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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The next day she asked him about his venture.
2.  "We can't stay in Chicago," she replied.
3.  "Will you?" said Carrie.
4.  "I went to see some of the variety managers," she said,aimlessly. "You have to have an act. They don't want anybodythat hasn't."
5.  Carrie instantly brightened up, thinking he had meant it as arebuke.
6.  He reached down in his hip pocket and took out a fat purse. Itwas filled with slips of paper, some mileage books, a roll ofgreenbacks. It impressed her deeply. Such a purse had never beencarried by any one attentive to her. Indeed, an experiencedtraveller, a brisk man of the world, had never come within suchclose range before. The purse, the shiny tan shoes, the smartnew suit, and the air with which he did things, built up for hera dim world of fortune, of which he was the centre. It disposedher pleasantly toward all he might do.


1.  Carrie looked gratefully at Hurstwood, and smiled at Drouet. Theformer took the air of a mere friend. He was simply there toenjoy himself. Anything that Carrie did was pleasing to him,nothing more.
2.  "Oh, yes," said Mrs. Vance to Carrie, "we think we might as wellgive up the flat and store our things. We'll be gone for thesummer, and it would be a useless expense. I think we'll settlea little farther down town when we come back."
3.  She relaxed a little and let the situation endure, giving himstrength.
4.  "Well, we prefer young women just now with some experience. Iguess we can't use you."
5.  The jackets were the greatest attraction. When she entered thestore, she already had her heart fixed upon the peculiar littletan jacket with large mother-of-pearl buttons which was all therage that fall. Still she delighted to convince herself thatthere was nothing she would like better. She went about amongthe glass cases and racks where these things were displayed, andsatisfied herself that the one she thought of was the proper one.All the time she wavered in mind, now persuading herself that shecould buy it right away if she chose, now recalling to herselfthe actual condition. At last the noon hour was dangerouslynear, and she had done nothing. She must go now and return themoney.
6.  "Better, I should say so. What comes next?"


1.  "I never saw anybody do better than you did then, Cad," he addedruefully, as he leaned an elbow on the table; "I thought you andI were going to get along fine those days."
2.  "I know you won't," she remarked, half truthfully.
3.  "I must get out of this," he thought.
4.  "It's not so," said Carrie, "and I'm not going with anybody else.You have been as miserable and inconsiderate as you can be. Ihate you, I tell you, and I wouldn't live with you anotherminute. You're a big, insulting"--here she hesitated and used noword at all--"or you wouldn't talk that way."
5.   "His office is upstairs," said a man in the box-office.
6.  "Carrie," he said, using her first name with sympatheticfamiliarity, "I want you to love me. You don't know how much Ineed some one to waste a little affection on me. I ampractically alone. There is nothing in my life that is pleasantor delightful. It's all work and worry with people who arenothing to me."


1.  "What do you mean?" he said at last, straightening himself andgazing at the cold, determined figure before him, who paid noattention, but went on arranging herself before the mirror.
2.  That officer of the board, a full-chested, round-faced negro,approached, and inclined his ear.
3.  "Why, I went for a walk," said Carrie.
4、  "I'll go down for a little while," he said after breakfast, "andthen I'll look around. To-morrow I'll spend the whole daylooking about. I think I can get something, now this thing's offmy hands."
5、  Carrie came away wearily, somewhat more abashed for her pains.




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      "Let me show you something," he said, affably, coming over andtaking out of his pocket a little lithographed card which hadbeen issued by a wholesale tobacco company. On this was printeda picture of a pretty girl, holding a striped parasol, thecolours of which could be changed by means of a revolving disk inthe back, which showed red, yellow, green, and blue throughlittle interstices made in the ground occupied by the umbrellatop.

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      "I don't know," said Carrie softly, forced to answer.

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       Ames was looking away rather abstractedly at the crowd and showedan interesting profile to Carrie. His forehead was high, hisnose rather large and strong, his chin moderately pleasing. Hehad a good, wide, well-shaped mouth, and his dark-brown hair wasparted slightly on one side. He seemed to have the least touchof boyishness to Carrie, and yet he was a man full grown.

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      He would have asked more, but it did not seem wise, so he decidedto inquire at the depot.

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    {  One afternoon they met at the Vances' accidentally, and began avery friendly conversation. She could hardly tell why the one-time keen interest in him was no longer with her.Unquestionably, it was because at that time he had representedsomething which she did not have; but this she did notunderstand. Success had given her the momentary feeling that shewas now blessed with much of which he would approve. As a matterof fact, her little newspaper fame was nothing at all to him. Hethought she could have done better, by far.

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      "I've got to get up early in the morning, so I'll go to bed," andoff he went, disappearing into the dark little bedroom off thehall, for the night.}

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      Hurstwood felt some of this in her nature, though he did notactually perceive it. He dwelt with her in peace and somesatisfaction. He did not fear her in the least--there was nocause for it. She still took a faint pride in him, which wasaugmented by her desire to have her social integrity maintained.She was secretly somewhat pleased by the fact that much of herhusband's property was in her name, a precaution which Hurstwoodhad taken when his home interests were somewhat more alluringthan at present. His wife had not the slightest reason to feelthat anything would ever go amiss with their household, and yetthe shadows which run before gave her a thought of the good of itnow and then. She was in a position to become refractory withconsiderable advantage, and Hurstwood conducted himselfcircumspectly because he felt that he could not be sure ofanything once she became dissatisfied.

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      Drouet heightened her opinion on this and allied subjects in sucha manner as to weaken her power of resisting their influence. Itis so easy to do this when the thing opined is in the line ofwhat we desire. In his hearty way, he insisted upon her goodlooks. He looked at her admiringly, and she took it at its fullvalue. Under the circumstances, she did not need to carryherself as pretty women do. She picked that knowledge up fastenough for herself. Drouet had a habit, characteristic of hiskind, of looking after stylishly dressed or pretty women on thestreet and remarking upon them. He had just enough of thefeminine love of dress to be a good judge--not of intellect, butof clothes. He saw how they set their little feet, how theycarried their chins, with what grace and sinuosity they swungtheir bodies. A dainty, self-conscious swaying of the hips by awoman was to him as alluring as the glint of rare wine to atoper. He would turn and follow the disappearing vision with hiseyes. He would thrill as a child with the unhindered passionthat was in him. He loved the thing that women love inthemselves, grace. At this, their own shrine, he knelt withthem, an ardent devotee.

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       They were free with the fellows, young and old, about the place,and exchanged banter in rude phrases, which at first shocked her.She saw that she was taken to be of the same sort and addressedaccordingly.

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    {  "Who told you this?" she asked, forgetting that her interest wasout of order and exceedingly incriminating.

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      "No," he said, weakly.