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1.   The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject. Let A to L represent the species of a genus large in its own country; these species are supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature, and as is represented in the diagram by the letters standing at unequal distances. I have said a large genus, because we have seen in the second chapter, that on an average more of the species of large genera vary than of small genera; and the varying species of the large genera present a greater number of varieties. We have, also, seen that the species, which are the commonest and the most widely-diffused, vary more than rare species with restricted ranges. Let (A) be a common, widely-diffused, and varying species, belonging to a genus large in its own country. The little fan of diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring. The variations are supposed to be extremely slight, but of the most diversified nature; they are not supposed all to appear simultaneously, but often after long intervals of time; nor are they all supposed to endure for equal periods. Only those variations which are in some way profitable will be preserved or naturally selected. And here the importance of the principle of benefit being derived from divergence of character comes in; for this will generally lead to the most different or divergent variations (represented by the outer dotted lines) being preserved and accumulated by natural selection. When a dotted line reaches one of the horizontal lines, and is there marked by a small numbered letter, a sufficient amount of variation is supposed to have been accumulated to have formed a fairly well-marked variety, such as would be thought worthy of record in a systematic work.The intervals between the horizontal lines in the diagram, may represent each a thousand generations; but it would have been better if each had represented ten thousand generations. After a thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced two fairly well-marked varieties, namely a1 and m1. These two varieties will generally continue to be exposed to the same conditions which made their parents variable, and the tendency to variability is in itself hereditary, consequently they will tend to vary, and generally to vary in nearly the same manner as their parents varied. Moreover, these two varieties, being only slightly modified forms, will tend to inherit those advantages which made their common parent (A) more numerous than most of the other inhabitants of the same country; they will likewise partake of those more general advantages which made the genus to which the parent-species belonged, a large genus in its own country. And these circumstances we know to be favourable to the production of new varieties.
2.   "Look for work!" he said to himself. "Look for work! She tellsme to get out and look for work."
3. 1987年大崩盘显示了日本的力量,并使得经济与金融权力的转移清晰可见。日本债券市场的崩跌促使美国的债券市场下挫,并导致美国股票市场的崩盘。然而,日本却能独善其身,免于其股票市场的崩跌。最重要的是,美国的主管当局只要放弃美元保值政策就能避免第二波卖压。这便是我要求各位特别留意崩盘两项特色的意义所在。事实上,日本已经成为世界银行家——接受世界其他国家的存款,投资与放款给世界其他国家。美元不再享有国际储备货币的资格。是否可以建立新的国际货币缺席而不至于引发经济大萧条,这是仍有待观察的问题。
4. 于是,本来剑拔弩张的论战变成了热情洋溢的同行交流会。
5. 当你面前拥有所有的信息,审计网页和处理页面上出现的问题就顺理成章了。
6. 那其他调控措施有效吗?无效。楼市专家易宪容,认定楼市存在大量泡沫,于是支持政府调控楼价,并连年预言房地产大跌,可大跌了吗?国资委官员赵晓,去年夏天为政府的调控措施大声喝彩,兴高采烈地发表了“我们将见证房价的历史性下跌”,可见证了吗?


1.   "I didn't say that," she said.
2. 我们会马上开行政会议讨论对杨老师的处理意见,今后会加强对教师队伍的师德师风教育等工作。
3.   `That depends. I may find a use for it one day. If I do--well,' said madame, drawing a breath and nodding her head with a stern kind of coquetry, `I'll use it!'
4. 苦苦挣扎的地方上一部分说的是我们认为自己做的不错的地方,现在聊一下我们起先做的不好,之后做了修正的地方,这些应该才是让我们变得不同的部分。
5. 这种情况下,一定切记要主动的求助和沟通,甚至可能需要比面对面的环境下更加频繁的沟通。
6. 原标题:浙江海宁一污水罐疑似爆炸致厂房货架堆垛倒塌,有人被困截止目前共营救出10人。


1. 目前,12306技术部宣布,已经屏蔽多个抢票软件的渠道,并推出了官方的候补抢票功能,帮助消费者在12306平台抢票。
2. 版权所有,禁止私自转载。
3.   It seems to be a rule, as remarked by Is. Geoffroy St Hilaire, both in varieties and in species, that when any part or organ is repeated many times in the structure of the same individual (as the vertebrae in snakes, and the stamens in polyandrous flowers) the number is variable; whereas the number of the same part or organ, when it occurs in lesser numbers, is constant. The same author and some botanists have further remarked that multiple parts are also very liable to variation in structure. Inasmuch as this 'vegetative repetition,' to use Prof. Owen's expression, seems to be a sign of low organisation; the foregoing remark seems connected with the very general opinion of naturalists, that beings low in the scale of nature are more variable than those which are higher. I presume that lowness in this case means that the several parts of the organisation have been but little specialised for particular functions; and as long as the same part has to perform diversified work, we can perhaps see why it should remain variable, that is, why natural selection should have preserved or rejected each little deviation of form less carefully than when the part has to serve for one special purpose alone. In the same way that a knife which has to cut all sorts of things may be of almost any shape; whilst a tool for some particular object had better be of some particular shape. Natural selection, it should never be forgotten, can act on each part of each being, solely through and for its advantage.Rudimentary parts, it has been stated by some authors, and I believe with truth, are apt to be highly variable. We shall have to recur to the general subject of rudimentary and aborted organs; and I will here only add that their variability seems to be owing to their uselessness, and therefore to natural selection having no power to check deviations in their structure. Thus rudimentary parts are left to the free play of the various laws of growth, to the effects of long-continued disuse, and to the tendency to reversion.
4. 我有点不太懂他了,我感觉自己从未有过青春期,那时候的我们,只知道学习完、吃饱饭、玩好开心就行了,没有忧郁、没有莫名的烦恼、没有无厘头的敏感。
5. 有数据显示,目前在线旅游在下沉市场的渗透率还处于较低水平,只有20%左右,这意味着还存在较大的市场潜力可挖掘。
6. 第4章走出囚徒困境


