小岛三仙岛和台东县的人行桥非常有名,因为它由8座拱桥相连而成。在《孤独星球》2016年“亚洲最佳景点”中,这座沿海小县城也名列其中。
4. 据我了解,只要客人下单,这些代购们就会尽量去买到,也不会提价。
5. 每次接送完一单,车主需要用酒精或消毒水擦拭座椅靠背和把手,再开窗通风半个小时,保护好下一位搭乘人员。
6. 186


1.   "For another?"
2.   "I can see nothing," said I, handing it back to my friend."On the contrary, Watson, you can see everything. You fail,however, to reason from what you see. You are too timid indrawing your inferences."
3. 第3个愿望,希望有品的医疗旗舰店能够正式上线,并且年销售额能够达到3000万。

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