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1. 因此,对于具有多年抽烟习惯的烟民来说,摄入尼古丁和抽吸动作虽然形式不同,但同样都能带来愉悦。
2.   A comely youthfull Gentleman of our City, became amorouslyaffected to the Damosell, resorting thither divers times as heetravelled on the way, to expresse how much he did respect her. And sheaccounting her fortune none of the meanest, to bee beloved by soyouthfull a Gallant, declared such vertuous and modest demeanour, asmight deserve his best opinion of her: so that their love grew to anequall simpathy, and mutuall contentment of them both, inexpectation of further effects; he being named Panuccio, and sheNicholletta.
3.   She sighed `No.'
4. 但实际上,这更是荔枝平台声控们的一次胜利,毕竟在这个UGC音频社区,用户才是真正的主角。
5. 实际上,早在李佳琪、薇娅淘宝直播火爆之前,抖音、快手等短视频平台上的网红们早就开始了自己的带货之旅,李佳琪本人也是崛起于抖音。
6.   'Will you ever go back?'


1. 一周前因为在学校手机被老师没收,程普曾经离家出走了两天,最终在市中心被家人找到
2.   Previous Chapter
3. 与诉状和应诉通知书一起寄达的还有法院的举证通知书,要求林木在2020年1月16日前向法院提交相关证据。
4.   'No, Bessie: she came to my crib last night when you were gone downto supper, and said I need not disturb her in the morning, or mycousins either; and she told me to remember that she had always beenmy best friend, and to speak of her and be grateful to heraccordingly.'
5.   And as it spread in him, Connie felt it spread in her. An inward dread, an emptiness, an indifference to everything gradually spread in her soul. When Clifford was roused, he could still talk brilliantly and, as it were, command the future: as when, in the wood, he talked about her having a child, and giving an heir to Wragby. But the day after, all the brilliant words seemed like dead leaves, crumpling up and turning to powder, meaning really nothing, blown away on any gust of wind. They were not the leafy words of an effective life, young with energy and belonging to the tree. They were the hosts of fallen leaves of a life that is ineffectual.
6.   And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with goldenclasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tendersouvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies whoused to knock at his little door, -- Albert took out of thispocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.


1.   Where waters troubled are or clear, To fish I am delighted; Thus piousgentlemen appear With devils here united.
2.   The youth raked in his chips, and Hurstwood came away, notwithout first stopping to count his remaining cash on the stair.
3. 汉长安城以长乐宫、未央宫、建章宫、桂宫、北宫、明光宫为主体,各宫自为宫城,大宫中套有若干小宫,而小宫在大宫(宫城)之中各成一区,自立门户,并充分结合池泽、山坡等自然景物,显示出格局之庄严,气魄之宏伟。特以未央、建章二宫城为代表。
4. 查看全部解释
5. 原标题:电视开机广告每天赚170万,厂家说闲着不如看广告?你咋看?根据新华网11月21日的报道,伴随智能电视走进千家万户,长短不一、预先植入、无法一键关闭的开机广告问题日益成为困扰广大消费者的痛点。
6. 妻子平时下班比较晚,在忙完一天后,他还要去接妻子下班,时常感到有些疲惫。


1. 正如这届美国政府中一切与贸易有关的事项一样,韩美贸易协定(Korus)的未来也不可避免地引发了激烈辩论。本届政府内部强烈反对退出该协议的是特朗普安全团队,他们认为在一场地缘政治危机期间切断与重要盟友的贸易纽带很可能不是个好主意。美国企业也不支持退出。这两股力量都可能意味着美国政府至少在短期内不会发出任何威胁。但是话又说回来,首尔方面的政治局势也不稳定。韩国新政府是否可能行使自己退出协定的权利呢?
2. 印度风投机构Lightbox投资印度服装公司BombayShirtCompany800万美元。
3. orig升起,开始+in→[生命]开始→起源;出身+al→起源的;独创的
4. 多次遭叫停施工单位打游击从2018年5月第一座桥建设开始,林溪地的业主就多次反映。
5. 早在2008年,教育部和卫生部联合制定的《中小学生健康体检管理办法》明确规定,体检机构必须是持有有效的《医疗机构执业许可证》、由政府举办的公立性医疗机构。
6. 比如,此时此刻奋战在第一线的白衣天使们,比如,摄影记者们。


1. 八、2019年版第五套人民币与现行第五套人民币纸币(2005年版50元、20元、10元纸币,1999年版1元纸币)、硬币(1999年版1元、5角硬币,2005年版1角硬币)的防伪技术和印制质量有哪些改进和提升?答:与现行第五套人民币纸币(2005年版50元、20元、10元纸币,1999年版1元纸币)、硬币(1999年版1元、5角硬币,2005年版1角硬币)相比,2019年版第五套人民币的防伪技术和印制质量在多个方面进行了提升。
2.   `Buried how long?'
3.   Next day the magician led Aladdin into some beautiful gardens a long way outside the city gates. They sat down by a fountain, and the magician pulled a cake from his girdle, which he divided between them. They then journeyed onwards till they almost reached the mountains. Aladdin was so tired that he begged to go back, but the magician beguiled him with pleasant stories, and led him on in spite of himself.

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      Having thus spoken, he arose againe; granting leave to the rest,to recreate themselves till supper time. The Garden was very faire andspacious, affoording, large limits for their severall walkes; theSun being already so low descended, that it could not be offensiveto any one, the Connies, Kids, and young Hindes skipping every whereabout them, to their no meane, pleasure and contentment, Dioneus andFiammetta, sate singing together, of Messire Guiglielmo, and theLady of Vertur. Philomena and Pamphilus playing at the Chesse, allsporting themselves as best they pleased. But the houre of Supperbeing come, and the Tables covered about the faire fountaine, theysate downe and supt in most loving manner. Then Philostratus, not toswerve from the course which had beene observed by the Queenesbefore him, so soone as the Tables were taken away, gave commaund thatMadam Lauretta should beginne the dance, and likewise to sing aSong. My gracious Lord (quoth she) I can skill of no other Songs,but onely a peece of mine owne, which I have already learned by heart,and may well beseeme this assembly: if you please to allow of that,I am ready to performe it with all obedience. Lady, replyed theKing, you your selfe being so faire and lovely, so needs must bewhatsoever commeth from you, therefore let us heare such as youhave. Madam Lauretta, giving enstruction to the Chorus prepared, andbegan in this manner.

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      I would not lead you willingly astray, But as regards this science, you will findSo hard it is to shun the erring way, And so much hidden poison lies therein,Which scarce can you discern from medicine. Here too it is the best, to listenbut to one, And by the master's words to swear alone. To sum up all - Towords hold fast! Then the safe gate securely pass'd, You'll reach the fane ofcertainty at last.

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      An elderly emir present, fired with the desire to possess a young and lovely wife and to rule over a great kingdom, offered to try the magic arts with which he was acquainted.

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