1. 2016年上半年,全美在线实现营业收入1.36亿元,与去年同期相比增长了110%;净利润1347.38万元,与去年同期相比增加了16.02%。
2. 米其林指南不只收录星级餐厅,也包括必比登美食推介、米其林推介餐厅,以及街头小吃店。
3. 王小佳在中国网红吉林行现场带货。
4.   It was strange...the prostitution to the bitch-goddess. To Connie, since she was really outside of it, and since she had grown numb to the thrill of it, it was again nothingness. Even the prostitution to the bitch-goddess was nothingness, though the men prostituted themselves innumerable times. Nothingness even that.
5. 2011-12赛季、2013-14赛季和2014-15赛季,吉喆随北京首钢队三次获得CBA联赛总冠军。
6. 最近受疫情影响,前往承德市的公交停运,这种针剂需要冷藏,她找了一天多也没有找到前往承德的汽车。


1. 中国人民大学国际关系学院副教授刁大明接受澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn)采访时指出,与此前几名出席听证会的证人不同,桑德兰是目前为止唯一一位政治任命的官员。
2.   It now at least must be confessed, That poets sometimes are sincere.(The caldron which the She - Monkey has neglected begins to boil over; agreat flame arises, which streams up the chimney. The Witch comes down thechimney with horrible cries.)
3.   Our ignorance of the laws of variation is profound. Not in one case out of a hundred can we pretend to assign any reason why this or that part differs, more or less, from the same part in the parents. But whenever we have the means of instituting a comparison, the same laws appear to have acted in producing the lesser differences between varieties of the same species, and the greater differences between species of the same genus. The external conditions of life, as climate and food, &c., seem to have induced some slight modifications. Habit in producing constitutional differences, and use in strengthening, and disuse in weakening and diminishing organs, seem to have been more potent in their effects. Homologous parts tend to vary in the same way, and homologous parts tend to cohere. Modifications in hard parts and in external parts sometimes affect softer and internal parts. When one part is largely developed, perhaps it tends to draw nourishment from the adjoining parts; and every part of the structure which can be saved without detriment to the individual, will be saved. Changes of structure at an early age will generally affect parts subsequently developed; and there are very many other correlations of growth, the nature of which we are utterly unable to understand. Multiple parts are variable in number and in structure, perhaps arising from such parts not having been closely specialized to any particular function, so that their modifications have not been closely checked by natural selection. It is probably from this same cause that organic beings low in the scale of nature are more variable than those which have their whole organisation more specialized, and are higher in the scale. Rudimentary organs, from being useless, will be disregarded by natural selection, and hence probably are variable. Specific characters that is, the characters which have come to differ since the several species of the same genus branched off from a common parent are more variable than generic characters, or those which have long been inherited, and have not differed within this same period. In these remarks we have referred to special parts or organs being still variable, because they have recently varied and thus come to differ; but we have also seen in the second Chapter that the same principle applies to the whole individual; for in a district where many species of any genus are found that is, where there has been much former variation and differentiation, or where the manufactory of new specific forms has been actively at work there, on an average, we now find most varieties or incipient species. Secondary sexual characters are highly variable, and such characters differ much in the species of the same group. Variability in the same parts of the organisation has generally been taken advantage of in giving secondary sexual differences to the sexes of the same species, and specific differences to the several species of the same genus. Any part or organ developed to an extraordinary size or in an extraordinary manner, in comparison with the same part or organ in the allied species, must have gone through an extraordinary amount of modification since the genus arose; and thus we can understand why it should often still be variable in a much higher degree than other parts; for variation is a long-continued and slow process, and natural selection will in such cases not as yet have had time to overcome the tendency to further variability and to reversion to a less modified state. But when a species with any extraordinarily-developed organ has become the parent of many modified descendants which on my view must be a very slow process, requiring a long lapse of time in this case, natural selection may readily have succeeded in giving a fixed character to the organ, in however extraordinary a manner it may be developed. Species inheriting nearly the same constitution from a common parent and exposed to similar influences will naturally tend to present analogous variations, and these same species may occasionally revert to some of the characters of their ancient progenitors. Although new and important modifications may not arise from reversion and analogous variation, such modifications will add to the beautiful and harmonious diversity of nature.Whatever the cause may be of each slight difference in the offspring from their parents and a cause for each must exist it is the steady accumulation, through natural selection, of such differences, when beneficial to the individual, that gives rise to all the more important modifications of structure, by which the innumerable beings on the face of this earth are enabled to struggle with each other, and the best adapted to survive.

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